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IF im going 25 my digital says I’m going 40
Alternator has been check good Battery test good when charge Battery just turn 2 years old
When car is in gear it runs and shifts gears normally but when clutch is pushed in all the way at low RPM like a thousand to 1500 it whines almost sounds like a belt squealing or something
Started last night, telling me I'm going 65 when I was actually probably at 45. 120 on the freeway when I'm going probably 70-80.
Turn key no sound instrument panel lights up have replaced battery.
Shift shifter up and down car will then start after a couple of turns...
the gauge inside the car doesn't display the outside temperature....only show two hyphens (straight lines).....
it does make a noise on the right front its hard to describe kind of a pulsating noise not constantly but every now and then but i cleared the codes twice and it still pops up its a 2006 Colorado
I don't have a book and just need diagram of fuze box under the dash
is it too hard to do myself?
Door latch broke
when the engine is hot and the vehicle is moving at low speed or trying to climb a hill i experience rattling noise
my honda accord 2000 v6 blinks under hot weather, noticed the because at early hour like 7am when i drive down to work (31Km) the d4 does not blink and at evening at about 5pm when going back home it runs smoothly. but when the sun is out at hot hour the d4 blinks and i had to switch off and start again, it stops and blinks again. but i do not have this problem at early hour on late in the evening when the weather is cool
I was thinking it was prb.a wheel bearing,because i think it started after hitting a pot hole.But the noise is so weird, that im not sure. Just had 4 brand new tires put on to. The swishing sound comes more frequently at a lower speed
There are 2 vacuum line ports at the back of the motor one is replaceable and the other is steel stationery. Another is top side to the right of the efi cover