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Jumping of parts under Neath the hood can cause power steering hose or line pipe problems. What else.
Flashed like 5 or 6 times while driving 70mph. Pulled over and checked oil levels were fine. Van started and drove home fine after I pulled over to check oil. Oil light hasn't flickered again. Had my oil changed at jiffy lube day before and no problems were indicated.
barometer and oh damn no intermittent front wipers and speedometer and odometer do not work and overdrive light flashes
Put in a used transmission, it was working just fine for several hours and then all of a sudden it would not go anymore, like it was is neutral. I turn it off and turn it back on and it will go into gear move about two to three feet and then nothing. There were no noises or anything out of ordinary that happen. I just turned in a parking lot and it did not want to move anymore. Check fluids and they are all still good
Every 3 days I have to refill the steering wheel fluid. I'm not sure if it's a leak in a hose or what. Can someone help me? And how much does it cost around an estimate?
I step on gas but it hesitates to move almost like it wants to stale out, it movies slowly up to speed, it shakes/ skips, & it's got a metal on metal grinding/ winding sound from the pulleys.
my car will not start when i try to i just here one click. all lights seem to be working and the car appears to have power.
O/D light flashes. Starts looping around 60 mph. Put 2 rebuilt transmission in. Replaced some sensors. Replaced the PCM. Still does same thing
my Windstar looks like the PCM is bad, I did test the wiring and pins on the PCM according to my alldata and found open circuit at the PCM between pin 6 -- to 71,24,25,51,76,77,91and103
This test was for the TSS turbine/transmission speed sensor test at the PCM which other pinpoint tests were good. I had rebuild the transmission and it never shifted then put in another from the junkyard and did the same. Do you think I need the PCM? I have no stores or active codes. I tried looking but I didn't see any burn marks on the PCM board. Please if you can help me out I will appreciate it. Thanks
Bought the van about a week ago.driving home check engine light came on.
I'm asking for my son in California -
Thr Anti theft on my Ford Windstar is stuck and the car will not start as a result.
This just happened last night. It has been running fine up until then.
Do I need to replace the water pump if the water don't stay on the reservoir
I just got my van and need to put oil in it and would like to know how many qaurts does it take
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