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Its highlighted under my climate control
I'm not hearing anything.
I took the fuse out under the steering wheel, and now they don't work at all. How do I fix my brake light?
The problem just happened yesterday when you put the key in it wont turn over. I've tried jiggle the steering wheel as i turned the key, also went and bought that spray nothing working do i need a new ignition
No power to radio can not find fuses for radio in either fuses box
The vehicle has NO check engine light on. I replaced purge valve and MAP sensor and gas cap. When inspected at emissions stations No register of EVAP, CAT, O2S at emissions station. I have completed the drive cycle as directed numerous times and have driven a total of 450 miles. There are no other codes registering when OBD II scanner is connected!! The vehicle has 107,000 miles on it. Should I get the 02sensor's replaced? Vehicle has no hesitation when taking off, it has no problems when starting, does not stall. The only thing is I see is I have noticed I use a little bit more fuel.
Bought a 2014 Kia Optima Hybrid last month and see major drop in mileage per gallon
It was blowing good while driving, not so good while stopped, now wont blow cold at all
My a.c. works great till outside temp is above 85 or so
on the dashboard the symbols show that the doors are open when starting the car. when accelarating the car makes a humming sound.
when pressing on the accelarator the kia makes a humming noise. and the lights for the doors are saying the doors are open.(dashboard)
Ac it cools then it gives warm air and so on
Try to up shift using shift paddle and nothing happens
Where the parking light is and the daytime lights are
Its a 04 kia optima 2.7 it has a slight tapping sound when it idles it acts like it wants to take off it jumps forward when im driving as i accelerate it skips also if i hit a small hump it sways bad from side toside i think that is rhe shock absorber
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