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It will turn over and won't run. The security light is flashing
I recently changed the thermostat housing in my car after discovering that there was a crack in the housing. My car is now over heating and leaking coolant from some where underneath the car. Can someone tell me why.
Does not make a sound. It just will not shift out of 1st gear sometimes.
After having a recall for a computer update I got my car back to find two warning lights illuminated. Question the dealership since there where no warning lights prior to the service. They advised I needed to have the intake fans replaced. There has been no lose of power or other problems noted.
not staying charged
The nob broke off and stud came out
The front brakes sound like they are howling when you apply them when you back up, Why?
I have to jump start the car every day. It has a new battery and a new alternator.
Alt burned went bad on my 2010 charger rt...replaced it and checked batt and it came out good..checked all fuses from both fuse blocks and they are good... What could it be i have no power at all?? Ive been told need to replace the fuse box engine compart??
I have a 2009 Mitsubishi Galant I drive it daily when I first crank it up it makes a noise twice like it doesn't want to start then it finally cranks up mechanic check out the battery and alternator said both was fine suggest that I try a starter so I order a starter mechanic put it in then the car starts to make a louder noise then before and it's smoking and has a burning smell so I park it at home next day I try to crank the car up it wouldn't start and it's making studdering noise so I had to get a jump off for it to crank up took it back now the mechanic saids my battery is bad but I don't think it's the battery not when he just test the battery and alternator and said they both were fine and I don't think a bad battery causes a car to smoke or have a burning smell I think it's the new starter so what could it be?
i have fuel spark cam signal no codes was driving it but it died now wont run
2006 very Passat 2.0t was running like normal put it in park it shut itself off and will not crank up
Hello, my stick shift button sticks so it’s sometimes hard to move shifter out of park
Car RPM goes down to "0' while driving then goes back up. Sometime is cut off and take a few seconds to turn back on.
So this has been happening for about a week or two. The first time, I came to a stop during traffic, when I hit the accelerator.....the car just moved forward slowly but no loud engine noise. Now, all of the sudden the car's RPM's are high and the car feels sluggish. When I turn the car off and back on (within seconds) the car runs fine and it will run fine for the rest of the day.

2007 Nissan Quest