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How can I fix my seat?

precise mileage for replacement car is running great

My brake lights are on when I go out to go to work, and as I'm driving down the road the brake lights will come on and the car will begin to slow down as if I'm pressing the brake. It does it all the time and I'm not even touching the brake. We just replaced the battery and the little fuse contraption on the positive battery post. What could be causing this to happen?

The dealership is quoting me $1,300.00

I have to try & fix money but need truck

It also makes a popping noise from time to time

I need a transmission for my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am 2.2 L eng 5 speed what vehicals are compatible

need to move car how can i get it started? dont care if it damages anything !!

When it gets to 50 the engine willcsound like its speeding up but won't go faster

Only happens on freeway driving

passed smog ,after 70 miles the check engine light comes on

The car sounds like it's about to turn over but doesn't. My son drives the car and is the only one who has the "magic touch" to start it. The dealership from which it was purchased has looked at it and "supposedly" fixed it, but the repair didn't last. Is it possible that it needs a new starter? I've read the check engine light is a common problem. What to do?

Where is the OBD1 located

And it literally drinking the gas I put 5 gals in it and just pressing the gas peddle a little it runs out of gas in no time flat ..plz HELP

Driver side window won't go down from master switch but passenger window will but stops and starts back it's worst when it's cold outside