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I am almost to the floor boards in order for the car to start and afraid it will it will not start one of these days.

Mainly in the mornings. Had exhaust tested-nothing, but I think they only checked for emissions.

the check engine light never comes on.

the engine stalls every time I come to a stop.

My RAV4 TOYOTA 2012 MODEL 6 CYL FWD flashing LSD and CHECK ENGINE SUDDENLY came on at the same time while driving, I consulted the google and I followed exactly what what the google instruction but it did'nt solve the problem. Then, I opened the hood and notice the master cyl. Low on fluid so, I added fluid up to max the flashing auto lsd and check engine disappeared for few days then back again but now I can't reset it back to normal. I inquired from Toyota dealer here in Arizona expect an answer or profesional help but to my biggest disappointment they quote me $ 130.00 +. Just to reset the lights back to normal. I thought Toyota's products and employers are the best and helpful but their not. I adviced to whoever wants to buyToyota's, please think twice or carefully before you do so.

on 2000 dodge van i pushed parking brake down. it is stuck and non responsive in down position. parking brake engaged. would like to find simplest way to release it until i can get to a repair shop. am i up a creek with no row in my boat?

Car blows white smoke and uses slot of gas

Runs rough

the battery is up this is the 2nd time. the 1st time I just charged up battery this time its not working. battery says it is 12.8

When I shut off the engine and remove the key the engine keeps running.

how can you make the inside light come on when you open the door and to go off when you closed it?

does the pressure sensor get replaced when cleaning fuel injectors

I was driving my car and got pulled over by the police. when i put my car in drive to kleave, it wouldnt move. i put it in park and turned it off. now it wont start. the gear shift indicator says the car is in drive.

Before this happened it back fire loss power cut off while driving won't crank over an stay on