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Recently my car has been acting has been stalling out after its running for 5-20 minutes.then it wont start back up for 5- 10 minutes.fuel pump and filter replaced,iac valve check engine light is on.had ppl say it could be bad coil packs,crank position sensor and a maf sensor but its hard to say without a check engine light.this is the v6 3800 series 2 engine.

We tried to jump the car and place a new batter in the car. But, it did not help.

How much will this cost to get fixed?

It sounds like a door is open but there all shut

When driving the rear wheels lockup. A loud popping noise is heard. Rear wheels are then not spinning but being dragged. The problem occurred twice in 2016. The vehicle is parked not in use.

Changed O2 sensors per code, and changed all 6 spark plugs for intermittent fire.
Now it shows No codes ,rough idle till warmed up. Seems to run good after the first couple of minutes.

It will jump from 10 to 40 and back. When it rains it seems to work better. The car does not like hot weather and I live in Florida.

It happened that it was running, suddenly ac stops working, and all instruments and lights of dashboard, y tap on the db. And everything resume but when I parked the truck didn't starts I'm assuming that's it's a electric problem but I don't know what to do

Why is the fans on the radiator constantly turning on radio

I had a new catalytic converter put on & a couple weeks later its LOUD. Found he only put one bolt in to mount converter to engine. Need bolt size to buy to repair properly. Autozone has 6 "universal" kits. Don't know what to do.

When i would drive it over 40 the check engine light would flash

So my truck a 1993 Chevy k1500 4x4 manual 350 and what it's doing is that when I'm driving down the road and I want to excelerate it revs up but doesn't go any faster but after a couple of seconds it starts to slowly excelerate. It's also the same when I start in a dead stop I release the couch and it starts to move like normal but I try to excelerate more and it revs and takes a few moments to start to excelerate.

I get heat only when i turn on my air conditioner

On start up ac clutch engages then 5 seconds turns off and doesn't come back on. Checked all fuses and relays good. Freon is correct. Original compressor

Unable to close the trunk with the power button due to the wires being severed when closing the trunk manually.