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It will kick in once I'm on the road. I'm also hearing the blower making a louder noise. Blower issue?

At cold start rpm starts at 2000 rpm drops to 1000 rpm. A few minutes pass then rpms jump rapidly up and down between 2000 rpm and 1000 rpm over several minutes and then settles to 1000 rpm then runs/start as normal until next day cold start.

He told me the car wont start and that it needs a new $500 computer. He said he replaced the relays but didn't mention fuses. Help please!

I recently chamged out the c5ankshafy plate, did 20 stomp reset to clear the pc memory, changed plugs and wires, new oil chamged out, new anti lfreese put in after SSV removal & cleaning, still getting same codes and car will not accelerate like it has no power but revs over 2500 RPMs so I dont think its in limp mode...Can anyone help me out with possible fixes?

Drove into a puddle going between 20-25 mph, biggest mistake i did didnt see it coming. All the display lights lid up and the car began to stall from 45 mph to 30 then shut off. Ive replaced the radiator, ac condensor, wires and spark plugs. I tried to deflood the car using a technique from researching. Under tne hood, i took out the fuse to the fuel pump then try to start it but it wont crank or turn over. But when i put the fuse back in amd tried it, it turns over. Haven't tried the spark plug technique but will try it today.

The air conditioning makes it run even hotter, any ideas as to what can be causing this problem?

Changed spark plugs and wires, changed coolant temp sensor, changed fuel pump already. After it dies at idle it doesn't want to start again right away. Then once started again it sits at about 750 rpm revs up to about 1100 rpm and back down again. This is without AC running.

Was driving fine RPM dropped very low no matter how much pressure I pressed on gas car wanted to turn off at stops then catalytic converter and muffler got cherry red hot.

I have a 2009 maxda rx8 with a code 0 what does this code mean and what can i do about it

I have a 2009 mazda rx8 with a code p0207 what does this code mean and how can i fix the problem

It blew off while I was driving, pulled over, turned it off and it still started back up, towed it home and got a new clip and reconnected it now the car won't start, it still acts like it wants to start, I replaced the battery, and tried, still sounded the same but drains battery fast. Anyone know what's wrong?

Took car in for inspection keeps failing, misfire on cylinder 1,
I have changed ignition coils and wires,plugs but keeps failing

All new ignition coils, all new spark plugs, all new wires, a new battery and car wont start still. I dont think its the starter i hear it turning. Im assuming deflood? What other things could it be? How can i fix this i need it done asap.

This problem start over night, plus it's been taking 10 to 15 seconds to start in the past.

It rotates but won't start. It's been taking about 10 to 15 seconds to start up till now. It started this problem over night.

My radiator was replaced about 4 months ago, is it possible the radiator was at fault?

My RX8 is stalling on me. I have it at the dealer and they said I need to replace coils, spark plugs and clean out the carbon. My engine was replaced a few years ago and has only 10K miles on it. The dealer is wanting to charge me $1,500.00. This seems excessive. Can anyone give me an idea of what this should cost and the best place to bring my car to in Ft. Worth, TX? Thanks!!!

It acts like it isn't getting fuel. The low fuel light doesn't come on anymore could it be my fuel pump? The problem began all of a sudden after I parked it for 2 days.

I am thinking of buying mazda rx8 but engine light on stays on been told its because the alarm went off is this possible also takes about 6/10 seconds to get speed up mileage is 110000 am I being lied to