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2003 Saturn L200 check engine light keeps coming on. Fuel pump replaced twice and fuel tank sensor replaced. Light still came on. Smoke test had been done a time or 2. Could it be just the gas cap needing replacement
The mechanic also said the fuel fill neck might be rusted out causing the check engine light to come on.
Leaking at factory seam
No theft system light comes on either. But dash lights, radio, headlights all come on. No nosie is made at all. Car starts after taking a wire and touching the starter to thw positive battery cable. Help please!!!!
I have an 03 l200 and the drivers low beam dose not work.there is a new bulb in it and everything.fuses and relays are good don't know what eles could be wrong
Theres no noise i just saw a spot whrn i came home and i checknit out and it was oil base
Car is parked no keys in it and my headlights come on after dark every night and I wake up my battery is dead every morning
My saturn L200 smells like has all the time I have changed the injectors what else could it be please help
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When driving
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
The top brake light works fine but the bottom lights don't work
the fuel has probably varnished and won't start or run properly
My key is worn and is making it difficult to start car
When try to restart does this everytime. It done this speraticly for bout a mth or so then stopped for 3mths or so now continuesly does this
I have a power steering leak
It cut off sometimes going down the street and I can't get it back started.It would get no power when I turned the key at all.Sometimes even killing the battery trying to start it.
Checked all fuses,charged batt. Am going to do crankshaft position sesor next,I guess
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