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light stays on most of the time but goes out occasionally usually in stop and go driving
My Audi 29th won't go into1st r 2nd gear. What might be the cause of you even know the answer cuz. U don't seem to understand my ossue
My car's engine light (with the lightning bolt) came on while I was driving it. I had noticed the car would sometime jerk at high speeds. It was like the engine shifting gears but I was doing 60 mph. Does anyone have any ideas? I live in Hawaii and they don't do free inspections here. I would have to pay 160.00 to have someone read the code. I also noticed that the oil was very low when I checked it.
So I bought an Audi TT recently and saw that the 2014 model has way better headlights and was wondering if I buy a pair if I could place them in my Audi TT 2009
oil light indicator flashed on
do not think coming from air otherwise running ok.quite a obvious noise.hissing. disappeared when apply brake
the first number went from 35 to 65 today??? no problems with performance...just bought car with 84000 miles on it
Dear community.

please help. I came to office this morning and wanted to go out for lunch and got into car. All is good! Electric is good. I put the key in however it just Didnt Crank. It wont turn over. When I turn the key to On, it make a light tik sound and nothing more. Fuel fine, Battery is green.

What do you think it could be?
Dear helpers,

I need a help please.

When I drive, every single shake, hump and rough surface where car will shake, a metal sound like as if a thin light metal is hitting another metal and making a tin tin tin noise depending on how hard the surface. It is coming from the right back side of the car. If I will drive harder on a hump it will shake and make louder noise.

What do you think this could be? Thank you a lot
Car stalled once as well. needed a jumpstart. Battery and alternator tested fine. Car has started fine since then.
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