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I turned it off went to work when I came out it would not start

Was told it could be the torque converter doesn't sound right to me

Monday I was driving and my steering wheel got really hard to turn, battery light came on. Pulled to the side of the road restarted it and was fine until tonight, steering got rough my battery light kept flickering and all my dashboard lights came on pulled over shut it off and it wouldn't turn back on. Just got the car jumped it was fine. All the computer is saying is a bad coolent fan

The clunk noises can be heard when going over any size bump or crack on the ground , it's like a clunk ,thump, almost pop noise in the front. The creeking sound I hear it in the rear from inside the cabin sometimes can't seem to figure out what it is. Also when I drive over 50 mph my car starts to shake a bit and the steering wheel also. When I slow down the shaking is light but noticeable .

Where is gas fuel filter located

key stuck in ignition - but shifter button is missing as well

This is for my 98 Jaguar XJ8 vanden plas

When the car is warm and you shut the vehicle off it will not start again until it cools and very difficult to start then, like its not getting fuel if it starts at all.

Timing belt came off. Wondering if I should expect major engine damage.

Started making pinging sound from front passenger side of motor. Next day it died while n motion. It cranked once after that but just for seconds made a loud back firing noise died and hasn't cranked since.

It sounds like it's coming from the fan but the fan is not hitting nothing and i don't think that would keep it front starting

Ac was blowing hot air on the drivers side and cold on the passengers. I put some freone in and it blows cold while it's in auto stop mode but as soon as the engine starts back up it blows hot again.

I hit a curb pretty good and now when I turn my front wheels squeak. Also when I try to straighten the wheel it will not completely straighten out. I was told I need an alignment or new ball joint or new tires. How do I know who is telling me the truth?! Please help!

My car sputters/choke while idle, or at a complete stop or slowing down. The traction warning comes up when this is happening. This only happens when sitting idle. The car drives SD smooth on the express way. What causes this

I have a 98 Acura TL 3.2 l I have changed the VSS sensor that didn't work change the VSS power steering adapter that the VSS mounts to that didn't work I have changed the cluster 3 times that didn't work the plug is getting power is getting ground just don't know what's going on I have checked all the fuses and relays