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Won't stay running
The digital screen is blank 95% of the time but sometimes it visually appears correctly. The functions work but the display doesn't. The screen visually appears to be "hum bars"
If I'm at a complete stop an I release brakes it doesn't move unless I accelerate as soon as I get off pedal it stops again but only for a short period SMH. The car also shakes when this happens on the interstate
97 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 sohc. Blend door seems to operate fine but only cold air blows, unless you rev motor. So, heat is there at highway speed, but you freeze at red lights, driving around town.

I suspect a weak water pump or plugged core (maybe both). Any other ideas? Thanks!
have a water pump from a 2002 trooper will it work on my 2004 rodeo
Before I replaced the master cylinder I heard a humm noise off and on, the week before I replaced the master cylinder my service system stability light came on, after that it went off now it's on again and comes and goes occasionally with a humm noise? Do u know what it could be
First time this has ever happened. No strange sounds heard. No noticeable decrease in volume. Just total silence from anything that could make a sound.
I had my 2001 olds intrique taken in for a recall for ignition then I lost one key. How do I replace the key and how much will it cost?
when driving it will not push motor fast with rpms..and when at a red light is feels like its going to shut down but does not.

I replace spark plugs and wires I don't know if I am supposed to tighten wires a certain way or not ?
Front tire shaking ticket to shop they did front wheel alignment and will bounce still shakes
I have had the car a short time. Low mileage. 37,000. The drive window rolls down.Will not go up. When symptoms started it was s=l=o=w to go up. Now it will not go up at all. What should I be considering?
158k on boxer6. I'm doing the water pump and it's more than obvious that someone has been in the timing cover before and even deeper because I can tell by gasket sealer but I am trying to line up the timing marks very unsuccessful I have sprockets with circles that could be timing marks by the teeth and arrows by default I go with the arrows also they're supposed to be colored gold links in the chain that are supposed to lineup with the timing markes. And then I have the exhaust manifold cams that have no arrows just circles and I can't get arrows to line up Circles the lineup nothing the lineup all together at 12 with the cam and the sprockets let alone the gold links in the chain no repair book available for this particular vehicle everyone says referred to the Legacy it is different timing covers different the layouts a little different any info or help would be great
Put new thermostat in but stops working after a month; not getting hot.
I have a Cobra 75 WX ST and am wanting to mount the mic/speaker onto a black "block" to the left of my two center A/C vents. From what I've seen in other Toyota vehicles, there in normally a key that controls the airbags placed here. However, for the 2003 Double Cab Tacomas, there is not one there. This looks to be the perfect placement for my mic, however I noticed I was having a difficult time trying to put the screws in, I'm assuming because the plastic is thicker there. Not to say it wasn't do-able. I just became afraid that I may damage something behind it. But since there is no airbag key there, is it safe to put screws in it? My other alternative is to put it on the other side of the wheel (I bought a kit for a jeep that had the mount, and it also came with a metal frame to attach between the door and the side of the dashboard), but that would still include putting a couple of screws in, and I know there are wires from the fuse box tucked back there.
I suspect the car was jumped in reverse(black to red). When I got it the main fuse and efi fuse were blown. Replaced fuses and put in new fuel pump. It started right up and ran for 30 miles and then started limping. I limped it home an now it tries to start, even will run for a coipke seconds sometimes.