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I have a 2000 explorer sport. I have been having problems engaging into drive. Tonight I could not get to engage into drive at all. Have reverse no problems. What could be wrong? The transfer case or the transmission
what weight oil is in the 5 speed transmission? on my 1999 dakota sport
4 cylinder NV1500
And what kind of oil and how much to top

The key is stuck in it and won't crank the immobilizer it and if I can help it I would like to not bypass it but if so alright
Trans fluid is low, but curious if there could be another problem adding to that. Engine is a 6.7L Cummings turbo diesel.
interchangeable parts
3.3 l engine, transmission,doors,wheels and tires etc...
the check engine light turned on and i took it to autozone. they told me that it was the maf sensor so i bought maf sensor cleaner but that did not fix the problem. i bought a new maf sensor on ebay and it says it is compatible with my 2013 Nissan sentra but the sensor itself is for a 2015 sentra.
It’s not making any noise but my dash lights come on and I had my battery checked and I checked a few fuses
This problem occurs before I changed my oil then after changing after a few drives it read accurately. Took the truck on highway got a knock sensor error and the had gauge is back to acting up. When I start the truck it reads the current fuel level but after a minute into driving it slowly goes back down to e. I also have noticed a rattle in my gas pedal when accelerating it occurs around 30 mph
Had to jump my 2011 Chevy Malibu left the lights on noticed that the TPMS had to be relearned was not reading on my dashboard so I checked it manually with the tire gauge for a couple days and suddenly it started reading again on its own on the dashboard is that okay did it reset itself been working fine thank you Tina
power windows wont work
center console has full power
I know some cars have Windows that drop about an inch when you open the doors like Mercedes and I would like to know if my Volvo does that to? I have a 2004 Volvo c70
Turn climate control to heat blowing cold air
HVAC display works just fine but the blower does not. I used to be able to have the passenger kick under the dash and it would come back on but that quit working. Also the trunk popper button quit working slowly, sometimes it would sometimes it wouldn't and one day it just stopped. Same with the lighters. If you could help me in any way I'd be greatful, thank you.