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Battery lights standing on and temperture gauge is stay on cool Not moving
Was running just fine wanna get hot doesn't start tries to for 1 or 2 seconds in dies
My van stalled and acted like it didn’t have enough power to start again now it will start but cuts out when it’s put in to gear
Will a US oil pan work on the same 2001 MPV that is in Japan? I am overseas and oil pan needs to be replaced but it is 4 times more expensive in Japan, will a US oil pan fit properly?
Ok for my own I was on myway going and I rundown of petrol so I call someone to buy it for me and when he comes I put the petrol and that was the time the problem has started so I change the petrol pump but now it is doing hard start so I don’t know what is wrong
Shakings at stop and sluggish take off when up hill
Can't get the relay out tried with pliers and still can't get it out do i need a tool to release it
I've check d d fuse. Fuse it good replaced any way still not him
The engine also sounds louder than usual and the gas mileage is not good at all. And it hesitates almost every time that I take off or step on the gas while I'm driving. it's usually at around 55 miles an hour when I let up off the gas a little bit or give it more gas
and runs until it randomly does it again , now I put new oem distributer in and now still no spark , where di I check next , I know auto electic pretty good , I was going to check grounds and plug connections ,, any suggestions
Everytime I try to set my curse control
Mpv 2002 temp gage went to full hot, after sitting a few to get home, it went to full hot, tcs off light came on, od light started flashing. Right before I got home transmission changing gears roughly and pounding into gear at driveway, clicking from the valves and engine oil light came on checked oil and dipstick showed van was not out of oil
I have gotten my fuse box checked.
I checked what i belive to be the stick for for the transmission fluid. It looks brown . Not red. The van feels like the gears are slipping.
The drivers side, right, vent blows cold but the left side blows lukewarm and the floor vent is cold.
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