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I also seem to have lost 3 speeds on my heater blower motor only high speed No. 4 is working and there appear to be noises coming from near the passenger footwell when I change the air flow to the various outlets i.e. windscreen, air vents and interior of car
mostly in the morning when i want to go to work.that first journey of the day.i will need to put it on drive the accelerate so hard to get it to move and once i am in a tarred road the gear works perfectly and no trouble again until the car is parked for atlease 6 to 8 gives a roaring sound until am on tared road and the sound becomes normal again.the sound is as result of accelerating the car for proper movement.
It quit, tried to start it and all it does is roll over slow and wont start at all. We tried a new battery and it still does the same thing. Was told it might be battery cable problem
i hear a click , so i turn it off and try again and lucky for me it starts
how do you defrost the windows?
radiator leak try to put sealant in it, then open the radiator vial and bust out antifreeze now it wont turn over?
A.c. and heater stopped working the a.c. is blowing out warm air and the heater is blowing cool air. Need to know what I can do to fix this problem. Also when I stop and turn the car off I hear a bubbling noise..
Press the button to put my wing mirrors in but drivers side not responding
Driving along pretty slow.. Heard a sputtering grinding noise? Then it stopped.
Whn i put the car on reverse it only moves at low acceleration..whn a punch the accelerator it stops(hash brakes).i tried to engage Low gear the engine sound wl be high but wont move unless on drive or gear 2..
the car starts then shut off. once it started and ran for awhile it ran out of gas. now it starts and shut off
Car will not change gears. Car ideals rough have to keep rpms up to keep running.
I have 2006 Buick lacrosse and would like to know replace radiator
I have a 2000 chevy blazer with the 4.3 in it. It only cranks and won't start unless you put starting fluid in the intake. Even then it only runs for a second and dies. I've replaced the fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, and distribiter cap and button, still won't start. It has spark & fuel. Is it in a security lock out mode? I just can't figure out the issue.