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Air stopped blowing cold to warm compressor is working what else can I look for fuse?

My Car will crank go in reverse an in drive! But I mash the celerator it want do anything! It's been this way for a while I was told I needed a fuel pump! Got it still doing the same thing please tell me what's going on

Check engine light on for a week. Took to autozone and was told to replace the fuel tank pressure sensor. If this is the problem, is it a DIY job or do I need to go to the dealership?

I want to conserve on gas so I want to play more music without my engine running.

2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue was worked on by a shop. Since then the Air Conditioner dampers have not functioned. They are stuck in the floor position.
I think I need a diagram of the vacuum hose system for control of the dampers.
Unless there is another possible problem

it uses up to 5 qt a day

I have gone ahead and repaired all the resistors in the cluster panel, and checked fuses and lights are still not illuminating, I also want to mention that the DIC and Odometer are working properly after fix, I notice dimmer will not work to dim but will control other lights including headlights just fine.

The relay itself is fine, the female part of the relay is burned out. I need to replace the bottom (female) part of the relay not the top. Please help. The closest I got to a part name is "connector "

My fuel gauage does not work. It always reads E & light flashes.. I was told by a shop I'd have to replace my fuel pump... About every 200 miles i automatically fill the tank. That lasts me at the most 3/4days. Could there possibly be another reason to why I'm is empying so quickly?

also the shifting gear i have to push hard on park. Occurring quite often

Every 1to2 seconds while u driving on the highway tc light comes on whats the problem

when i:m driving and turn my lights on , after a while the left head light goes off and I have to turn the lights off and back on and this goes on while I'm driving at night.

Serms the condenser is dirty

The car was cutting out itermittently and got progressively worse until it would not accellerate at all. But it still idled fine.what else could it be?

I've checked the fuses and changed the bulbs. What else could it be? Am I missing a fuse box? I've checked the interior box on driver side and the one under the hood on the drivers side. Could it be an electrical problem?