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when you start it, it will be shaking and later it will stop but can not move.
I think transmission fluid or power steering fluid comes out of it.
van wouldnt start, replaced battery. replaced alternator twice. first one was rebuilt, 2nd brand new. it started. but cannot run AC , heater etc. drains battery. then van wont start with out a jump. battery light only comes on when AC is turned on.
Was running done than started running a little rough and lost power. Ran for about ten minutes than died. Engine won't turn over. Just get a click. New battery and alternator.
the needles marking the tachometer, speed, gas and temperature goes crazy spinning and i already have the one marking the tachometer dead.
Bought a 2002 Ford Windstar and the steering wheel spins around 360. The guy I bought it from said he heard a thud and then the steering wheel started spinning all the way around. I see that the intermediate shaft is broken. Would that be the only issue I need to fix?
At least 2 a day anytime any where. No warnings of anykind
just nothing works when you turn the key on.
Quisiera saber hasta qué punto las piezas me son compatibles en la Ford Windstar lx 2002 y la Ford Windstar 2000... Gracias
the fluid was being thrown around after landing on the belt, it's causing the alternator to 'short out' making me think the alternator was going out at first.
My van is a POS but I'm willing to make minor fixes. I think I need a new egr valve(I'll use a different post for that). But the last couple days I found my radio doors n windows work after hrs of being home. Key in off position and out of vehicle. I'm assuming something shorted out, fuse maybe but have no idea. Also key point- the system that keeps van on for the 10 min after u turn key off hasn't worked in a year. I have bad rear hatch sensors so when I turn key off it automatically shuts down- well it use to. Drained battery once not realizing the radio was playing for a couple days and not being started.
low battery sensor go on and off
Ive replaced Egr valve and IAC valve and downstream o2 sensors and problem remains
Has a tapping noise under the van when you mash on the celebrato. When you step on the gas
dash panel lights flashing off and on
Changed plugs and wires now even worse and a knocking noise and engine light still flashing when try to accelerate runs fine in park found out intake manifold leaking changing gaskets now but intake full of black sludge and plenum smells of gas still checking her out but noticed the intake manifold control module is missing the linkage rods???? Can I get just the rods replaced instead of the 200 dollar module?? And can I reuse the isolator bolts on the intake??? Or should I buy new bolts??? the axle recall is over and cannot b replaced now really scared and van occasionally dies doing 60 mph on highway no nothing not even headlights but comes back on in a couple seconds I call it the nightmare that Ford created but won't take fault for this vehicle should never of been allowed to b sold to me should of been torched and crushed but it's my only vehicle and can't afford to replace it but I don't think it's worth my life or my child's Thanx ford for fucking us just glad mine hasn't caught on fire yet ridiculous u should b ashamed worst vehicle I ever owned
Looking to switch smashed driver door
v an has 14 codesinthe pcmc1155cf wss circuit c1233 cf wss signal missing c1185 abs power relay output circuit failure c1198 left front c1194 left front c1254 right rear c1246 right rear
Had it checked today and they told me that it would cost between $188-2000 Is that correct. Hesitates in second gear then is all right.
Bought van used steering colum was tampered with no horn hard to shift. Was driving last night went to park had to reajust. Couldn't put it into reverse so had to put in nutral ...tried to put it into drive wouldn't go ...put it into Overdrive...can't put it into Park....therfore can't start it..
I cleaned 3 ground cables with no luck
Battery has full charge. With key in the on position all gauges work, radio works, windows work. When you turn the key to try and start it everything turns off and nothing happens. It does not even try to turn over. No clicking just silent. When you release the key and it goes back to the on position everything turns back on. The information panel on the dash states a fuel computer data error and a charging system data error. I do not know where to start looking. Any help would be appreciated.
2003 Ford Windsatr Van stalls periodically while stopped and restarts after key turned off and then on, (120.000 miles). Also when coasting while turning corners
Happens most/loudest when at idle under load when a/c is running. Up above idle, sound goes away. Relatively high frequency, pretty sure not rod knock, it's too fast for that. Alternator is 2 weeks old, idler pulley approx 6 months. Been in engine compartment, and under vehicle, but its one of those sounds that I just can't seem to pin down an exact location for. Seems to run fine, plenty of power, not missing, gauges all normal range. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
i put a used instrument cluster in and van wont start
i asked the other day..when i turned my car off at the gas station..when i turned it back on ..i couldn't get it out of park..had no brake lights or turn signals..chcked the bulbs they were i have no dash lights, the radio stopped working, the windows wont go down. My son and son in law changed out all the fuses today inside and out and they still don't work. They also took it to auto zone and had a test run on it and all the came up was a fuel gauge sensor..which to me makes absolutely no sense but what do i know..this is way beyond anything i can afford i think and no one seems to know..thanks
Just feels like you're in nuetrel
Arrow going crazy RPM move to fast
When started.B2296
Just started when I got gas the other night when I started the van it started fine but I couldn't get it out of park and I had no brake lights or turn signals..changed out the fuses but today same thing happened. When I was trying to change fuses again..Everytime I try to replace sparks and blows the fuse out.

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