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When in auto climate control and the air conditioning is working cool air blows on the drivers side but the passenger side blows very hot air.

This truck just died on the freeway. Diagnosed as a timing chain problem. If the timing chain is bad does that mean the valves are also damaged? My husband read somewhere the Nissan trucks had trouble with piston clearance..the valves may be damaged. I'm just trying to help my college kids save some money and headache. Thanks in advance.

We've noticed that our car is going through 5 quarts of synthetic oil in less than two months. Some is on the drive way but we started noticing the oil burning smell.

Just noticed since fuel injectors was fixed a week ago dip stick says full but the leak is more on the right side. I don't want to put more money in this car

Steering is tight and now smoking from beneath the hood. Hard to turn.

does it constantly. the little wrench is lite up also

Pontiac Grand Prix

Code 1793 it just stops as I'm driving.

Has been burning oil for past 2 yrs heavily now in last month has stopped and only 1 qt in over 1000 miles.

Millage reached to replace the pvc valve.

switch comes on will not turn starter run wire from starter touch battery cranks and runs good

When I turn left, I hear a grinding noise on the left front side of vehicle, the car stalls/ seize up for a few seconds...then I can precede to driving. The abs light is on, service stabilitrak light, traction control light and the brake assist light is on. I have numerous similar individuals online complaining of the same thing. This is a 2011 Chevy impala with approximately 115,000 miles. It has been doing this for a few months.

Overheats once coolant runs out, can't really see where the problems coming from when I lift the car; but the leak for sure is coming from underneath the fuel injectors? I just bought the car and I'm not sure if it will pass smog because of it?... Anybody have any idea what it might be?

My Ball joints and wheel bearings need replaced and my Uncle ordered F-150 parts instead of Lincoln parts and l was just wondering if they are the same and will work on my Lincoln