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It's for an emissions test
happened twice first time car would not start, jumped then turned off restarted and horn honking flashing going
When I put my key in the ignition of my 95 Toyota Avalon XL sometimes it will start and sometimes it won't the lights are on on the panel what is this cost from
When slowing down 10-15 mph, or when turning a corner. Buzzer like ringing phone will repeat two or three times in rapid succession, but may not happen again for a few days. No warning light comes on but very disturbing. Did not have cell phone in car at the time so definitely not the phone, but sounded like it
I noticed couple days ago while i was driving my car, when i would go and turn it would feel more like my car is sliding more than actually turning. Finally i parked my car on a flat surface and look at my car from behind and noticed that my drivers side door is leaning lower than the other. The only new thing that has been added to my car recently aremy subwoofers. I dont understand how my sunwoofer could create the probelm bc it is in the middle of my trunk not leaning to the left or the right. Whats wrong with my car?
I have a 1991 Toyota MR2 that I wrecked in rain due to bad tires. Repaired front end but after putting together the vehicle won’t crank or starter won’t click. All lights work, wipers work, windows work, heater and all interior works. Ext. what do I need to check? Or how to diagnose. I switched out the starter relay, replaced efi relay. Only noises I get is when the key is in the on posioon looking st the battery just down and to the right there is a a box of some sort that buzzes
The remote key fob will unlock doors, but not lock them. The same is true with the door armrest switches: they will unlock the doors, but not lock. All other functions on car are normal. I am told I have a faulty Junction Block, OEM part #: 82730-48F22. I'm pretty handy if I could get some guidance in removing and replacing. Also wonder if the car computer will need reprogramming before it will run. Thanks!
Can't find where this tube to valve cover starts at!
wner said leaking valve cover gasket. checked it out and is leaking pretty good from hose that connects to back left (?)top or possibly top side of valve cover; not gasket.

My radio for past two to three years has been periodically turning it's self off, but now it's even started to turn channels by it's self. It will change to different station then sometimes go back to original station or to a different one or I will need to change it back. I thought maybe it was due to over heating as at times my radio gets very hot when vehicle running so long but it happened when I had just started vehicle for the day.
When I take off the first gear won't catch right away but all other gears work just fine what could it be?
I m hearing that I shouldn't even mess with it and it's a waste time and money
I have replaced spark plugs and wires and still get the P0300 and P0171 codes. I checked the compression on all cylinders and they all read around the 210 range. CEL is on always and sometimes it blinks. What should I check next?
The door would stick or not open all tge way then one day the wire snapped on the outside of the car under the 3rd row seat window and now it wont open at all?
When truck is cold and I turn it on, it starts making a loud vacuum sound for about 15 seconds. The sound does go away. I also have difficulty accelerating when driving. Recently, the check engine light came on and I took it to have codes read. Turns out, it is the secondary air injection system. Trying to decide if it will cost me more to repair versus getting a new vehicle. No other problems with truck. 190,000 miles.
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