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numbers come on but no sound on radio or CD player.worked fine yesterday??
Each time I am driving the car, some smell of petrol fills the car at intervals
The airbag on light doesn’t come on with someone in the seat. The shop tested the air bag and said it showed it was working. They thought it was the seat belt buckle. Is it connected to the air bag sensor?
just wondering at what odometer reading is it best to change the timing chain on 2013 tacoma, 6 cylinder engine
car runs VG-Grandma did not drive much and basically city driving-short drives
It happens when I take off or have to pull out on the highway I have no power
When a step on the gas it make a louder then usually acceration noise
2015 Toyota Venza the display screen for the backup camera doesn’t work- everything else is working.
I am trying this so I can put on the seat covers easier as for it is nearly impossible with the strips you have to tie underneath the seat, as I cannot fit my hand underneath to tie the strips together.
It cranks but won't start. A few days ago it started on the first try. Now it won't start.
Would like to check the electrical terminals at the heater grid. How do I remove the side panel(s) next to the rear window to access the terminals? Also would like to test the relay. How do you access the defogger relay on the "topside" of the interior fuse block (remove the dash?) I can only see the bottom of the fuse block from under the dash.

Truck shuts off when put in gear
Just happened. Truck ran fine the night before went to leave for work the next day and the problem started.
At about 1500 RPMs is stutters and I can't figure it out high RPMs it's fine but about middle of the bout 1500 just stutters and when I drive it down the road and get about 1500 RPMs it just Falls flat buu
Speedometer stays at 0mph when driving on the highway. Red break light also comes on. The car seems to be okay when we first start driving and when we’re driving in town. It’s Not tracking the mileage either and possibly the gas bars.
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