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Replaced clutch, master, and slave cylinders but no pressure at pedal. Everything has been bled out multiple times. Breaks are great. I drove it about 2 miles and the clutch worked great shifted smooth no issues. Got back in it to leave the pedal hit the floor, not the slightest pressure on the pedal.
Just wanting to know if it fits because i dont want to buy them and they dont fit or is there anything id have to buy to make em
Replaced starter
I checked the air cleaner, changed the spark plugs, installed a new TPS and IAC. There is no check engine light and it will stay on the high idle even while driving till warm. It happens all the time.
think it transmission or clutch .worse when warmed up ?
when the car is left for the longer period of time,it does not start suddenly so what could be possible problems?
After a distributor replacement that barely got me home, I ordered another, but checked to make sure all the connections were correct, and they are. The car starts, idles good for 10 seconds, and then sputters and dies. It must be getting spark and gas. My mechanic says to try the next distributor. Someone on this sight was told to check for a corroded ground connection on the drivers side of the cylinder head. Where and what is that exactly? Thanks,Tim Coulter
When turned off the motor runs on roughly spluttering,for up to 20 seconds. It has 190,000 miles but runs like a dream. I am in Australia.It is a 323K p/car 1990. My daughter loves it. Cheers
Yes, it's a "1989" Mazda 323. Your year selection only went to 1990.For the last year and a half,my car ran pretty good with a distributor marked D4R86-22 and B6B1 8Y03. I ordered an M-36 Richporter distributor from All Automotive that was to be a direct replacement. It didn't work, due to the usual subtle differences my mechanics and I have found in the past. Do I re-build my old one? My last 8 VIN #'s are K0387996.My computer # is B6K2. The original Mazda Part # is B6B1-18-200. The plaque on the firewall says Made in Japan and 8595B. The car was shipped to California. I bought her brand new. She still gets 30 M.P.G. and has 300K+ miles. I just can't dump her cuz of a distributor problem.Any advice. Parts people can't help. I need a Mazda expert mechanic. Thanx, Tim Coulter.
i have a madza 323 2litre dohc
can someone please tel me whats the problem i replaced the spark plugs and the plug wires on Saturday but still the problem is there. thanks
air flow sensor location
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