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The vehicle runs great for 20 minutes then stalls out and won't start up again for hours
I start engine in the morning the engine runs beautiful temperature outside 75 when is 95 temperature Engine runs rough no pick up idling is terrible can you help me out ?
When the temp outside is moderate cold, the heater works fine. When the outside temp get to about 30°f and lower, it blows cold air. Water levels are good, hoses are good
AC comes on and blows air in front, but just not cold air. rear AC does blow cold air. Already changed the filter in the front so its not plugged.
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
latch gate won't open
I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It just turns off by itself after two hours exactly. And I can turn it back on immediately. I use my truck for work, which sometimes means sitting in it idling for hours. So at night when it shuts off and all the lights come on it is annoying. I assume it's some kind of safety feature or gas saver. But I'd like to know if it can be turned off or adjusted for different links of time for when it shuts off.
I just change the Disc +the Brakes at the front
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