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When you lower window there is no issue but when you raise the window, the window will stop after a few minutes it will raise a couple of inches and stop again. This will happen a few times until the window closes completely. If you help the window while holding the up switch the window will raise all the way. Window motor or bad circuit breaker??? The motor runs, Can the circuit breaker be replaced or bypassed.
The pre-collision system error doesn't allow me to use the cruise control as well if that helps you as well.
The AC stopped cooling and i took it mechanic to fill up the froen. The next day while on idle, i heard a loud noise from the engine and freon coming out m. I quickly turn off the Engine. Whst could be the tge problem? Pls help
How do you change the cv axle on a 2001 Toyota celica? Do you have to start on a particular side or can you start on whatever side? A link to a video in Spanish or specific detailed instructions would be appreciated,even more so in Spanish.
Drive distance is about 25 miles. There's no problem while driving up to 35 mph. Periodically, vehicle hesitates in its acceleration above 40 mph. Slip light indicator will light up for a few minutes during the period of non-acceleration. After light goes out, the vehicle will accelerates to the required speed. However, when foot is off accelerator and tries to reengage the speed, the vehicle coast (decelerates) and slip light indicator lights up again.
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
William G
I have a 1993 toyota pick up 22re. Truck starts up, runs for about 20 mins then it'll start to lose power like your running out of gas. Then when I try to start it back up it won't start. I'll wait about a half an hour and try to start it up and it starts up fine and runs for another 10- 15 mins till she does the same thing. I've changed my o2 sensors (upper and lower stream, changed out MAF sensor, spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Would it be TPS, FUEL FILTER? I'm
pretty sure its Not the fuel pump
sometimes fuel comes out from exhaust.
I was driving work it started running hot on gauge went down then back to red hot what could it be I replace my radiator prior to it 2 weeks ago
Some times while the car engine is on the time will change, but pushing in the hour and minute buttons does nothing, I put a new fuse in one place behind the clock..this has to be a simple problem. Car is like brand new. Also the temperature gauge does not light up.
At a low speed my Camrys steering wheel loosens up and it pulls to the left. It tightens back up and no longer pulls when I gain soeed
How to program the automatic door lock & unlock when car is shifted from park to in gear & back to park? on 2018 Toyota Camry xse
Just wanted to know if a 2” cat converter will work.....

Battery is good and replaced alternator. Lights are staying on but switch if off. When lights are turned on truck stalls when I stop.
Starts but backfires when giving gas and has lost all power and when it over heats after driving for a min cause it needs new radiator it is very hard to get started again
I have not driven my car in over 4 months. It was parked for that period. It is a Toyota corolla 2016 model
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