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You can google "youtube honda hrv temperature knob" to see a video
PLEASE HELP; I am having a problem with the temp control knob in my 2017 Honda FIT. Less than 15 miles on the odometer and the car made a snapping sound when I turned the temp control knob (like a cable broke). I took it back to the dealer a week later (7/7/17) to have it repaired and they replaced the cable -- did not fix the problem - when I got in the car to leave, I turned the knob and it wouldn't return to the coldest setting. Left it over the weekend, went back to pick up car - dealer said they'd ordered/installed a new part, I knew immediately the problem wasn't fixed, the knob required EXTREME force to move. Went on vacation, took it back last Friday (7/21) left it - they could not fix it, were checking with Honda to see if there was a solution. PLEASE call Honda at 800-999-1009. The person dealing with my case [case # 06164139] is Marlinee - at extension 117755 (yes, a 6 digit extension). The dealer called to tell me that this is a problem that Honda is working on, they do not have a solution and I should come and pick up my car and they will call me when they have a solution.

Once engine turned on vehicle will
not remain turned on once wiper blades are turned off and vehicle comes out of park. Literally once engine is on wiper blades must also be on to keep car runing and still car will not remain on once gear is shifted out of park.

Car was rear ended told I had to replace. 5 mounts?

Been checking salvage for another dash pad assy.for my '03 Stratus Coupe.
zero luck.
It has warped 10 times worse than I've ever seen before. So any ideas on where to get one. Used is fine....if one can be found.

on the passenger side of car

Dont know why fuse box question appeared. Having trouble with Sirrus Radio disappearing periodically

I think transmission fluid or power steering fluid comes out of it.

i have changed fuel pump vacuum lines it will drive 15 min. then when you come to a stop the rpms drop

My Chevy van has 150,000 original miles.
When I move from Park to reverse or drive, my transmission makes a "thunk" (which I feel more than hear), similar to when a U-joint wears out. I added 1 quart of transmission fluid last week.

put in new alternator, pmc control muedel, new battery, my battery light stays on?

I have a 2006 Mazda 6, and The left hub assembly is going bad for the fourth time.

First time i just changed wheel bearing, second and third time I've changed hub assembly and wheel bearing.

Second time it was good for about 5-6 months, now it's only a month and already making noises.
The car doesn't vibration at high speed, I don't understand the reason for the breakdown.

The noise first sound like the whole bearing is sliding (thin jamming) later sound like tire noise coming from the front end - most noticeable in the 40-50 MPH range

My question is this - what could cause a new (Japan Parts) Hub Assembly & bearing to go out so quickly?

Your thoughts?

my tahoe keeps loosing power,when it does ALL power goes off.Somtimes it wont start,others it runs fine for a while then all of a sudden the power goes off.It happened on the highway going 65mph.ive had a new battery put in,new battery cables,another new battery cable,all lines to fuel filter cleaned,and no one can figure out what is causing it.Ive owned it for 5 months and its been in the garage 7 times.Each time it happens i have it towed,they get it and it starts right up and runs.I get it back drive it a while(all different amounts of days,weeks) then it happens again.

Having trouble finding where the starter to this vehicle

I have 1.6ltr 2004 vw golf and car was running fine then just started to run like on 2 or 3 cyl still idealed didn't stall but just running crap just want to no if it could be a spark plug ,lead ,coil or could it be something else thanks

When brake pedal is engaged while braking it does not disegage it self when you let off the brake. What could the problem be??