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Car won't start, lights come on,
Had to boost car to get it started in the morning. Then after work it started, died out at stop light restarted. Then at 2nd stop light died again when engine idle below 1000 rpm again. And never restarted. Tries to turn over but nothing. Oil is at low mark and battery is discharging. Any ideas?
ive noticed small blinking red light at the top of dashboard by windscreen. it wasn't there before. what is it for? should I be worried? its kia picanto 2013 but there is no choice for picanto on next page.
It is not my headlights but the 2 little ones next to them went out and I am trying to locate the fuse, can you tell me which one it could be that is located on the left of my steering wheel? I know where the fuse box is but don't know which one it is that is blowned.
Ok. I substitute a piece of metal on my aluminum gear- rod - to gear selector not sure if it's the metal that's sending power to the front lights that I attached to the rod end. Also the car sat in a three day storm but everything was sealed tight. After these two situations is when I noticed the lights coming off and on and no switch control. At first the ignition wouldn't turn off but it fixed itself so far. But lights come on by there selves and they are connected to the alarm witch first started this thing going. It we y off one time for nothing then this followed. Help please
Jump starting, no clicking noise
Window button is operating door locks not window.
I first noticed it within the first week of buying the car, as it was shifting up 1-3 gears, it was yanking, shifting really hard! I switched it into manual and it seemed to stop. Probably 3 weeks later it did it for the second time, shifting 1-3 gears going up, and back down. Both occasions I attributed it to not warming the car up before I took off. Now I’ve owned the car about 3 months, and it’s doing it much more frequently. Sometimes it’ll do it as soon as I take off, but then I get a few miles down the road and it stops. Other times it continues to do this. It literally feels like the transmission is being yanked out. I see that there is no way for me to check the transmission fluid. I’ve tried switching between the Eco being on and off, it seemed to help at first, but not so much anymore. No fluids are leaking, no noises, has anyone else experienced this problem? And what should I do? The 1st day it began, the check engine light also came on. Code read was very small emissionlk.
Horn and steering wheel button are not working.
I have new tires and the alignment is fine. Car drives nicely...just the roaring road noise type sound coming from the front of vehicle. It started out as a low end noise. It has escalated to a louder sound with the passage of time...last several months.
Nothing appears to be leaking...all fluid levels holding. And again vehicle is driving fine...Thanks!
My brake lights are on when I go out to go to work, and as I'm driving down the road the brake lights will come on and the car will begin to slow down as if I'm pressing the brake. It does it all the time and I'm not even touching the brake. We just replaced the battery and the little fuse contraption on the positive battery post. What could be causing this to happen?
The light just came on yesterday and remains on. All my fluids are good, oil good.
My car failed emissions because the battery died how many miles do I need to drive before I can have another emissions test done
So one day my ignition key will not turn no matter how much I'm the steering wheel or make sure it was all the way in park I wouldn't to close up to a curb so what I did was I was turning the key at and at the same time pushing up with my knee on the on my hand and the ignition pop and a little white thing fell out of the steering column and of course the car crank but now my dome lights don't turn on at all my airbag light turned on my door locks only work when the keys on That's goes for the trunk as well and my dash clock doesn't work anymore
I went to push the gas pedal to accelerate and my car went poof and died ...we put in a new battery and a new starter and it still wont start. We tried jump starting it and it wont start. Those lights are the ones on my dash after putting in new starter and battety.
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