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Ambient temperature stuck on minus 36 and AC will not blow cold air
How many miles can I expect to get out of my 2005 express cargo van? I am the original owner. Moderate driving conditions, regular maintenance.
99 Ford Escort ZX2. Having an issue getting my car to start. Drove home from work a couple weeks ago, and then tried to go to the gym minutes later, and the car wouldn't turn. No power locks, no lighting, and no ignition, even if I connect a jump box, or even leave it connected. I've tested the battery and alternator, and they told me the battery was fine and the alternator is ok except for bad diodes, which they claimed could drain the battery, but that seems like the jump box should work in that case.

I replaced the battery terminals a few months ago when something similar happened, and cleaned the wiring of rust to get them to work, but it did work. Since then, I had the issue once, but just scrubbed the terminals with aluminum foil and they worked without a jump. That didn't work this time, and I went back and did it with vinegar to no avail. When I disconnect/reconnect the terminals, I get power locks, but the car cranks once and shuts off completely (no power locks). Thank you
Crankshaft seal is leaking, head gasket is leaking and the oil pan is leaking. Did changing the water pump cause these leaks 2009
IF im going 25 my digital says I’m going 40
Alternator has been check good Battery test good when charge Battery just turn 2 years old
When car is in gear it runs and shifts gears normally but when clutch is pushed in all the way at low RPM like a thousand to 1500 it whines almost sounds like a belt squealing or something
Started last night, telling me I'm going 65 when I was actually probably at 45. 120 on the freeway when I'm going probably 70-80.
Turn key no sound instrument panel lights up have replaced battery.
Shift shifter up and down car will then start after a couple of turns...
the gauge inside the car doesn't display the outside temperature....only show two hyphens (straight lines).....
it does make a noise on the right front its hard to describe kind of a pulsating noise not constantly but every now and then but i cleared the codes twice and it still pops up its a 2006 Colorado
I don't have a book and just need diagram of fuze box under the dash
is it too hard to do myself?
Door latch broke