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replaced battery and power asst. for the breaks quit working when I backed it down the drive. Is the power booster related to the battery being replaced?
So I have an electrical problem in my car. It's a 2000 Audi tt and It's frustrating because I've been trying to bring the car back to life ever since I got it the original owner did not take care of you. So my problem is I was trying to fix my dome light and when I unplugged the dome light I have the car running and it caused the short of some sort. Now my instrument cluster is resetting to factory date and time and the trip odometer is resetting back to zero. And then about a week after that my windows and trunk stop working(and still the dome light does not work). I'm wondering if anybody knows a solution to my problem because my wife and I I'm planning on taking this car to Tennessee for our one year anniversary in may but we can't without a working trunk and windows. Much appreciated in advance
light stays on most of the time but goes out occasionally usually in stop and go driving
My Audi 29th won't go into1st r 2nd gear. What might be the cause of you even know the answer cuz. U don't seem to understand my ossue
My car's engine light (with the lightning bolt) came on while I was driving it. I had noticed the car would sometime jerk at high speeds. It was like the engine shifting gears but I was doing 60 mph. Does anyone have any ideas? I live in Hawaii and they don't do free inspections here. I would have to pay 160.00 to have someone read the code. I also noticed that the oil was very low when I checked it.
So I bought an Audi TT recently and saw that the 2014 model has way better headlights and was wondering if I buy a pair if I could place them in my Audi TT 2009
oil light indicator flashed on
do not think coming from air otherwise running ok.quite a obvious noise.hissing. disappeared when apply brake
the first number went from 35 to 65 today??? no problems with performance...just bought car with 84000 miles on it
Dear community.

please help. I came to office this morning and wanted to go out for lunch and got into car. All is good! Electric is good. I put the key in however it just Didnt Crank. It wont turn over. When I turn the key to On, it make a light tik sound and nothing more. Fuel fine, Battery is green.

What do you think it could be?
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