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I had to climb out my window to get out my car and cannot get back in after only the passenger side worked. Now none of the doors, not even the trunk unlock. The power lock kept locking as I pressed unlock when I was inside. The fob won't unlock it or even "lock it" with the horn as reassurance. The physical key doesn't turn in any of the locks. I cannot use my car now for a few days because I can't get into it

Took it to mercedes .mechanic they said it was computer wiring. The phone just started making beeping sounds and we press phone button it stops but starts again two minutes later. It beeps during cd or radio playing. It flashes connecting line.

I have been having a problem with the car going into gear for a while now. I was able to get it to go in gear befor by letting it run for awhile and that was ok. Now that doesnt work anylonger. I cant figuar it out. Please help if you can .

Ideals great a little bit on the throttle it will miss get passed that runs good

I drove through a mid puddle in my 2014 Jeep Patriot. Imediately afterwards it started running rough and louder, and sputtering. The problem hasn't gone away at all. No lights came on and everything else is fine.

Replaced w new lock cylinder but now won't crank or start..nothing

Have mad and throttle body cleaned already

My window tracks that allow my windows to go up and down are melting and leaves black sticky mess all over the windows. It happens everyday.

Accidentally put diesel in tank

While driving, the car seems to shift to second gear a lil rough. What is this?

cant find the flasher relay switch under dash. I want to replace it

I had the intake manifold gasket replaced, should it cost 881.00?

Leaking brake fluid. Not leaking at any wheel or caliper. Some where in line. Leaking in front left. need routing diagram of line.

It turn over check gas i check wires and plugs getting spark switched out relays still wont start

installed a new ignition switch, new battery, starter and alternator good