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My 2000 blazer turns over will not start. I am at a loss on what could be last time I got it started I put it in reverse it died off. Brand new battery in it
No theft system light comes on either. But dash lights, radio, headlights all come on. No nosie is made at all. Car starts after taking a wire and touching the starter to thw positive battery cable. Help please!!!!
I have a code that reads u0101. The traction control light is on and transmission will not shift out of first gear.
Took it to transmission place they change accumalator and soidnoid an fluid and filter. But they also could not get code . Could my ECM has gone bad. Also change throttle position sensor. still shifing hard. 1993 Chevy Siverado 70,000 Miles.
05 sport Trac 2wd passenger side control arm won't fit in the rear mount. Driver side went no problem. Need an answer asap.
Just came on today and idled up really high.
For instance using a part from w 204 on a w203 chassis, steering Knuckle passenger side, are they interchangeable?
heater goes to cold after a short drive adjusting the temperature does not help after car is parked a while it will work again then goes cold a short while
2007 Pacific Chrysler Touring. we lost the keys got a new one made with out the alarm but key did have chip in it. while i was driving it turned off. we haven't been able to start it back up. we purchased a new key with alarm and chip still nothing, it seems like its anti-theft locked
Heater not working. Blower blows cold air. I have the dial on dash set to hot and thermostat controls to 90°farenheit nothing but cold air(As I live in a cold climate).
Anti freeze was low just bought a cheap kind already premised just to see if there would be a slight change in temp. None occurred. Car has no leaks not strange No strange noises. Fuses all good. As are relays.
what kind of tool do you use to get the lines loose from transmission?
Vibrations, misfiring, not wanting to catch speed . Not idleing right.
My car won't start and the security light keeps coming on
After a check engine light came on the dealer is saying a $795 repair is required to replace the oil separator breather. This sounds excessive to me. Any advice?
spark to plug, fuel. rail fills with gas, turns over but won't start? fuel pump pumps when key is tured on...