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Fuse checked OK
The brake pedal is very stiff. When I press it nothing happens until I stand on it then it will grab all at once. Now the steering wheel and ignition are locked. Any help please?
. my camry needed a new battery. It ran perfect earlier. the existing battery was 5 years old. if after installing the new one it now stalls. It will stay running if I rev it up. please advise.
Blinkers not working, when I put fuse in it fail.
Transmission was shifting fine before I've rebuild the motor. before installing it I've changed the filter and the old filter was clean .3 & 4 shifts at 3500 only after releasing the gas. I've already had it flushed. Motor just died once oil was low so Ive topped it off
Turned odometer display all the way up and it still happens. Turn off headlights or daytime running lights, they go back on.
Oil was put in my radiator by mistake & I can’t seem to
Get it out & I flushed it
I have checked the fuses for these parts. Still good. 2004 Toyota 4 runner
shifts funny in higher gears shakes at idol , pick slow
sould someone be messing with my gas tank , possible vandalism maybe
During acceleration surging & loss of power now only able to get 20mph. replaced fuel filter and pump, spark plugs and wires and boots, upstream 02sensor
Every time I drive it gets slower now won't go over 20mph.
Car won't start due to key oroblem
Makes clicking sound when switch is engaged.
I have a 92 Toyota 4 X4 pickup truck V6 3.0 EFI engine just replace the engine wire harness the check engine light came on and I have no power it starts up and runs fine but when in gear has no power check all vacuum hoses can't find anything wrong help please
Usually headlughts will turn on after the car is warmed up (10-15 minutes). Sometimes they won’t come on at all
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