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Heater not working. Blower blows cold air. I have the dial on dash set to hot and thermostat controls to 90°farenheit nothing but cold air(As I live in a cold climate).
Anti freeze was low just bought a cheap kind already premised just to see if there would be a slight change in temp. None occurred. Car has no leaks not strange No strange noises. Fuses all good. As are relays.
Vibrations, misfiring, not wanting to catch speed . Not idleing right.
My car won't start and the security light keeps coming on
After a check engine light came on the dealer is saying a $795 repair is required to replace the oil separator breather. This sounds excessive to me. Any advice?
spark to plug, fuel. rail fills with gas, turns over but won't start? fuel pump pumps when key is tured on...
stuck in park will not shift out, i do have brake lights
Car turn over but want fire..
I have a 2004 Ford Escape xlt v6 engine the problem just occurred a day ago when I was leaving the doctor office i backed out but when I put it in drive it would not move forward so I check the dip stick and there was no fluid on the stick and there was transmission fluid on the ground
Heater only blows cold air,
The bottom box or vent assembly has 3 outlets. 2 very small ones that barely trickle air to the floor and one much larger opening that blows air over the top of my feet. In the winter my feet are cold because the floor is cold without much warm air blowing down.
Car won't start and we can't get it out of gear to roll out of the garage.
My converter went at 91,000 miles, conveniently 11,000 miles over the federally mandated warranty on the converter. I am going to approach Subaru about this and I was wondering how many others have faced this problem.
When slowing down 10-15 mph, or when turning a corner. Buzzer like ringing phone will repeat two or three times in rapid succession, but may not happen again for a few days. No warning light comes on but very disturbing. Did not have cell phone in car at the time so definitely not the phone, but sounded like it
I have a 2006 Lexus GX470. I started to get the P2445 code at startup, which would make sense if the secondary air injection pump was failing. I Learned this is caused by the secondary air injection pump. I installed a bypass that fixed the issue for a short while and then the code began appearing during my highway commute. Usually about 10-15 min in. I removed the bypass and I still get the code intermittently during driving. I though the ecu only looked for this during startup? When I get the code I pull over to check and erase the code with my code reader and then the issue disappears for the duration of that trip. What could be causing this and how can I fix? I sent the bypass unit back to the manufacturer to be tested and I have not heard back from them yet but the vehicle acts the same without it. I'm confused as to why the code would be thrown during a commute and how to fix it?
Rear break lights and blinkers working. Tail lights not working when driving and headlights are on