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It has no lights on the inside replaced fuses what else could be wrong

My air conditioner is blowing hot air! In the front and the back.The switch in the back doesn't even work anymore. Will this be an expensive fix? Or is this included in my warranty?

Has only happened twice but I've only had the vehicle a month. It is scary to keep driving.

Transmission is slipping not going into 3rd gear right. Can't hardly go past 40 mph or be out on highway.

starter system acts like a stuck celinoid but its not.. there is a relay sticking somewhere, how do I find this stuck relay?

Light is on check engine and electronics
What cost am I looking to spend

its not batt or alt, pvc replace tbody cleaned, i'm taking idel air control vavle now to clean ??????

Car had an accident. It's parked in my garage facing inwards.Battrey is dead , and the transmission ( gear ) does not shift ( movie ).I need to tow it to the dealer. What to do?

Ac barely puts out air

When I stop at a light or stop sign it acts like it wants to stall. Runs fine while I am going and none of my dash lights are on, does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this problem?

My truck is a v-6 99 iszuz rodeo it runs hot when I drive about a mile. I don't have antifreeze in it just water . But soon as I drive it the water bubbles in the Reservoir . What is wrong with it .

Ok.the car crank good. But when I turn it off. The key some times will not go to the office .lock up and the key want come out.

The power seems to not be constant when I press on the gas. Usually happens at 2 to 3k rpms but doesn't seem to do it over 35 to 40 mph. The tac will not increase smoothly, it moves up and down as I'm trying to accelerate.

I don't know if it has a cracked block or head or blown head gasket , can anyone tell what is best product for a quick fix without tearing engine apart ? Car run perfect for first 15 minutes of driving but runs terrible after warming up.

I've replaced the fuel pump thinking the pump was going bad and drawing too many ohms. Also replaced the fuel pump relay switch to no avail.