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This when i try using my key to open or lock the car, i hear a pecking sound but nothing happens. I also notice that when i put the key into the ignition, light does not show as it was before the fuse box change.
Sometimes it shifts fine but mostly bad shifts from 1st to 2nd (hard shifts) I have checked everything lock up syliniods speed sensors shift syliniods even ran the ones off the old tranny. motor mounts appear to be fine did I do something wrong with the shift cable maybe or can u think of anywhere I went wrong I flushed the fluid 3 times
It happens when check engine light is on.But check engine light gos off for a bit and then it works until it comes back on.the check engine light goes off for a while and then comes back,on and then the remote starter doesn't keep started again
Can a exhaust manifold leak affect the way the truck heats such as inside the cab. For example I could let my truck sit and it would be warm, but it would blow cold. However if I’m driving it it will heat up. As soon as I’m at a stop sign.. etc it’s starts to get colder. Could the exhaust leak be the cause..?something to do with compression idk?
I always have a rattle from the front of the boot when I close a door. I have removed the two "flappers" on the front bulkhead of the boot to no avail.
rubbing noise
When I turn on the car The engine does not sound smooth, it idles pretty bad then the engine shuts off by itself but the power, air works fine. (Air turns on automatically when I turn on the car idk why) I tried turning it back on and it turned on but then engine shut off again I left it over night, came back and it drove fine. A few days later same thing happened I don’t know what’s wrong.
The dashboard and screen seem very bright at nighttime. And the screen stays lit up at night where it always darken at night
hear rubbing sound. especially hard to steer when first starting off.
this happened after tire rotation and alignment
I used head gasket sealant to try to fix a head gasket. Upon taking it to the shop I was told I had used too much and had clogged the engine. They suggested I replace the engine rather than just the head gasket. I could only afford head gasket and water pump, so those were replaced and the cooling system flushed. The car was returned to me and the first day it overheated going up the mountainous road to my home. I replaced the radiator and the shop said I blew the brand new gasket that had less than 75 miles. Can a brand new head gasket blow that easily, and is the shop responsible for replacing it if it did blow a second time?
I have put a new blower motor in and new resistor but yet 2 days later it burned up again. I have replaced the resistor and wiring harness about 6 times in the past year?
My Ford Econoline 350 triton v8 seems to start mis firing while going up inclines at highway speeds , it's a high mile van 328,000 plus miles , it has no starting or idling issues , fuel mpg is around 18 _20 which is bout the same from 150,000 miles ago , any ideas what can cause the uphill sputtering ?
Sounds like a clicking noise by the throttle body
When the fresh air button is depressed on my 1998 Saturn sl2 there is a clicking noise. I am thinking it is the fresh air servo motor door.