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Had gas, fuel pump problems since I owned the car. Bought brand new 2001.

It comes on; i turn it off; it comes back on...

Srs show on my dash board

warning msg to check suspension system & traction control light comes on.


My air conditioning in my 2012 Kia Optima EX GDI non turbo runs fine while driving at higher speeds but at a stop light, stuck in traffic at low speeds it only blows warm or hot air. Only one fan on the car. What could be the problem

stalls at a stop, check engine light on

Shouldn't I get it towed

I accidentally left my keys in my car for about 2 hours, and now I cannot get my keys out, nor can I move the shifter

Service tells me this is a pending recall with no answer and the light cannot be shut off? Nor can they tell me what it means??

My keys are stuck in the ignition, and I cannot move to shift stick at all

Can't use key fob to open trunk cause it reads lift gate turn off

Every once in a while, engine turns over, but won't start. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine.

Will continue to start with no problem for a while, then won't start again. Wait about 10 minutes, and starts fine again.

No other problems.

why isnt rotors still covered

How .much does the fuel pump cost for a 2004 Ford Taurus, But not the la or cost included