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Does Q7 have a Satellite Radio module for Sirius or XM platform? All Audi literature says that it comes with a Sirius XM radio but Sirius is telling me that my satellite radio platform is XM, not Sirius XM. How can I verify which platform Audi is using? Audi USA could not answer this question today. Thank you!

All i want is to show me where the solenoid is located to check & of course the starter it self .
I need a visual of it so i can get to it PLEASE.... I just put in a new alternator & new battery
was woking fine for a few day's i use it early morning, when i went to leave for work nop nothing !!
Everything else work's light's, radio....etc dead won't turns over won't turn on PLEASE~PLEASE

When this happens all the lights inside the car are on but car want start. If I turn the switch to on position and leave it a while it will start. It use to happen about once every four to five months, recently its happen four times in two weeks. The longest wait period before it would start was thirty minutes.

Also has a PO204 are they related?

We checked the cable from the starter to the alternator and the cable from the alternator to the battery all look good. We jumped it with a truck and nothing/

And when started it won't rev up you slowly it the gas and it raises up to 4.5 and falls on it's face

Started today after changing coolant temperature sensors and mas air flow sensor

Runs fine on flat ground changes out but has no power going up hill won't change gears rpm keep going up used 1/4 tank of gas just to pull hill changed Cadillac converter and all map sensors and plugs

It stopped working all the sudden. First I replace my radiator and pump. Which they gave me a radiator for an automatic. I have a stick. By had it installed anyway. My A/C worked great but my heater never got very hot just warm. Then my A/C just stopped working about a 6 months after. Then my blower stopped blowing. I turn the knob to high I hoy air but it only works if I am driving more than 25 mph. I can shut it off so it won't blow at all. And when I turn it off it sounds like a suction cup door is closing. I checked fuse box under steering wheel. I read things to check but I'm a little hesitant since I need a video or help to do it. I am a single female, I can not afford to go to a mechanic. I can barely keep my gas filled. Please some one help me. Where I live the whether has been from 99 up to 110 degrees. It hotter in my explore. Plus it feels like heat is coming out of the floors too.

But when it goes n drive it changes good and it don't slip what could itb

the info screen keep switching itself over to the power management the car trying to tell me something? Also, it may be happening the whole time I am driving it, but I cannot hear it until I am stopped at a light........there is a "clucking" sound.............?

Digit reset code and nothing helps I also change the fuses and it's still not working how do I fix my problem?

I have a 2005 Suzuki Verona

Jerk when it is put in reverse but it wont go backwards an when i drive forward it jerks in slow speed an wont change gears.

It is closed and I can not open it