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There was no odd noise. ran rough and I thought to change plugs. Quit running before I could. noticed no gas to carb. starts when I put gas in carb directly and runs until used up.
Driver door won't unlock by turning the key
I need the transmission pan bolt torque specs on a 2003 Ford Taurus?
I have an 2008 Grand Marqui LS 4.6L flex fuel vehicle
Engine code P0128 was diagnosed.
I am trying to find a clear diagrahm or picture. Of where the ECT coolant sensor is located on the motor.
Motor Runs Good . But the transmission doesn't. It starts in 2nd gear then shifts into 3rd at 30 MPH. it will not shift into 4th or OD. Reverse work fine. A few days before this started ,I noticed that holding the throttle steady between 40 and 60 MPH It would feel like the Tork Converter Lock-up was kicking in and out. Engine RPM's would rise and fall 200 RPM's .I also noticed that I could simulate this same issue by slightly depressing and releasing the throttle. I don't hear any funny noises or notice any strange sensations except sluggish starting in 2nd gear. I have 3500 Mi. on re-man. transmission , fluid is nice ,clean and red . does not smell burned.
It always starts with no problem and the car is well maintained.
I hit a deer on passagener side damaging headlight, bumper and grill. The air bags did not deploy. My car stayed running until I cut it off to wait for a police report. When I went to start it, everything is normal except it doesn't try to turn over.
Go to start car no lights in dash no power to fuel gaugse
When I put my key in the ignition of my 95 Toyota Avalon XL sometimes it will start and sometimes it won't the lights are on on the panel what is this cost from
2010 Mercedes GLK 350 4-matic, replaced hose and no more abs/esp warning but still running in limp mode. Do I need to reset the ECU by clearing the code to take vehicle out of LIMP mode (transmission only allows 2nd gear and reverse, max car speed is approx. 30 mph); not seeing any leaks. Prior to replacing hose I could smell strong scent of gasoline. Also once car warms up I hear like a whistling type sound
When I drive the car the loose heat shield bangs up against the exhaust pipe producing a hollow drum sound. I went under my car and saw that the bolt that originally held the shield tightly to my car's underside broke off from the bracket on the gas tank strap.
It beeps 5 times 3 cycles when driving. After driving for about 45 minutes it does it again.
2017 Rouge Sport with 3k miles the AWDLock goes on at 60 mph when the new spare tire is on LF position. AWD high temp. alarm comes on after 3 miles. Take spare tire off the front and problem goes away. Its a nissan original spare tire. Dealer says spare tire is correct size. Dealer finds nothing wrong. Front end low growling noise when AWD is locked in. Wheel power distribution graphic on dash confirms 100%power to 4wheels.
Whats wrong?
I have no dash lites/tail lites. My fuse in dash fuse box is not hot. I preplaced it with new fuse and it's still not hot. Is there another fuse somewhere else
No noise. Merchanic looked over it abd found no fault.