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The leak is close to the water pump... Are there freeze plugs there or near there.... I can't tell exactly where it's coming from.
good heat on passenger side. good air stream out of vents. sometime it will blow warm after about 45 minutes but most of the time only blows cold.
May blow for 6 months then out where stop. Let it set for awhile then it will start blowing warm air or cool whichever is needed.
Been real cold lately just fine before that, only 51,000 miles on the van
My 1995 ford focus won't go into reverse
These codes show up on my diagnostic CarMD code indicator
Driving the d will start blinking and the car will not go even though it is running if you put it in park the p blinks if you turn it off it will not start for about 20 minutes and the p blinks
I had mine serviced and dash was scatched- they did something and is some better but can still see streak- what can I do to fix this because the shop doesn't seem to know
How do we fix the problem?
Started over last 2 days
It will turn over and won't run. The security light is flashing
I recently changed the thermostat housing in my car after discovering that there was a crack in the housing. My car is now over heating and leaking coolant from some where underneath the car. Can someone tell me why.
Does not make a sound. It just will not shift out of 1st gear sometimes.
After having a recall for a computer update I got my car back to find two warning lights illuminated. Question the dealership since there where no warning lights prior to the service. They advised I needed to have the intake fans replaced. There has been no lose of power or other problems noted.
not staying charged