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why isnt rotors still covered

How .much does the fuel pump cost for a 2004 Ford Taurus, But not the la or cost included

Moves very slow to the half way mark. I filled it up and still only reads half

abs and traction light is staying on when this happens there is a jerking motion

My car won't go any faster than 60 Mph, once cracking sunroof, and it also later rained, and it also started running hot, I keep the maintenance on my car up to par, but my motor indicator is on and it's only driving in one gear

driving fourth gear auto. motor revs trans no longer works, stop rest 3rd gear will work

just came on 7/20/17 looking for steps to reset . checked emergency brake not on, added about a table spoon of brake fluid, have no diagnostic equipment 45 miles away from a service center 74 living on SS. back yard mechanic in to my 50s.

Installing 5" tachometer

How to replece valve expansion on 2006 scion tc Because I can not find it please

running lights work, at night lights will only work when i pull dimmer switch to me

This problem just started today.

Everything is fixed on car but the computer enging light is still on and the car keeps idling down and shutting off

I have already changed blower motor but the air still doesn't blow

My car was parked and got hit on my rear passenger door. Now my lights are on, and my work is saying they wont cover the repair because its not related to the accident. I am going to get the codes pulled tomorrow, but is there any way that this could be caused by the impact?

My radiator fan no longer comes on automatically, but works, as I have hotwired it for now. Fuses and relay is good, and I bought a new sensor, but can not find where it goes. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.