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Changed vehicle speed sensor and speedometer still not working. The RPM works.
The car does not do anything, it does not turn on, nothing. After fill gasoline at the garage, it did not want to turn on, I had to looking a crane to take it to my home. It does not make any noise, nothing, everything turns on, lights, horn etc., but it does not turn on, the battery is fine.

The tester says it is the camshaft sensor.

I have a 1999 Lincoln Town car. The blower will only run on high. I can not adjust from low to high but can move blower from defrost to dash. Neither the steering wheel nor dash controls work for adjusting.
I have a 1999 Lincoln Town car. I can not adjust the blower on my car, it will only run on high or turn off. It doesn't matter if I use the controls on the steering wheel or the dash. I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Lisa
Hello I drive a 2004 GMC Envoy XUV, has a 4.2-liter, 275-hp 6-cylinder engine and is RWD. I'm wondering how often I should be changing the oil. I have a long highway commute so I drive at least 166mi total per day. Right now has 88.5k miles on it. I've been going with full synthetic in hope to go longer between oil changes, how often would you all advise taking it in for a change?
When I close my car door, a very loud buzzing occurs and won't stop until the door is opened. When I get out and shut it, it waited a few seconds and then happens again for a minute before it shuts off.
Intermittent steering wheel does not lock often moving the wheel releases the Key.
I already check links, bushings, terminal, main axle , the tires are new. But it continues vibrating at 60+mph.
I have replaced brakes on my new rav4 2015 in 2016.I am told i have to replace it again 2018 .I complained the very 1st day i bought and drove the svu the brakes were soft almost pressing it all the way down to stop.It makes like a grinding noise.
My boyfriend poured a bottle of lotion like hair stuff in my oil and my car is losing power and stalling out and has even died now.
Won't stay running
The digital screen is blank 95% of the time but sometimes it visually appears correctly. The functions work but the display doesn't. The screen visually appears to be "hum bars"
If I'm at a complete stop an I release brakes it doesn't move unless I accelerate as soon as I get off pedal it stops again but only for a short period SMH. The car also shakes when this happens on the interstate
97 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 sohc. Blend door seems to operate fine but only cold air blows, unless you rev motor. So, heat is there at highway speed, but you freeze at red lights, driving around town.

I suspect a weak water pump or plugged core (maybe both). Any other ideas? Thanks!
48000 miles runs great but suddenly bacame difficult to start up and keep an idle i would have to step on the gas longer to get an ignition but would start result in proceeding to high rev or rpn then turn off smell of gas results due to stepping on the gas pedal if i dont step on the gas pedal it just would cranck but not startup