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I cleaned the interior of van using a lot of water then the problem immediately occured. Everything was working fine until this cleaning.
2008 hyundia Tucson V6
service 4 wheel drive light come on / switch lights go out / 4 wheel drive still seems to work / ok for a couple of weeks / does again , this time the switch looks ok .Serve station tests and nothimg shows up on analyses .
from 2006 on, to restore the interior courtesy light in the Crown Vic Police interceptor, you have to have the dealer reprogram via computer, removing the "Dark" mode. what is the going rate for a dealer to do this? If I just go to a dealer without this info, I won't know if they are overcharging me
my 08 grand prix stalls when I first start it up we have changed the mass air flow censor many times and it still is doing it would a bad o2 censor cause this problem it only stalls once and then restart it runs fine someone please help I am a mom of 2 and need my car
need to know what it could be
The driver side heater and defrost does not work but the pass. side works fine. has separate controls. the seat
heater works on the pass.side but not the drivers side.
Thanks Alex and Pushrod for previous response. An Exact answer to this last question will be Suffice. Thanks again
How much does it cost to fix one door
my DTS is stuck in 2nd gear. Limp mode doesn't allow to shift to next gears.
Limp mode is also killing the battery when the car is not running.
What are the cost repairs. Is the cost worth it?
Autozone could not tell me is this Sensor located on Driver side or Passenger. May you please clear this up for me. I don’t have the time, money, or energy left for anymore mistakes. Thanks again for your Prior response. Very helpful.
When exiting the vehicle and turning the ignition to the off position the car stays in accessory mode and the radio and internal lights will not turn off. The door must be opened and closed sometimes several times before everything will shut off
Driving a corolla n vsc off flashing with trac light on n check engine light, any answers to problem?
Lamp outage module is located where?
I wasted money replacing the Wrong Sensor I desperately need to Make Sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks