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When driving it feels like a hard miss and speedometer will drop for around 1 second and come back. Had speed sensor changed but has done it twice since. The second time was at 65mph and the engine died.
Turned key engine started to turn over then nothing would happen when I turned the key.changed the starter relay that lasted a day or two then went out again
I have a 1991 Toyota MR2 that I wrecked in rain due to bad tires. Repaired front end but after putting together the vehicle won’t crank or starter won’t click. All lights work, wipers work, windows work, heater and all interior works. Ext. what do I need to check? Or how to diagnose. I switched out the starter relay, replaced efi relay. Only noises I get is when the key is in the on posioon looking st the battery just down and to the right there is a a box of some sort that buzzes
I put new air filter in and a week later the back side is saturated with oil from the tubes.
It feels like Im going over those safety ridges on side of a highway...keeps you from running off road
Key goes in but wont turn. Already jiggled, its in park, and battery works.
I turn the heater on..n the air is only warm if u keep it on lowest fan speed. If u turn it up..the air is cold.
I have a 2010 Ford Fusion 2.5L SE and, can you swap out that engine for an engine on a Ford Taurus or if not that can you swap the engine for the Ford Fusion Sport V6 engine instead.
I put the key in and turn the ignition but nothing happens the security light blinks and i tried to do the reset program turning it on and waiting ten minutes..but it dont make no noise wen i turn the key in ignition.
The problem occurs often while driving down the road. My van shakes a little when the clicking sound occurs. It sounds like something is broken off somewhere in the engine. My oil light will not stay off when I'm stopped at a stop sign. My oil isn't low either. I've even tried that stuff that helps your engine last longer and the oil light still comes on.
There is loud squeaking under rear of Pathfinder when turning left or right. This is the only time it squeaks, but is driving me crazy. This has been going on for 3-4 months. The noise is getting louder over time.
I have to release the air or my suv will run hot. Have to open valve above water pump. Excess water runs inside on my floor.
How snug should the bushing behind the front seal in the transmission fit got the right bushing but just slides right in shouldn't it have to be tapped in. Has slack around it put the new bushing in and new seal put the teams back in the truck still leaked out the front seal
My 1999 ford expedition...started acting up I thought it was the gas I have gotten! Well had the fuel filter changes n siphon that gas out! But it still wants to lose power n sputtering while driving,hit the gas n sometime it will get back to normal! What is the problem? Please help!
No noises at all. Father in law said battery is fairly new