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Power more noticeable going up hill. It's been idling rough before noticeable power loss. Also dimming lights when using window switches.
2001 Toyota Camry LE V6-3.0 motor the car was made in Japan ( do you have to remove the valve covers to replace the camshaft seals ) also I know that they sell a kit that you can buy that has the crankshaft seal,new water pump,new timing belt etc.and new camshaft seals in the kit what would be a good kit to buy like a OEM type kit and from who and also how much should it cost for the kit and also how much to install the kit and how many hrs. does it take for this type of job P.S. I was told that I had a leak from the camshaft seal & the car has 150000 miles on it thank you
Smells like burnt plastic when towing
The temperature gauge is not getting hot but both the intake tube and out take tube are sucking in and I hear a gurgling noise when I turn the car off
The car ran like a champ yesterday, but the battery went dead overnight. It is probably at least 4 years old. I jumped it off, and it started, but the engine idled weird...weak and then strong alternately...and then died, and the battery was dead again. I've had the alternator replaced several times over the life of the car. Once the alternator was electrically unsound and was pulling power, but I had that repaired. If it is the alternator, that would be OK. I'm just worried about the engine. It hasn't had a tune-up in a while. It blew the head gasket a few years ago, but I replaced that. It sounds a little rough like it could use a block seal, but then, it could also use a tune-up. Engine aside, is it possible that it idled scary like that and died just because of a stone-dead battery or faulty alternator?
I have a 2007 FJ Cruiser approaching 150k miles. In the past 2 years I have had to replace the alternator twice. What could be the cause of that? I have also replaced the battery twice in those 2 years.
my battery is being drained. I disconnected the positive side and attached a test light and removed the fuses one at a time the ligt remained on but when i removed the ECU-B fuse the light went out. my question is, what circuts does this effect and could this be the problem?? (help).
also the the of transmission oil?
car bounces over rough roads
Fuel Pressure good, air intake module good, fuel pump new, intake housing good.
After the car shifts into overdrive and cruising the transmission automatically downshifts to 2nd gear
I didn't have any problems until I detailed the interior of my vehicle but then the airbag light stays on on the drivers side. Is there a fuse that might have blown? Or what could it be?
I loaded some golf clubs in the rear of my Toyota Highlander, then pushed the button to close the deck lid, which appeared to close. When I started to drive off a warning engaged telling me the deck lid wasn't closed. I stopped to check it and the deck lid appeared to be closed, but I opened it and closed it again. I started to drive off again and for a second time the warning engaged and I decided that I had a bad sensor - the warning eventually stopped. However, the next time I stopped and tried to open the deck lid, it would only open about half way, and it has stayed that way. I had to force it open once, but after closing and attempting to open the deck lid again, it returned to the half open position. I'm wondering if there is some adjustment.
It runs great for days and then it will stall out and i have to wait for it to restart again and sometimes I have to have it towed. I have changed the distributor and sensors. I have had several mechanics work on it and none have been able to figure it out. I have disconnected the alarm and the remote start but nothing has helped.
I had to have the car jumped after a. Licking noise and no power. Then the power steering went out and came back
Was running fine-parked at work, got in it to go home & nothing. Battery checks good (tried 2), alternator & starter check good. Will not click, make noise or anything. Turn the key & nothing. Lights, buzzers, bells all working fine. Any ideas? Relay or something maybe?!?
No battery lock out
I replaced the right wheel axle and hub assembly and now the ABS stays on and the cruse control will not work. Can it be the wheel sensor?
VSC and egine check light illuminating
Rebuilt engine but vacuum hoses where disconnected, and engine cuts out after engine reaches full running temperature.
Air blows fine out of both side vents (near windows) but center vents come and go. I can hear a "flap" change positions when it stops blowing. Was told it was a servo motor but when Toyota dealership had to replace the dash due to recall and I asked them to check and they stated they couldn't find anything.

I can get the air to change from top to bottom to defrost but the center doesn't always blow when it should.

I have already replaced the knob panel.

Any help would be appreciated.
My speedometer stopped working and get error code p0500. I replaced vss 245 after the code and still have same error code and my speedometer still doesn't work. What now? Please and thank you!
In the morning and while accelerating. the smoke engulfs the entire vehicle.
Turns on but only static
My blower motor ceased to function overnight, no noise beforehand, I've bench tested and blower motor appears to be ok. I checked voltage at the plug, and it's very low about 1 volt or a little more. Could the problem be at the resistor? fuses appear to be ok.
My 2012 Toyota corolla automatic transmission has problem while shifting from 3rd to 4th gear. RPM rises and jerks while continuously pressing the accelerator but if I release the accelerator gear shift smoothly.
I want to know if is there a connection to charge the hybrid battery on a prius Toyota 2002 if so where can I get one
Vsc trac lights on 4wd not working sulfur smell
Have 68,000 on the car, has been getting 21 city and 29 hwy since it was new, this problem started about two weeks ago, no loss of performance noted, my local mechanic thinks spark plugs. What else should we check that would cause this problem?
I took my car to the dealer several time to fix the check tire pressure light, which keeps coming on the dashboard.
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