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Yes I have just changed the spark plugs in our 2000 Volvo v70sc and after I changed them it wouldn't start so please if you could help me because I need to have it up and running by August 3rd so that way we can go to Ohio for our family reunion

Need to know which Dana model is in it so I can order the proper clutch pack for the rear diff.

Codes P0507, P0011, P2187, P2402 came up. Do these codes have any part or problem in common? We have changed oil, filter, spark plugs, checked the VVT solenoid. Any ideas where to sart.

This started recently. Will not stay opened when the button is pushed, either on the key or in the car. Yesterday wouldn't close except manually.

Steering makes clicking sound. Whether moving or stationary, makes clicking (almost creeching) sound.

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017: Today took the 2003 Hyundai Elantra Gt for a ride, the fuse didn't blow, FUSE is intact and perfect. But... the engine light is still on.
New Oxygen Sensor 7/25/2017. Recent new Catalytic Converter also, 3/01/2016.

1) I was also told, 7/25/2017, maybe to take the car on the highway and get the heater wire to get to temperature and the engine light will go out. And or the computer will accept it.....?
2) Get my mechanic friend to turn the engine code off and wait and see if it goes back on. If so change the Oxygen Sensor....?

Recent changes.
1) Replaced original Oxygen sensor 2 days ago, 7/23/2017, and the fuse blew. Replaced fuse.
1A) Recently. 1 month ago, 6/2017, passed emissions test, got tags!!
2) There is a new catalytic converter, replaced 15 months ago.
3) I was told by a certified mechanic after an inspection, that the catalytic converter was turning blue......he said maybe try changing the oxygen sensor for starters. so i did and recently. Rest of inspection was great and no other concerns.

**I need the car for work reasons and until I find another, but if if my problem is fixed, then I'm good.......
**I'm looking for the RepairPal experienced mechanics for quick answers or approvals and ideas.

Thank you ALL!!!

How can i check if it has a leak?

It drinks gas it sometimes turns off when you make right turns and we have replaced a lot of parts and tested many others now the gas hand doesn't work now

The check engine light is not coming on when it did it said misfires and running lean . I have replaced all spark plugs and all ignition coil's . This all started after I replaced an oxygen sensor

So I filled it with water. It has been running alright but it's still running hot, and none of the water has leaked out. What do I need to do for it to quit running hot. I was thinking change the thermostat. But I want other people's opinion too.

The car is perfectly running when the engine is cold. After about 10-15km running, then the problem arises where the car is experiencing jerking and loss of power. What is the problem?. However, it is no issue on idle during either cold or hot engine.
1. Fuel pump is already replaced new
2. spark plugs are already replaced new (4 nos)
3. Plug's cable is new and tested OK.

There is no other issues with the engine.

The side of the driver's seAt thAt holds the power controls for seat has broken, need estimate for repair. This only happened on this car , have three others and never had this problem.

Tried to wind it up and down but it seems like it fell off track or something...

Changed the battery and replaced terminals will not crank and none of the lights work. Makes one click noise and that is all.