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Replaced Ac/Heater control panel and still nothing works.
Replaced my Ac clutch relay fuse and atill nothing works.
I need help in figuring out what might the problem be thanks!

Radio was working fine before battery change. Replaced several fuses. Passenger side seat sensor not working. Any ideas how to reset?

On inspection, I was told the flange gasket can go in 6 years and now I need that replaced and the converter.

what does it mean? car is off yet a rea car icon is flashing on the dash

the info screen keep switching itself over to the power management the car trying to tell me something? Also, it may be happening the whole time I am driving it, but I cannot hear it until I am stopped at a light........there is a "clucking" sound.............?

It is closed and I can not open it

i cant find the EGR vacuum solenoid on my vehicle . truck has a cold air intake that was put on from K&N did this replace the the vacuum solenoid ???

Broke the antenna off.

My A/C and heater will not create any air, it was working fin yesterday with no problems, i changed the fuse, Tried a new blower fan, and now trying to see if it needs a new blower switch, having problems taking the switch out.

When humidity is high, check engine light comes on, odometer stops working, ,1st gear revs high before shifting to 2nd gear. The check engine light always goes off before I can get the car in for service. Mechanic unable to run diagnostic test.

I have changed out bottom O2 sensors mass air flow sensor and throttle position sensor. It still almost stalls when accelerating more so going uphill now. What else could it be? Only had p0430 and 0420 codes on.

My car first started having problems about a month ago. When I started it up it would rev up to 2000 RPMs then when I put it in gear it wanted to stall also was overheating. So I replaced the coolant temp sensor & added coolant. Then I had to replace the radiator due to crack at top, replaced thermostat & coolant all at same time. Car seemed fine for about a week. The RPMs began running low in park and while idling, almost stalling. And when the car warmed up it would overheat. I took it to Autozone to get a code reading. It came back p0303 misfire #3. So I changed the spark plugs & wires. Car was good for a day then started sputtering while at low speeds, idling & parked. Still overheating too. I'm thinking about replacing the ignition coils next. Should I do that or could it be something else?

rpm go to 4-5 on hills, does not accelerate and then lurches forward

Car runs well but has sporadic issues with starting, getting worse since vehicle purchased 2 weeks back. Fuel pump replaced, tested and works through bypassing relay when no start. Relay clicks when tested during no start, ohms not tested, no check engine light. Fuel from fuel filter when relay bypassed pressure not tested, ether used to check ignition, car starts then stalls, after car sits for a period varying 2min -to hours car usually starts but sluggish acceleration for 30 seconds then runs well, only seems to have starting issue after short trip and intermittent. Plugs, timing belt, throttle body replaced/repaired by previous owner at approximately 147000 miles

cant locate starter

What is the average cost to replace the gas cap and a broken solanoid, including labor

This happens even when the car has been off for hours. Is this normal? and does this drain the battery? We just recently noticed this happening. thank you

My check engine light has been on for a while. Just last week I replaced the 3 coils, sparplugs and wires and also the air filter. I plugged in the code reader and it did not have any codes, but when I tried to remove the check engine light the code reader said it "failed." Any help will be greatly appreciated

timing belt ok. replaced dist cap and rotor

When the car is warmed up and gets going for a bit, the throttle pedal sticks or gets really stiff. When this happens, I will have to ride the break nearly the entire rest of the drive instead of actually using the throttle to move; it goes by itself. It will usually get up to about 2k-3k rpm and maintain around 2k. When attempting to stop the car with continue to trust itself. This happens worse after it rains and when the car is running for longer periods of time. The throttle body has been cleaned and I've also changed the spring that controls the throttle(not sure of the technical term, sorry). What could be causing this and has anyone successfully repaired it?

The car is showing VSC/ABS/4WD/Brake light on the dashboard and is performing normally but when d light goes off again it starts vibrating again. What do I do please ?

not sure how long overheating for. still stars but when started it some smoke came from tail pipe at frist but went away.

The car starts shaking when in idle While sitting at light I usually put it in neutral but it still shakes

Can the ABS on a '93 Camry cause the break pedal to fall even after the master cylinder, rear drum breaks wheel cylinders, break fluid drained, & bled?

i cannot find the starter on my toyota tercel 1996

timing belt ok. new distributor cap. no spark.

Was running fine the won't start it's getting gas. I'll check this morning for spark if no spark what should I do? I've replaced timing chain, water pump and key switch about a year ago.

Battery is good but car won't turn. Turn key on and check engine light doesn't come on.

My battery recently died so it reset the computer in my car. I was told I need to complete a drive cycle for my car so that I can pass the emissions test. Each car is unique in the drive cycle and how to do it. Does anyone know how to complete one for a 2001 Toyota Prius?

Car hand brake light is always on