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There are 2 vacuum line ports at the back of the motor one is replaceable and the other is steel stationery. Another is top side to the right of the efi cover
I change fuel pump camshaft position sensor coil pack crank sensor new battery and clean battery post even check caylack converter it not stop up my pt cruiser starts die won't crank I turn key of it spin an the same over an over what could it be need help on it about to loose my job because I can't get to work half the time thank you for your advice and time
Went through car wash totally stopped working
It's a 4 wheel drive vehicle
My brakes just stopped working. I tried to bleed them and it didn’t work. I need help in what direction to turn to next
My 1990 Acura will not stay starting when it dose it stay just for one min and go die out what should Do?
Driving down the street and all of a sudden it just started making a grinding squealing noise and it won’t go away
Bought the van about a week ago.driving home check engine light came on.
2007 CLS 550 I added coolant and the check engine light came on.
My Ford Ranger 1994 truck engine will turn over but it will not start wait an hour and it will start perfect.
I had a poor connection between the battery and cables, while trying to tighten the cables down and trying to start it several times, I finally got a good connection but then it wouldn't turn over, after several more times of trying to turn it over and giving it gas, the car started but the reduced engine power light is now on and smells of rich fuel.
it was working fine, and one day I went out to start. It started as like always, but this time it wouldn't move and haven't since. This was 5 months ago.

Shut car off and now hazard lights and brake lights wont tyrn off. On the 1995 540i whetes the relay switch location to change out
My 03 Nissan sentra gxe will crank but not start.
When I put the obd scanner on it, it shows that it linked to the car but will not retrieve any codes.
I'm beginning to believe that I have an ecm issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
It has always been this way. Service dept. at dealership has no answer.