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I've check d d fuse. Fuse it good replaced any way still not him

The engine also sounds louder than usual and the gas mileage is not good at all. And it hesitates almost every time that I take off or step on the gas while I'm driving. it's usually at around 55 miles an hour when I let up off the gas a little bit or give it more gas

and runs until it randomly does it again , now I put new oem distributer in and now still no spark , where di I check next , I know auto electic pretty good , I was going to check grounds and plug connections ,, any suggestions

Everytime I try to set my curse control

Mpv 2002 temp gage went to full hot, after sitting a few to get home, it went to full hot, tcs off light came on, od light started flashing. Right before I got home transmission changing gears roughly and pounding into gear at driveway, clicking from the valves and engine oil light came on checked oil and dipstick showed van was not out of oil

I have gotten my fuse box checked.

I checked what i belive to be the stick for for the transmission fluid. It looks brown . Not red. The van feels like the gears are slipping.

The drivers side, right, vent blows cold but the left side blows lukewarm and the floor vent is cold.

I have tried NGK but doesnt seem to work well.

This problem started when fuel got finnished and the car started jerking

Starting fluid will make it fire. Acts like no fuel, great fuel pressure. Perplexed. Don't have any codes as am in rural Alaska

The distribuitor is new end cranshaft. Sensor

I was driving not even 10 minutes up the road to get some ice cream(pregnant cravings), it's late, midnight almost. & I've had this van for about 2 1/2 months. But don't drive it often. Just to doctors appointments. this is the first time anything like this had happened. We was driving & immediately not even three houses down from our house we hear this ticking sound. I just turned on the heater, & we know nothing about cars so I thought maybe that's what it was being I haven't used the heater at all. Well anyways, I finally get on the main strip, almost to my destination & my oil light pops on & my car immediately dies. Doesn't sputter or anything. Just dies. My husband starts it back up, & we decide to head to Walmart to get oil (obviously) & right before we made it there it dies out again & this time won't even start back up. The lights won't even come on. At this point I'm freaking out. It's late & I'm in a town I just moved too & don't even know who to call. This nice man tried to help us out, by jumping it & was gonna follow us home if we could start it. But it wouldn't even start. The lights came in while the power source was connected but wouldn't start. But once you disconnect it goes out again. He had some oil in his car the 5 quart tub. We put half of it in there & just let it sit over night. I'm about to go back up there & see if it will do anything. What could this possibly be? Does it maybe have a sensor? Thank you in advance, we know absolutely nothing about cars!

The pan/filter is not full of chewed up metal particles. The fluid does not smell burned. The up-shifting seemed to be delayed (high revs). Then one day, instead of shifting to third, it "popped" loudly. Now it is either in park or neutral (no forward gears, no reverse)

I was rear ended a few weeks ago and had to replace all hoses, radiator, thermostat. All of a sudden the radio was fuzzy and just shut off. There is no power to the radio and now the ac button doesn't work either. I checked fuses and it isn't that. Not sure anything is even related to the accident at all but that's what happened. I'm not sure what else it could be aside from a blown fuse.

what needs to be done.

Had all plugs and coil packs replaced 5 years ago. Noticed brown fluid in area and on plugs in front of engine. I had to pay $900 last time I worked on these because I let an auto service do the back three plugs. Problem back than still wasn't fixed by them. I replaced one coil pack on front after I got it back and it ran great.

Rear and drivers side are severely worn

Loud knocking noise when driving

Had compressor replaced 4 times. Entire system once, other issues occur every summer with MVP.
Also have 2009 Mazda5, bought new from dealer, that needs compressor replaced.
Dealership repairman says it's due to hot Florida weather & constantly using A/C- fine, for 2002 MVP which is my Florida car, but the 2009 is an upstate NY car.
Any help will be appreciated.

my van is giving me this code PO305

I hit the breaks hard was driving it act like it was out of gas I brought it home it wouldst rev over 2300 rpm then it would shut down now its sluggish and back fire and blows black smoke when up drive it comes and goes

Is there a 2nd port? Or a damper? Help!

problem with my van trying to run HOT - replaced water pump and thermo and flushed rad - no problem until last Sunday here in LA 105 car starting to run hot again can you help

After changing battery and the blown main fuse, mpv 's anti lock signal blinking 16 times.

Bought the car at auction, it was a repossession. Only came with 1 key