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when driving it will not push motor fast with rpms..and when at a red light is feels like its going to shut down but does not.

I replace spark plugs and wires I don't know if I am supposed to tighten wires a certain way or not ?
I have had the car a short time. Low mileage. 37,000. The drive window rolls down.Will not go up. When symptoms started it was s=l=o=w to go up. Now it will not go up at all. What should I be considering?
158k on boxer6. I'm doing the water pump and it's more than obvious that someone has been in the timing cover before and even deeper because I can tell by gasket sealer but I am trying to line up the timing marks very unsuccessful I have sprockets with circles that could be timing marks by the teeth and arrows by default I go with the arrows also they're supposed to be colored gold links in the chain that are supposed to lineup with the timing markes. And then I have the exhaust manifold cams that have no arrows just circles and I can't get arrows to line up Circles the lineup nothing the lineup all together at 12 with the cam and the sprockets let alone the gold links in the chain no repair book available for this particular vehicle everyone says referred to the Legacy it is different timing covers different the layouts a little different any info or help would be great
Put new thermostat in but stops working after a month; not getting hot.
I suspect the car was jumped in reverse(black to red). When I got it the main fuse and efi fuse were blown. Replaced fuses and put in new fuel pump. It started right up and ran for 30 miles and then started limping. I limped it home an now it tries to start, even will run for a coipke seconds sometimes.
Car drives perfect temp gauge is where it should be. Main dealer dont know and gave up
I cleared all other codes including p2196 now the P0172 code shows pending. I had to run the engine so that it would warm up to remove the 02 sensor and replace with a new one.
car doors open while car is in gear
battery was totally dead and doors were frozen so had to pull doors open. I had jump started the van and somewhere after that i shut the van off and i guess tried opening the sliding door. It only opened about 2 inches and somehow I can not open it manually. It almost seems like it is locked when it is open that 2 inches.?? I tried to reset the silding doors by pulling the shunt but doesn't seem to have worked. The fob also does not work on that sliding door either.
I put a new battery in and that is good but still the same sliding door is not working.
I have walk away locking activated and works most of the time but sometimes as i walk away I get multiple beeps and it does not engage the lock.
there is no low beam when switching from high to low beam
Replaced broken serpentine belt car started right up , came out an hour later,tried to start car nothing just tries to crank , wait a few minutes then it started, let run for 20 minutes , shut the car off , try to start wouldn't start again..idk...?
Message center rings and has a low idle and sounds a little sputter from the tail pipe but still runs great
Is this a common defect
The fan initially started running intermittently, then totally stopped. Now--NOTHING!! No sound, no smell, no NOTHING!!