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I’m wanting to replace the filter/s for my heated and cooled seats in a 2010 f-150. Wonder how to do that?
The door would stick or not open all tge way then one day the wire snapped on the outside of the car under the 3rd row seat window and now it wont open at all?
my lights on and i need to replace at least 2. how many are there. 3 i think?
Nothing. Fan control dial has nothing. Replaced everything with new, still nothing. What am I missing
I am buying this vehicle second hand wants to know about the cradle in front and back concerning rust.
i changed my battery andim still having the same issue. its only when the temperatures drops that this is happening. as soon as it gets warmer the car starts. I need help please!!
Everytime I start my 2003 Lincoln Towncar, my windshield wipers come on and do 2 wipes and then stop. I was thinking maybe i was hitting something while getting in or out, but ive been very mindful of this and made sure i wasn't, but it happens every single time I start it. Any clues as to why it would be doing this?
I have a 1999 Chrysler concorde that I replace the battery on. it starts up fine but cannot shut engine off by turning key to off position. have to disconnect battery to shut engine off.
Replace coils , tune up , oil change , fuel pump , master cylinder , valve cover seals . But my car is still idiling rough I think I may have a vacuum leak . But how do I figure it out ? And if so how do I fix it ?
Could it be the blower motor?
The actuator seems to be stuck on the windshield postion. How to repair it?
Chevrolet repair in stockholm which alliwed to do this service
Hear air when applying pressure to brakes. Brakes go all the way to floor. This happened right after slamming brakes to avoid hitting another car. What happened? And how do I fix it?
Also there are two different sensors since there are two different transmissions for this vehicle, I was told it has the "big one", what is the easiest way to determine which transmission I have?
truck has 98,600 miles. now beginning to slip. what can I do to prolong not
replacing transmission.. at what mileage does the trans. usually go out.?