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Normally I would say blend door actuator failed but there is no clicking sound or anything I can hear. It is a constant problem.
same problem. i used my car in the morning, parked overnight. the next day, it was not nothing. totally dead battery. never left anything ON when stepping out my car. I noticed my AC o&/or heater not working. trying to hit PUSH but no lights ON. I bought it recently from the dealer
Dead battery problem 2007 Dodge Caliber after sitting a few days. Shut down daytime driving lights.?
when heat or air turns on there is a clicking noise as well as when the car is shutting down
It starts to smell in my car.
When speeding up between 30 and 40 and 40 and 50 it lurches, but doesn't stall, yet.
When I push the clutch in to shift, it makes a squeaking sound like a spring. This just started. Car has 72K miles on it. It isn't easy to shift, as in doesn't slip into slot easily like my brother's manual Corolla. It's the clutch about to go?
engine starts no throttle response replaced throttle body and accel sensor still does not read
when I park my car overnight something is draining my battery
my car is squeaking in the rear how much will it cost me to get it fix?
Battery checks fine, has a full tank of gas, starter hasn't made any nouce & cranks over smooth. It won't quite finish stating. A few times it almost started, but stalled immediately. Checked all fuses they look fine. Pull fuel line out of engine, cranked over it didn't draw any fuel. No leaks. Engine has been making noice when it'running up to speed but not when just idling. Faster you go the louder it seems. Had a mechanic check it when it started he said it was transmission but everything is shifting fine. It is due for transmission flush. Has over 100,000 miles on it and started fine every day until it wouldn't. Seem to drive normally just making that strange noise once your out on the road
All window switches work except for the front passenger one & I can’t get the window to go up
The hose on the right side of the radiator cap came off. It didn’t have a clamp on it. Was wondering how to get it to stay on there or do I need to buy a new one? Not sure how they have them held on there.
So I drove to work one morning everything was fine. Went to start it up to leave and no go. The dash board lights come on, radio, headlights and horn all that works. No turning sound or start up noises when i then the key and the battery light is on the dash.
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