It started making a grinding or rubbing sound. Almost like a wheel hub bearing, but I know its not because I took off wheel hub and CV joint and started car and put it in drive up on jack stands. It has to be transmission. It has plenty of fluid, shifts fine. It happens any time I drive.

I have to change right front engine mount and I need a step by step on how to do it

Now the car will not start is like the card things to key is not in there

For reliability and better performance and less wear on my 98 mustang

Position. Because I hear a grinding noise when the engine is running, when I press the brake pedal the notice stops, how do I fix that. ?

Need answer ASAP

All of my brake lights on my 01 catera worked yesterday and this morning my reverse light and brake light went out i baught new bulbs went to put them in, didnt work and than after that every single light in the rear went out what is going on

After reading many q and A's I would like to know what should be my next step. I know that tune up, fuel pump, anti-theft system, and possibly transmission change. I mainly feel a hesitation when taking off into first and second gear. Also the engine feels tight possibly a belt. I do know that it is time to change the timing belt as well. Should I just do all of them where should I start. We have taken it to have the check engine light codes tested.

That's all I need to know is how many fuel injectors are there?

Replaced fuses relays tested the fuel pump there's no power coming from the wire harnesse to the pump what could it be?

I bought car today and windows radio trunk and gas door stop working

also on passenger no buzzer when seat belt is not on fuse?

Checked fuses they are OK and checked the bulb it's fine too I don't know what else to do

Whining noise gets louder the faster you go and comes from the torque converter driveplate area of the engine-tranny. Checked tranny fluid and filter is internal in this transmission. 115,000 miles on it.

I look everywhere and i can not finf the fuel pump relay