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The air suspension compressor went out and I disconnected the battery before installing it. Afterwards everything works fine except the controls on the dash.

when the van gets up past 40 mph, the entire van starts shaking very bad

Sometimes it doesn't act up, but other times it will do so a lot. No codes in system. Mostly does it when ac is on. I am a retired Dealership Tech.

4500 rpms ,wt wld cause this ,spark plugs

charged on my bill. Wondered what it serviced.

Related I also had the four tires changed

HAve replace both fuel pumps, both engine speed sensors, and the throttle body. runs fine for week or so and then stops. Hot or cold.

can the noise isolator causes to lose fuel pressure

Making loud clicking noise in engine. Dies run . Just started doing this.

Kind of chugs & doesn't pick up speed

Lets light is need cost estimate

Approximately twice a month

Both power outlets aren't working, checked the fuses and they're good. What can be the problem?

So my reverse lights have decided to work when they want to, which is maybe 1 time a month if that... also my passenger brake light keeps going out. I replace the bulb and within 24 hours it doesn't work. Fuses all look good. Please help!! I'm at my whits end with this truck!!

should I do now, change the water pump?