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This is a prestigious award in the automotive industry, awarded to those who show not only excellence in their field, but also exhibit a dedication to supporting diversity in the industry.

Does it seem like you’re always taking your car in for repairs? Learn how a pre-purchase vehicle inspection can uncover hidden car damage.

Anti-lock brake systems, or "ABS" for short, are used to make traveling in your car safe and reliable. When you're on a treacherous roadway, you might need to slam on your brakes...

Over 30 RepairPal Certified shops are participating in the nationwide effort to help find a cure for breast cancer. Find one near you today!

Engine braking, or downshifting, is when a driver uses the engine to slow the vehicle down instead of applying the mechanical brakes.

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Dash, the leading open connected car platform. By integrating RepairPal into Dash, drivers can quickly diagnose their vehicle’s ‘Check Engine Light’ code and...

As the weather begins to cool down, our thoughts turn to football, bonfires, and all things pumpkin spice. You may also think of the fall foliage that's either here or on its way!

It’s a tough time to be a repair shop owner in Houston, southern Florida, or any of the other areas hit by natural disasters. From the Southern states affected by hurricanes and flooding, to the Pacific Northwest...

Your automatic transmission, with the exception of your engine, is one of the most important components of your vehicle. It allows you to shift up to higher speeds and shift down to lower speeds without having to mess with a clutch pedal and a gear shift.

If you rely on your own car or truck for transportation, the cost of repair and maintenance is a familiar dread. To understand which parts of the country have the most budget-breaking costs of repair, we analyzed average repair costs over the past 12 months as compared to median household incomes in 2015.