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it turns over but want start
I’ve looked threw the manual and nothing shows anything about a horn. Horn stopped working so I thought it would be the relay
2005 Equinox - all I see is the odometer reading, how do I find trip readings? Bought car used....
How to put it on
-flushed heater core and changed water pump, no change
My 2011 Dodge Charger R/T AWD with the HEMI 5.7 92,000 miles on, while driving or at the time I start the vehicle from time to time the Service Power Steering Light will illuminate and have loss of power steering. The vehicle was in a crash on the driver's side front end which most everything on that side was replaced including the computer module, this could give you some insight on the problem. No noise but I can be driving at a normal speed and suddenly I have a loss of the electro-hydraulic power steering and the "Service Power Steering" light comes on. This is happening intermittently and I don't know if being low on fluid could cause this or not. Could this be the result of the NHTSA campaign number: 14V634000? Thank you.
I have a 2008 dodge 1500 6 cyc. where is the circuits for the fog lights my truck is not a turbo
Installed new motor and control switch, motor makes sound but arms do not move.
The Passat has 110,000 miles- has been good except for recurring replacement of map sensor in last 4 months. Auto service center is reputable but not a vw garage. Are they missing something?
Turn the key to start, sputters and dies, hit the key and it will start on the second try, what is the problem?
My toyota crolla indicated Check and Trac OFF alarm light on how i can turn off? Also the horn sound is not working please give advice to fixed out.
It works in the summer time but not the winter time won't play no music
I replaced my front tires yesterday, on the way home it started vibrating at 60 mph, thought it was a bad balance, took it back and the tire guy broke a right front lug. Never any vibration before this, tires are less than 1 year old and have less than 100 miles on them.
It just happened for the first time. I had just started the truck and a loud pop happened and started like putt putting then lost power and started smelling like gas and exhaust inside the truck.
I'm getting a p2111 code. Says the throttle actuator stuck open but I look at my valve plate and it's in the resting position.