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I have a couple jumps and since I've needed some myself. Now it's Everytime i try to start it that i need a jump.

The transmission acted up yesterday and now it's leaking gas up front. It will not start and smells like its flooded

No problems over last 4 years. Battery is 3 years old. Last night turned key and nothing. Battery is 12v all electrical components check out 100%. 74xxx when I bought it, now has 135xxx. Starter? Ignition switch? Spark plugs?

Lost power on road so put pedal sensor whole gas pedal not fix then throttle cable box still not fix. Pushed gas pedal to floor slowly disconnect cable to battery don't know what else to do.

The auto parts. Store run a diagnostic test and it was the voltage regulator and I needed a new alternate. Does this make sense to you?

I replaced the runner control cleaned manifold and lubricated, now I got the engine on again for a code P2004. is there other possibilities that could have a code of P2004

It wasn't doing all that before I got the oil change now its saying i need new spark plugs

turn key on try to start but nothing lightning bolt is on radio and lights work try to start and nothing.... its a manuel can the clucth switch be stuck....or is it something else

The car dings as if you left lights on this happens when driving. But not every time

Change each spark plug the oil and oil filter the will just turn now it will not start up and it was running before I changed this stuff Dodge caliber 2017 where or what did I do wrong

I was driving my car when the oil light came on and then off. This repeated again 5mins later. After driving for 10 mins the oil light started to beep several times and would then stop and start again. It got worse as I continued driving. When I'm stopped, the beeping will stop but as I accelerate it begin again. I was told it could be an engine pressure switch. Thank you for your time and help

I changed the coil, fuel injector, camshaft and crankshaft sensor. Now the check engine light only comes on when driving and goes off at an idle.

All lights are on in the instrument cluster except the one that lights up the odometer reading. Is this a fuse or bulb or circuit board?

In gear at a stop my 08 caliber vibrates a lot,it idled at around 500-600rpm, it tends to be worse when using anything that used electricity, i.e. AutomaticWindows etc. it sounds and feels like it's going to die at times, especially if running the AC.

I figured maybe it's time to tighten or replace motor mounts, maybe clean the TPS (throttle position sensor) or fuel injectors.. but before I start dumping money into it I would like to see if anyone else is having or had the same issues.

I will be turning this car over to my teenage daughter in a month or so and don't want her in an unreliable vehicle.

Once again it's a 2008 caliber sxt with 1.8 liter and a cvt transmission


I have had my A/C looked at several times. They have charged the freon added dye and replaced a hose which none of these have solved the problem. The blower works fine and when they had the freon the AC does work great while in use for a couple of days. But, then it will start blowing just warm air again. I was told to take it to my local Dodge dealer that it could be a compressor problem. Help!!!! Teri what are your thoughts? Cost? Not technical at all when it comes to this.

Need to replace front wheel hub assembly

progressivly worse it only occurs when the engine reaches operating temperture ... what can be the problem?

and it was wiring. Still surges, most noticed when car is warm and at speeds above 60. Dealer has no idea :( Any advice? Please and thank you

it feels like the car is going to die

Tried to pull off but couldn't move shaft out of park! Car is just stuck in someone else's driveway!

my engine light came on had tune up done last January, 61000 miles and has 92000 miles now. Thanks

It would not turn over I hear the gas pump and it clicks like once or twice

The little white wheel that controls the airflow direction. Located to the left of the in cabin air filter. Can't find the actual rod that connects the mode knob to the wheel

I have oil in my car when I'm driving my oil light comes on

After I have wash the car the diver's door is unable to open even if the pin batern has been unlocked.


I put the new cooling fans in and the extra wire on top has a plug i cant find where it goes

I had a tune up and new boots put in. Had transmission service, checked fuel injectors and fuel pump but the light continues to keep flashing, what could be wrong

My check engine light is flashing and brought it to a mechanic, changed the plugs, boots, filter etc. the check engine light is still flashing

I am trying to figure out how to replace the driver side headlight