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The soft top button flashes but will not stay lite and operate the tops. also, the roll bar button will not raise or lower the roll bar. Battery voltage with car running is 14.4v, so it is not a low voltage issue. I have checked the fuses and they are ok. I have only had the car a few months and the soft top will operate sometimes and then not operate for quite a while, then I manage to operate it again.
Is there a controller I should trouble shhot or replace (where is it located).

2007 Dodge Caliber sxt 2.0 L

Wire looked to be attached to the engine block. Located under air intake and beside the fuel injection. Trying to identify this wire. It was burned to a crisp and 02 explorer will not crank but lights and dashboard lights work when I turn the key on.

It starts easily in the morning.

ABS comes on while driving, when I pull over, slow down, something like the brake grabs, jerks, snaps, sounds like metal pulling or coming apart. It feels like its in a front wheel. ??

No acelleration + noise in gear "2", ATF drained out 2 days later after sitting. Was on a 100 mile drive& 10 miles from home, I lost power in 2nd gear &wasn't able to accelerate. limped it home, parked it, & 3 days later, the transmission completely leaked out/drained onto my driveway .

I checked all fuses none blown car will not start

where do i start when replacing my altnator

Smog shop won't smog car if they don't see light first before testing.I can code the car and check engine light is not burnt out.code 43

My car seems to be not getting fuel want go fastervthen 45 mph

Just started Wil blow cold air out of vent on passenger side but only blows warm air on drivers side vents

The hose is black and close to the tailpipe. One end connects to a clamp which goes comes down out of the truck. The other end connects to a metal line about halfway under the truck in the middle. What is the name of this pipe?

2002 Oldsmobile aurora.

It keeps changing gear back and forth, up and down. It drives me nuts. Sometimes it also does it at 70 too. It seems to be worse on damp days. What I end up doing is taking it out of OD until after I hit 50

kia quits at stop sign. but starts right up again