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Cranks and dies immediately
I already tried jiggling the wheel. The key is in great shape. I can't seem to shift the gear when I press on the brake. Jiggling the key or gear shift doesn't work either. This occured for a while but key would easly turn on second attempt (I switched key sides each time if that effected anything). Some occasions, I simple pulled the key slightly out and stuck it back in to get it started.
The transmission was slipping. A Mechanic changed the transmission pan gasket, and filled the transmission fluid. When I drove the car, I noticed a slip arround 30 - 35 mph. That was the only issue for 3 days. Then the transmission would stop completely. I can shut down the car for roughly 10 min. and it will drive, with no problems with the transmission, but around 7 mi. it does the same issue. The transmission fluid is full. Several people suggested that the I get the transmission filter changed. I am asking if I could do it myself, or have a mechanic fix it.
Car is not running because timing belt camee off
Car only drops from 5th to 4th after car...engine/tranny...are warmed up. After the initial manually shifting after starting the car, it shifts on it's own after that
I had taken my Trailblazer in to have the fan clutch replaced, which is not uncommon on them and the quote was pretty high. I often visit an online forum for TB/Envoy owners and read about Repairpal. The estimate was less than half of the original quote from the shop and they were listed as one that honors the quote. I asked them about it and they fixed the issue and charged the highest number on the estimate, but it was $700 less than the original quote so.. yay money saved, thanks RP.

So fast forward several months and my alternator goes out in my 626 and so I had it towed to the same shop that fixed the TB. It was a Sunday so I was able to look at RP's estimator so I had an idea what I would be paying. They came back with a quote that was again double what RP's figures were. I went back and forth a bit with the quote and the exact work to be done and in the end they said they'd honor the estimate.

Is this normal? Should I go with another of the listed shops? Thanks in advance.
Am trying to TORQUE the head back on
Car runs fine. Only notice this after driving more than 20-30 minutes.
car cranks good but wont start
smell gas
All other lights work, have inspected and changed fuses. They came back on briefly out of nowhere, so I figure its some connection problem? I have no idea how to check anything besides the fuses. Please help, I just want to know where I should take it to be repaired.
So i bought the car used and ever since i have heard a sound coming from under the car and or engine bay that sounds like you put a piece of metal in a tin can and shook it around. It happens when accelerating but normally only when accelerating quickly or past 2500 rpm
when driving the car sometime when its cold it makes a rattling noise
My exhaust pipe is broke at the opposite end of the cat.converter as the header. Do I need to replace the cat.and if so what else do I need to get too (exhaust pipe,muffler..)
my car won't go into gear. AAA told me the arm is broken and needs to be replaced
my car wont go into gear. the arm that goes from the transmission to the gear shift is broken
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