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No power to fuses 5 thru 12,
Got power to coil, but nothing coming out.. same with a new coil.
car ran til I put a new fuse in slot 4 for the horn to blow for inspection.

Will run perfectly for weeks then fails to start. Have tried new coil. There is always a spark. Even tried replacing the air ram. If left for about 30 mins it will start again normally. Any ideas?

I have no timing marks and can get it right please help

I have problem with my audi 90 2.3L, its automatic transmission deosn't change gear in thethird and fourth change,I'll be so happy if could help me.

I have problem with my audi 90 2.3L, its automatic transmission deosn't change gear in the fourth change,I'll be so happy if could help me.

all my best

Have drained the oil and it is now at the correct level. troublebeing the oil light is on all the time.

I'm trying to clean the fuel tank of my 1993 Audi 80, (renamed as Audi 90 in the U.S.).
I took out the pump, the pump holder cup with the sieve, fuel gauge ...but how do I get the sediment bowl out?
First of all, does it come out? Does it come apart somehow, because it's bigger than the hole/opening on the fuel tank?
What about the little switch-thing on its right side? What is it for?
Thank you.

I need one wire for my Audi 90 and I can't buy a set. It the core wire.

I am changing the auto trans fluid and specs call for dextron and hypoid gear oil. Not sure where the drain/fill plug is for the torque converter.

had engine rebuilt it turns but wont start their is fuel and spark change the crank senso checked the rpm sensor

how to change ignition lock cilinder and ignition switch.they are inside of the desh board. thank you ahead!

what are the symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor?

need to know when the belt tensioner is located on the engin replacing altenator and there is not a diagram to be found.

Recently my 5cylinder 1991 Audi 90 has been stalling shortly after I get going. If I push the gas pedal to the floor it runs good until I release the gas pedal. Usually within 5 minutes it starts to run normally and is good until I shut the car off and restart it. Any ideas?

Car was running little hot, then ran hot hot for a few minutes and engine stopped, started one more time, enough to drive to a safe spot, still hot, stopped and won't start. Sounds weird when tries to start. Is this a timing problem or engine replacement?

Car was driving with no apparent problem. Then it just suddenly wouldn't start. The igition, starter and battery seem to be okay. It seems to want to ignite but then just rolls over and over with out starting.

just bought car a couple days ago car would start but would have to pump the pedal to get it started would idle rough but drive fine once it got going i fixed the vacume leaks and the car would start right up and was idiling smooth i then was replacing old rotted speakers which have power to them and shorted the wires to the speakers and blew fuse to stereo upon trying to access stereo i might have knocked a wire loose. also installed is some makeshift ignition that would start the car but could be suspect. checked power to ignition module and module to coil and there is power to coil but nothing coming out of coil and fuel pump dosen't come on when trying to turn it over sounds like a job for the mensa mechanic

I seem to have an electrical issue. I don't believe the starter is bad, but instead am having a short somewhere. Car dies while driving and fuses to the instrument panel keep blowing.

How do you change front brake pads on a 1990 Audi 90

whenever i use my heat, my battery volt goes down and things start to shut down. the car doesn't stop on me, but when i turn it off, i need a jump to restart. it seems to run ok during the day, but night time is a big problem, especially now that it is cold here. i'm in st. louis missouri.

i had the battery and alternator checked at autozone and was told nothing wrong with them.

please help. thank you.

About two years ago, I parked my 1988 Audi 90 (5 cylinder) for about two years. The last time I started it was about six months ago. It started right up and ran fine. When I went to start it the other day, it would not start, however, fuel is being pumped and leaking out from some undetermined location in the engine compartment and streaming all over the ground. I am unable to see exactly where the fuel is leaking from. Do you have any idea where the origin of this fuel leak might be? Thanks!

I have just changed my tstat and now I have no spark at all. I had to remove the serpantine belt but I did not remove the timing belt. I have checked all the electrical connections and vacuum and I cannot find the reason why it wont start. It started fine before and idled perfect but now I get nothing at all. People have suggested that it has jumped timing but this is not possible since I never removed the timing belt. Please help I am absolutly out of ideas.

My exhaust isnt connecting underneath, we bought new clamps but they ended up not fitting. Could this be the reason why whenever my RPM's get low enough the engine just cuts off.
Its pretty intense losing all power around corners that have a stop sign.
Help me out!

I have a '93 model 90, six cyl. that wouldn't start. Replaced the ignition control module, plugs and plug wires. Now it seems to start when cold, but not hot. Does this sound like crank sensor? If so, can anyone tell me where to find it, and if I can test it?