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Rected passange side stearing system by hittiing a curb in "first gear" in a school zone. Passanger front side rim split 1/3 of the way through, bent control arm, & tyrod of rack amd pinion. Changed it all out. Replased strut tower mounts as well.
3 months after crashing i started her up & drove my car. The stearing was very difficult (no oil in the rack & pinion).> All gears worked with the exception of reverse.
Now 5 months after the crash i had my golf gl front end 'İN' the air went through the gears just fine, INCLUDING revers.
Put the golf on the ground & just to see when through the gears, & again she was fine. Turned the key over, car starts.... won't engage non of the gears.
Also, the frywheel is engaged. But the transmission is fine.
Thank you for any help.

the code that shows up is a misfire and lean air/gas mixture. I've had the spark plugs, wires, map sensor, coil pack and catalytic converter replaced. the van still hesitates and when i first start car up, the check engine light blinks until I drive for a minute. Thank you for any advice.

I start the car ac works fine compressor is running fine but when i start driving i not a hissing noise coming from the vents and it start to blow hot air. What's the problem?

Radio was working fine before battery change. Replaced several fuses. Passenger side seat sensor not working. Any ideas how to reset?

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On inspection, I was told the flange gasket can go in 6 years and now I need that replaced and the converter.

This happened in a day
The car has plenty of transmission fluid
The manual gear shifts work perfectly fine
It's just when it's on Dribe (D) when the car will not move forward

It doesn't do it all the time but when it does it is really hard to push, no brakes and the it will go back to working normal again for a day or so.

Had my alternator changed 3 weeks ago after changing plugged battery back up an all my lights on my dash borad

If I am at a stop light too long it will overheat.

Steering wheel hard to turn from stopped position and making slow turns. It's kind of an off-and-on kind of thing.

Traction control light and stability light are on. Now it just up and stopped. Wife came out of work and it wouldn't start, even had someone come with a jumperbox and it still wouldn't start. Charged the battery back up to 14.3 Volts and still won't start. Loses power to the ignition when you try to start it.

It's really a Mazda 3 2.5 Touring but you don't give me that option.

why don't I have any spark

was told that i had to buy the whole compressor. is this true, why cant i just replace the clutch and pulley?