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also what are symptoms of bad egr valve, dies often but always starts back up after 30 seconds

just started, parked car afterwards till solution found.

diagnostic codes PO303 andPO420

Cannot get out of vale mode and keyless entry does not work with the installation of a used module

I noticed my exhaust line was be one right in front of the catalytic converter

It will started fine most of the time but then sometimes it takes several tries to start it and stay running. It may happen After sitting a day or so I will go out and start it and it will start fine then die I have to do this several times before it will stay running. Sometimes it does it even after driving it just a block or so, I will shut it off and upon starting it again it will start for a second then die several times before it will stay running. This happens randomly. Replaced fuel filter already and still does it.. Happens at the worst times. I am just scared it will do this at nite in the middle of no where when I am by myself. Please help

got a jump started right up again i think i need a new battery

The problem has been pretty constant since I got the car two weeks ago . it starts after I drive it an hour or so . it doesn't always do it . sometimes I can fix the problem by shutting it off and starting rite back up . and when problem occurs if I try to accelerate it trys to die out .

When you turn on heat an air

I turn on all settings to run cold AC, and leave it on. Every once in a while it may blow cold air. Randomly. So i have it checked, all levels are correct. Mechanic says switch is broke, but is not sure if that's the whole problem. He said, it's blowing cold now, because I used screwdriver to switch it on. So I pay 200 to order and install switch, it still doesn't work. I'm on disability, so I have very limited funds. I'm afraid to give them any more money.

My 2000 and2 Q for crying but don't start the security light stay on I try to run the car with two keys the regional one and the spare
The battery is bad maybe that's the problem ?

Subaru Impreza Wrx turbo 2005 model. 100k miles.

1) replaced radiator 700 miles ago after leak detected and engine overheating 2) car running fine since then even in 99 degree heat. Temperature stable and normal. 3) today after driving about 100 miles I noticed engine heating up to redline 4) steam starts spewing from upper radiator hose near the side going into engine pretty intensely 5) I replace upper hose (big gaping hole detected in existing hose near the side that goes into engine) seems like it was not replaced with new radiator. 6) after replacing upper hose, no more steam. However engine temp gauge goes to redline after < 1 mile of driving but no heat coming from heater vents on full blast even after idling for 10 minutes. 7) coolant reservoir is full and not going down 8) engine does not feel hot (like it would if it was really overheating and at redline) 9) no more steam coming (I fixed the main leak) in the hose. I doubt there are other leaks but it was raining so hard to tell till I get to a shop.

Is the problem now that I need to pressurize the system? Does the internal thermostat need to be fixed? I thought they did it when the replaced the radiator in step 1 above. Could there randomly be a clog in the system ?

My car is overheating

My front passenger window won't roll up, but will toll down. Now my key sensor doesn't lock the doors.

I've been having problems with it I think it's been the tranny or something under my car was making a loud clicking noise someone by the tires then my car start locking up not wanting to go forward but would reverse now it's clinking and grinding really loud and don't want to go forward or backwards is that the tranny or the Driveline I've already had two axle change that I've had hella work done to it somebody please help me I can't afford this no more there's so many issues going on with that car please I'm begging somebody help me this isn't like I said so expensive is so hard I've been trying to do stuff for myself and I don't know what to do anymore I still owe $9,000 on this car I got it for $15,000 a year and half ago man