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Tried to wind it up and down but it seems like it fell off track or something...

Changed the battery and replaced terminals will not crank and none of the lights work. Makes one click noise and that is all.

which way is up?

rear signals work fine with hazards on but nothing at the front. if i try to put on signals with steering wheel lever i get quick flashing in the rear but still nothing at the front?? replaced the control relay under dash by right side of drivers already and still the same. please help?

I have replaced the blower motor, the regulator, and the multi function sensor and my a/c still won't blow it sounds like my compressor turns on but I still have error Kla a 1000

the squeal is constant above 25mph, the pitch does not change with rpm. the noise does stop when under 25mph. the noise can be heard echoing off other vehicles, buildings ect... also has a rubbing/grinding noise when making a right turn, coming from left from wheel. im thinking wheel bearing but could it be something else. i already checked drive belt and brakes for possible issues causing the squeal. also wind noise i checked for. this noise is a constant squeal above 25mph and the pitch does not change due to rpm increase or decrease. it also does it if put into neutral while driving as well as turn key off while driving (not suggested to do this tho) but anyway regardless the squeal is still there even in neutral as well as engine off just enough to have controlled steering. no check engine lights or nothing of that nature... any help or ideas be much appreciated. Thanks! Russ

Just purchased this land rover...comes with a bag with cross pieces...just needed more info on how to put it together and how it works

new starter battery alt new battery cables. truck will start an run volt meter go to zero an truck dies wont start acts like battery is dead

seems to only happen in the summer months, July and august when it is very hot in vehicle.. intermittent

my car cant start at all. all the lights are off .

Trying to remove dash panels to get to headlight wire. Procedure showed removing ignition trim and nut. Nut was stuck, so damaged when trying to remove. Gives ignition fault now. If I order new switch, what happens with keys? Do I have to get them recoded by the dealer to work on new ignotion switch?

The hazard button, power lock button and all other dash buttons do not work when pressed im not sure why.

My plate lights are out and need to be replaced.

codes showed up for tps and map. Both checked out according to elantra shop manual. idles and starts good. just slow and will pick up speed and will run smooth.

When I'm driving down the highway and set the cruise control the car will start jurking and the RPM will start going up and down. Also when I'm driving or giving it gas the battery light will come on until I let off the gas then it will go back off. Changed the alternator and battery still does it. Thanks for ur help.