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I have a 98 Acura TL 3.2 l I have changed the VSS sensor that didn't work change the VSS power steering adapter that the VSS mounts to that didn't work I have changed the cluster 3 times that didn't work the plug is getting power is getting ground just don't know what's going on I have checked all the fuses and relays

all fuses good in cab 7.5 amp and under engine 15amp new relay.? no body codes.

Hi, Few days before it shows check sign and I went to local repair shop and the sign went off. For the last few months sometimes car was kicking back or shaking on 25 mph or 40mph. Please give me proper advice.

Need new transmission

Now charging system not working I checked fuses they are all are good
Any ideas,?

my vehicle was not used for 2 weeks and when cranked up the radio will not power up

I installed a new fuel pump module assembly it turns over but it wont go it just cranks and cranks over it acted like it wanted to run and it almost did but when you try to start it it just cranks over

Set still it comes out the vent but driving down road it comes out the defrost.

just had AC evaporator replaced. not sure if this has anything to do with it. the hissing sound comes on for about 3-4 seconds every 4-5 minutes or so.

Hi I was driving my car the other day and made a right turn, when all of a sudden my car basically died I hit the gas and got nothing as I completed the turn with just enough acceleration I was able to hit the gas once more. Later that day I put a Code reader to check if any codes came up. Surely enough I got a Mass Airflow code and proceeded to buy a new sensor. Unfortunately this didnt resolve anything when I make only right turns my car looses gas power im leaning towards maybe there is a leak somewhere??

happens when I turn a/c on. lasts for a few seconds.

my 82 cj7 has been running rough and backfiring when driving a n d stalling out and during when I stop

Exemple i go to the bank ! Start the car from home ! Shut down the engine at the bank ! Restart the car to go to grocery store , shut the engine at the store . When i do it too often in a short laps of time , car seems to have the engine wanted to start but won't , sometime i give it some little push on the gaz pedal and it helps ! When it doesn't start i wait 5 to 10 min then , it starts but have a lot of trouble ! The next day everything is ok , when the car had a lot of time in between the restart engin ! And something i notice ! Before i shut the engine and it eont restart ! The last ride i do with it sometimes i stop at lights and the idle goes up to 2000rpm then goes back to normal , it does it everytime i stop or put it to neutral ?

or do I have to change wires and coil as well, what is the proper way to change the spark plug and what tools do I need for my 1999 grand marquis mercury

Took car to 3 different shops and had defaults codes scanned no came up but engine light is on. Can't go thru emissions testing with it on.