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I have a 2005 Toyota Echo, I have a fluttering or hesitation in the engine when I accelerate, the check engine light comes on and the code says it’s a misfire on whatever cylinder, I’ve changed out the coil packs, installed new plugs, changed the mass air flow sensor and still the fluttering/hesitation remains. Before I changed the coil packs and the air flow sensor she would cut down on her idle so low she would shut off…. It’s gotten better since the new parts but the fluttering/hesitation is still there….. CAN ANYONE HELP????
Thanks Group!
my "SRS" light has been on for a while - is the system restraint {airbag} recall (original NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID 05V560000)
still valid?

Electrical System Fault
I am having some problems with my 2008 range . It started with the Tire Pressure warning light turning on. Then I would see a Tire Pressure Monitoring Fault while driving down the road and on the stereo I see something like Vehicle Fault: System is shutting down. Then the stereo and heat and Dashboard shut down. Then when I got back home and put the car in park, I got a Parking Break Fault message and the parking break light started blinking.

Any ides as to how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks for any help.

When car is turned off and parking light is blinking on dash, car will not start up. Parking light eventually shuts off and after car sits for a while it will start up normally with no dashboard warnings or anything. I have driven the car about 15 minutes before all the error messages mentioned

above come on in the ve
My digital speedometer will not show the speed. Everything else displays correctly on the screen
Is it common in the2003 acura tl water leaks behind front passenger seat
My Lexus RX 300 had knock sensor bank circuit 2 problem ,I changed the two sensors ,few weeks later ,the gear stopped selecting . I later serviced the gear filter and also changed the oil . Recently the gear started jerking . what could be the cause and what are the solutions .
This happens randomly but seems to get worse after it starts doing it. I had the transition serviced and that seemed to fix it for about a month. Now the problem is back. No codes show up for the transmission but there are codes for all four oxygen sensors that my mechanic says are all working fine. No leaks. No noise. Just of behavior. Only 112000 miles on the car. It's had all belts replaced, transmission serviced and a tune up.
Just started:
Engine revs without touching gas pedal / Engine revs repeatedly on its own during idle.
I need to open the gas door to get to the gas tank so I can put gas in the car.
What needs to be done to my car a 2004 mercury grand marquis LS at 145,000 mipes
the check engine light come on sometime and go back off the engine is running cool like 174%F i check for live data it show 174F the engine code is PO128.
Sometimes the engine turns over and sometimes it takes a few clicks.
antenna mast broken and now motor stopped working Cannot get cable out from motor. Have removed all brackets and have acess to motor, but cannot seem to figure out how to get motor released from shaft. Does the shaft have to be pulled out from the fender also.
I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis with exterior lights on the passenger doors. Over the years they have broken, I have done research into finding replacements but do not know what the part is called.
he truck fires and idles perfectly but when i step on the gas pedal nothing happens. throttle cable and throttle position sensor is good 1999 diesel 2500 2wd