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it acts like its not making any compression. even if my injection pump was bad because it's happened before. if you take some 2cyl mixed gas and spray it in the intake. it will fire up. mine doesnt even try. i drove to town. went in and got something to eat. came out and it hasnt tried to start since. the code it throws is no help. everyone says the code is related to the lift pump but in my opinion it acts like the valves are open when they should be closed building compression

I had a breathalyzer installed after my first service a couple hours later my brake and battery light came on. The next night the car completely died. Lost the alternator belt. Had car repaired and breathalyzer reset a few hours after reset I lost the whole dashboard and car started jerking on acceleration. Got a code to change the ignition meter fuse did that​ a few days later while driving I lose my dashboard again. Than I had the alternator and battery checked​ working just fine. In this process I have lost my alarm sounds changing the meter fuse several times during driving and the car jerks? Please help!!

I checked pressure. Added oil and recharged. You can hear it Trying to start about every 5 minutes but doesnt. I checked connections, did not see anything unhooked. Blowing hot air and idle does change when it tries to start

My car locks are going off and on automatically without me pushing any buttons

Is there a quick fix to this problem or do i take it to a dealer?

Doesn't sense a trailer (won't work trailer brakes-was intermittently sensed like a loose connection. Now nothing.) Is sensing
in the brake connection? Where might be the problem? (Got a ground reading through electromagnet on brakes.)

It ran fine when I parked it, about a month ago. Put the new battery in today, and it won't run. It starts, but will not run long - 3 to 5 sec then dies

Code P1400 and P1405 and the solution to fix it.

There are no lights on, on the dash. Once you put the key in the ignition it beeps until you take it out. All doors are shut.

on the expressway.over bumps.

2006 . Doors quit locking and unlocking. And the rear wiper won't work.

find the car move funny , it drive put its moves very uncomfortable it you know what i mean

how to reset monitors while driving

Stuck in 2nd gear

hoses has been checked for leaks, no leaks.