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put it on machine and got pending codes P605 and P2105

It works for a few minutes and then goes blank again

I had a leaky radiator just below the plastic tank (expansion tank?) so I just replaced it with a brand new radiator and it's still leaking from the same place as it was before the replacement.

It doesn't leak while the car is on but it only occurs when the car is shut off.

Any idea's on what could cause this sorcery?

Air in back stopped blowing, replaced fuse, still not working.

A.C. doesn't blow as hard as it used to. We have added Freon and changed the filter. It mainly blows outside temp air and will switch over to cold for a few seconds then back to outside temp air. We hooked it up to do a diagnostic but doesn't say anything is wrong.

Reverse drive 4 and 5 went out but will engage into gear but engine just revs when hitting gas pedal.... can drive with sst gears perfectly fine...there is no indications on dashboard that anything is wrong no warning light at all

and find the right spots to push to make it stop blowing? Any ideas?

At cold start it takes around 10 minutes for rpms to drop.

completely dies while driving, but will re start after putting into neutral, only to die again in a little bit.

There is an occasional scent of gas when i am stopped to park. I am hearing a hiss coming from under the drivers side in the back of the car.

surge, lack of power

new coils, wires, plugs, maf

I have to put my back window wipers on for my passenger window to go down, the a/c and heater only works while I'm accelerating so basically I have to be going a high speed for it to blow, the radio only works when the car is off so does the front wipers...weird things like that...someone said it was because my automatic doors are off track

My truck won't start. Check engine light comes on and it says no bus

also what are symptoms of bad egr valve, dies often but always starts back up after 30 seconds