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Car starts on first key turn only past of the time. Sometimes it will start on the first turn, sometimes on the 8th turn, as high as 142 turns but it will always start. Hear a clicking, cleaned all connections on starter and battery
I have gotten new brakes (pads and rotors) within the last couple of weeks, 4 new tires and front and rear alignments. At first the lights would go on and then off again. This morning, my brakes locked and car tried to swerve before the lights came on again. Lights didn't turn on at all yesterday.
Lincoln LS 2004, V6. AC blows warm air out passenger vents sometimes, not always. Driver vents okay. Have been told by independent garage passenger side blend door actuator needs to be replaced, dash will have to come out to fix, expensive. Have researched Lincoln forums and am led to believe there isn't an actuator.

Got estimate from another independent garage who stated dash does not need to come out to replace and cost would be 25% of first garage. I want it fixed but am confused.
Car is vibrating in idle, not too harshly but when I turn on my ac it stops completely for a second then vibrates again
Muffler very loud and on excelleration rattling noise under car
The noise is present in the rear end of the car. It happens mostly when hitting the break and slowing down. We shock the rear end of the car while parked and noise was present. Car model/make is Nissan Versa Note 2016. Thanks
Car died 4x yesterday battery won’t hold a charge.
What could be the problem and how much to repair?
My father who is not a huge fan of high tech vehicles, happened to drive my CX-7 the other day. Without knowing that you could manually shift gears on an automatic transmission, he had it on manual and thought the car was just running rough, and was going to stop at the gas station near by to check what the problem was... Well, he didn’t go to far, maybe 1.5 mile and the car died on him, he turned it on one mere time and drove about 30 feet before it died again, and never came on after that. The battery and starter are both 6 months old. All the dash lights come on but no crank or anything at all when you try to start. What could it be?
((( HELP )))
Just needing to know how to delete this hard drive just bought a van and i dont listen to the music that is stored on the radio
Car will not start. It cranks but will not turn over. Oil is low
When idling the truck starts fluctuating and when it is in reverse it shuts off most of the time
I just bought a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT, 4.0L engine, 136,000 miles. Vehicle won’t go over 30mph and ABS light is on. Is this a tranny issue or brake system partially locked? Getting it looked at next week. Please any ideas might help.
Line sticking up off the transmission
How to program the automatic door lock & unlock when car is shifted from park to in gear & back to park? on 2018 Toyota Camry xse