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Slow down on sharp turns small stiff hesitate in 97 suburban 1500 power steering
The aircon and radio and headlights do come on and i have had the battery tested and all is in order.
No coolant smell, no loss of coolant, no over heating on highway or in town, seems to do it more at dark but not always, when it doesn't do it I can hear and feel something click in place?
205/70R17 I think
All lights are on. When turning the key you can hear the first try of the car trying to turn over then nothing. After about 5 tries it starts
2.3l 91 4dz1 isuzu has fuel spark n compression but wont start it was running 3 days ago i put new fuel lines on it fired right up 4min later it died the carb was flooded so had the floats adjusted but it wont fire?
The gears grind when trying to shift from neutral or from one gear to another and the clutch feels loose when depressing it to the floor and when releasing to engage the transmission.
I put a new clutch in my Ford Explorer and the only way you're going to hear is if the car is turned off
I have a 2000 ford mustang v6 when I am driving the battery drains and the car stops. I have a new battery
when I turn the heater temp the air stays cold even at 88 degrees. it ran warm for the last two days but was blowing cold air. before that it has been touch and go if working. just started like in the last few weeks.
When i turn to left or right car makes a squeeking noise.
I have a 1998 Buick Century and while I was driving it the low coolant light came on. So I stopped at an auto place and had it topped off with 50/50 Dex Cool. When I went to start my car the heat my an awful noise and stopped working. My coolant light is also coming on and off, on and off. What could be the problem ? I don’t believe there are any leaks. The heat is now barley on and I just want to know how to get rid of the coolant light. Thank you I’m advance !!!
where is the throttle position sensor located om my 6.0 engine
It just started when my wife came home. There were no previous issues.
This is a 1997 Mercedes SL600 V 12 engine. The power steering ADS reservoir started pissing out oil from the small pin hole on the reservoir cap.. I shut the engine off and oil all over the engine now but the reservoir is full to the top. How do you bleed the ADS. There is some restriction causing this to overflow.