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My AC is not working properly it is blowing out hot air out if the driver side and cold from the passenger side. I also got a battery signal and an energy saver signal. Not sure what is wrong because I am still getting the signals even when the AC is off.
My ac is blowing hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. I am also getting signals like energy saver on and the battery signal. The battery is new???
need complete removal and replacement of fuel pressure regulator on 1999 chev suburban 5.7 email
Fuel pump relay burnt out and I put a new one but it has no power so car won’t start but if I run a hot wire over to the relay it works. What could the problem be or where should I start looking?
I can start the car without pressing the brakes. No dashboard lights come on. Seats wont work. Radio want come onTks off slow. After i drive it for ten mins every thing comes back on
The motor in my lacrosse started knocking. I was wondering if you could swap the 3.6 for a 3.8? Also if the transmission would bolt up to the 3.8 and if i would need to swap anything else like the ecm and wiring ect?
So changed the motor and trans fired up and ran for a minute then shut off then got gas in it did the same thing wont stay idling and now wont start at all sounds like it wants to go but wont fully start and checked gas pressures thats all good could it be the anti thief on radio?
I have replaced plugs, wires, new distributor, tps and still get rid of p0300 code. Engine light used to come on and off but now it just stays on. I noticed there is a bad exhaust smell now. I am planning to change out crank sensor and fuel filter as they are cheap to replace.
A/c wont engage when i push the button it is stuck blowing warm air from the defrost vents on dash by windshield what do i do
Had timing set and new plugs wires and distributor cap and rotor button it cranks great when cold but does drag after it's hot and shuts off and try to start it back
Suburban was running a little rougher than normal so I cleaned the throttle body. Put it back on and now it is stumbling,idling very rough . Ran the codes got a p0300 p0332 p0135 p0134. I knew it needed a new cat. So my question is can the Cat be causing it to run like this ? Should I replace the catalytic converter first and 02 sensors or the knock sensor and intake gaskets? Never ran this bad til the throttle was cleaned. The scan tool said the codes along with the words, evap, misfire, 4 inc , mil on monitors , catalyst, 02 sensor, HTr 02 , fuel and comp . Never overheated, no visible holes or cracks in hoses. Thanks!
After putting it in drive it goes to 2.5 or 3 rpm then jumps to 5 goes back down and then shifts. After that it's fine. Also my o/d light keeps flashing on and off
My battery is good, i chsnged my starter relay and my car will light up but not start whats next
It starts when it wants to makes no is sound when trying to start it
the round controller at the bottom of the vent will not open the vent. It is stuck closed and therefore no air blowing out. I think it would be a simple fix, but need to remove the vent cover?