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New top end, new cat also installed. All tune up parts also new. Has 125 PSI in all cylinders. No detectable misfire and no pending codes.
Trac control light want turn off. How do you cut it off
When turned on I can see everything, then when I start it I have only dashes ,with abs,brake and traction lights on.The background lights all come on...just not the info.While driving the entire thing will just come on properly, then after a while just goes off again. During off time nothing changes except steering tightens up slightly. Ford told me I need a new cluster, but DNA ( who specializes in repair) tech told me on the phone it could be a communication issue in computer, and that wouldn't fix it. I haven't heard this from anyone else. It runs no different,and everything works during the off periods which is most of the time. I read something about the key might stop working, and as a 78 y.old female, I don't want that to happen while I'm out.
my car cranks several times before it starts
My radio for past two to three years has been periodically turning it's self off, but now it's even started to turn channels by it's self. It will change to different station then sometimes go back to original station or to a different one or I will need to change it back. I thought maybe it was due to over heating as at times my radio gets very hot when vehicle running so long but it happened when I had just started vehicle for the day.
When I take off the first gear won't catch right away but all other gears work just fine what could it be?
What could it be
Car checked by mechanic and brakes are fine. The dealership won't supply new module which requires special programming and cost is $2000 at dealership. Any ideas what this is about? 92K miles. Thanks.
its winter time and it just started doing it, I did install a ne battery three weeks ago.
I m hearing that I shouldn't even mess with it and it's a waste time and money
Brand new battery and alternator! Sparks when putting cables back on battery and yes I double checked myself hot on hot negative on neg. No corrosion what's next??
This when i try using my key to open or lock the car, i hear a pecking sound but nothing happens. I also notice that when i put the key into the ignition, light does not show as it was before the fuse box change.
Drain hole there? I can't find one there. Just the seam for where the top is fastened to the body.
Sometimes it shifts fine but mostly bad shifts from 1st to 2nd (hard shifts) I have checked everything lock up syliniods speed sensors shift syliniods even ran the ones off the old tranny. motor mounts appear to be fine did I do something wrong with the shift cable maybe or can u think of anywhere I went wrong I flushed the fluid 3 times
It happens when check engine light is on.But check engine light gos off for a bit and then it works until it comes back on.the check engine light goes off for a while and then comes back,on and then the remote starter doesn't keep started again