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I am able to tune and change stations etc. but when I turn the volume up nothing plays. When I put the car in reverse, backup camera doesn’t even display.
About 2 weeks ago I had left it originator several minutes, it died, didn't want to restart but finally.did but then drove very rough for about10 minutes before driving pretty normal after that..Then.about 3 days later I was driving down street and it started riding and driving very rough before acting normal again. Finally yesterday I was driving up a small heel and again it started driving and handling.very rough.again. I was about 1 mile from.home so shortly after it began to act normal I was home, shut car off until next morning went to start it to leave but no, would not start. What can this be? Thank you!

i run the trimmer for about 20 minutes and it start acting like it didn't want to take the gas when i squeeze the trigger and some it will die and i start it up again and it will run for about 2 minutes and it will do the same thing.
my tire pressure are in the right pressure and still showing on my dashboard that my tire is at fault?
I stop for fuel it’s diesel came back went to start it ignition lights up everything lights up but it will not turn over if I leave the key on and go short the starter it turns over just fine nice and fast all the lights are bright but it won’t turn over with the key at all it won’t it won’t start if even if I crank the starter from underneath
So I put in coolant/anti freeze and then drove to gas station 5 min away. 2002 CLK 320 Mercedes
They looked and found a hose broken so the coolant was leaking out
They ordered a new hose and put in water home in 5 min
No I am bringing back tomorrow and did not drive it all all. I put tape
on hose and will fill with water should that be ok. Just worried I did not
do anything to the engine. The hose was detached from where it is suppose to be
just dangling. I went over rough roads and it became disengaged.
When stationary and pressing the gas peddle the engin has no power and sometimes the transmision disengages and a few seconds later re-engages and move forward, some times gives the transmision failior message and need to turn of the engin for the message to go and then restart the engin.
Hi I have 2010 Chevrolet traverse ls .
2 days ago I got issue on it .
The A/C not operate. And once I fire the engine the coolant fan goes on slowly but after 1 minute will go crazy at the fully speed . Even when the car is cold or hot. The same issue. I don't have any check engine light or codes . The temperature is less than 210 on the gage and stable like normal.
So what you think about it??
Service E due
"Themes" comes across the dash console screen. What does this "themes" message mean?
As I put my ignition key in my 08 Tahoe Hybrid it does not turn over it does not start all power is lost I checked the battery cables everything is connected I even got a spark from the positive side went to turn on the ignition again lights came on very dim but nothing happened the locks won't even lock or unlock how can I jump start my truck it is a hybrid 2 mode
The window goes down about a half inch upon opening the door. This is normal. It does not go back up when the door closes which it should. Some days the auto up feature works and some days it doesn't. The auto down feature works fine.
Suddenly my car started making little jerks forward, off and on while driving and then after this goes on awhile the motor revs up. Pull over and it stops, start driving and it starts little jerks again. Then revving.
No warning lights on dash coming on. Can't see any belts loose under hood.
No strange noises, car doesn't leak at all.
There is no throttle respond, will only go 10 mph
I just replaced the thermostat and the car is still running hot but my car is not smoking or nothing