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I've looked under the truck on the frame but I can't find it. Is it in the fuel pump in each tank? If so how can I tell witch pump is bad
Had oil changed on 20 Jan 18 and was told there was gas in the oil. I have the oil changed every three months and this is the first time this has happened since I owned the car a little over 2 years.
all of sudden my van reverse gare is not working
Has no power at all completely no lights nothing
I’ve replaced the egr valve and crankshaft sensor . But you let it sit and cool down and you can go out and restart it till it gets warm then it shuts off. It’s a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica
A/c problem. Ac is on, everything works fine except the front passenger side has no cold air. I check all the fuse and relays and they're all fine. What could be the problem? Thank you!
It will crank and then shut off when you try to put it in gear.. Then when we try to crank it again it's giving a clicking sound
Park light inside car will not go out. Is this draining battery
First my heater went out now my car starts but goes out after a couple minutes of being started.What do you think it is
Is overheating, leaking oil, leaking antifreeze or water, blowing cold air instead of hot air, accelerates without me pushing the gas. Could it be the heater core or something else
When starting up an incline won't shift ,and have to pull over,then will go again,it is an automatic transmission
After putting a new transmission gakset on the pan how much transmission fluid should I add
It's for an emissions test
There was no odd noise. ran rough and I thought to change plugs. Quit running before I could. noticed no gas to carb. starts when I put gas in carb directly and runs until used up.