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One click not the battery

what is it code PO105

I took my Fusion in after losing power on the freeway 7 times in a 24 hour period. Dealership told me Ford issued a recall on the throttle body. When will people receive the recall notification ?

Pre-purchase inspection (done twice) did not reveal this as a problem. New tires were put on the vehicle after the 2nd inspection, so I wonder if there is a balance issue. The light remains on at all times. The online forums have not been very helpful, as the reasons for why this light remains on are all over the map.

It looks like the mechanism to open the door does not respond.

I can't open the back door!

It only happens when the low engine light comes on. Other than that it shifts fine.

Took my truck to a local dealer and was told could not give me an answer till they tore it apart to know what the exact problem is. Well now it is gonna cost $2200 to fix pinion bearing wheel bearings pinion seal crush sleeve and put new fluid in. No w that's a lot of money I think. Any help would be much appreciated

My kia can't shifted into 2nd it ran's about 15 miles a minutes

My car doesn't always start when I turn the key its like I have to push the key in the ignition really hard and turn it hard to start... I was wondering if its an actuator pin or just the ignition switch tumbler that the auto parts store told me.

I put ac pro in car and now the battery charge assist doesnt kick on when i stop

what couse it to run hot

the car cranks but is not getting fuel the fuel pump and fuel pump relay are good and when the switch is turned on the AT check light flashes what could the issue be that would cause the car not to start

My truck seemed to drive a little funny the past few days...I drive to work ac worked fine, go to lunch nothing but hot air. Thanks in advance.

Driving down the road and I heard a loud noise then ac quit. I opened the hood and it smelled like a burnt clutch. Just wondering how many problems are out there at such low miles