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My car is overheating

My front passenger window won't roll up, but will toll down. Now my key sensor doesn't lock the doors.

I've been having problems with it I think it's been the tranny or something under my car was making a loud clicking noise someone by the tires then my car start locking up not wanting to go forward but would reverse now it's clinking and grinding really loud and don't want to go forward or backwards is that the tranny or the Driveline I've already had two axle change that I've had hella work done to it somebody please help me I can't afford this no more there's so many issues going on with that car please I'm begging somebody help me this isn't like I said so expensive is so hard I've been trying to do stuff for myself and I don't know what to do anymore I still owe $9,000 on this car I got it for $15,000 a year and half ago man

They try to put a car alarm in my car and had my 4door open and it say fuse so what that mean

Dinging, ie, earning sound...brakes are good. When I stopped, it stopped, but parking brake light still on. Was flashing when incident occurred.

When door open it stops,then begin when driving.

oil coming out by rear view mirror

I've replaced my battery and battery terminal. I've even tried both keys to start the car. But my car still doesn't start.

Upon stopping at the sign steering wheel stiffened and the gas pedal did not accelerate the vehicle. Set gear to park and push start button worked as usual and no lights or warnings lit up on dashboard not sire what the malfunction was caused by but not sure if it will happen again. 2017 journey 4cyl 7.22.2017

Unhooked battery, kept running.
Found fuse box and pulled the eng

All of a sudden cut off

Once car is warm rpm's are up and down. It will shut off while driving and when its "acting up" (while driving) i hit the gas to the floor it helps a little??? We already tried plugs and wires, MAP censor, cleared fuel lines and now trying to see if timing will help.....

I've replaced the blower motor and the resistor, the blower motor still did not come on. can you help please....

I have replace to crank sensors, fuel pump, fuel filter and new coil packs I'm just trying to see if the ELC fuse can stop the car from starting. it just turns over.

Was running done than started running a little rough and lost power. Ran for about ten minutes than died. Engine won't turn over. Just get a click. New battery and alternator.