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my car won't go into gear. AAA told me the arm is broken and needs to be replaced

my car wont go into gear. the arm that goes from the transmission to the gear shift is broken

The car will not drive when drive gear is selected. However, when I start with the first gear and gradually move to the "D" at forty miles, it will continue moving until I get to a stop sign.
The only other time it will move is when the "OD" is off. This is a daily problem.
What could possibly be the problem.

Do the sensors reboot them selves or what do you have to do to getting them to work or replace?how much money?

Compatible alternative for mazda 626 1991 alternator?

periodically, like once a day, when I take off from a stop light, the car will not come out of 1st gear, and also the speedometer just lays on zero. I can stop and manually place the gear shift on low and then change gears manually until I reach normal speed. But then it will react normally the rest of the day. This has happened three times now in the past week. I checked the transmission fluid and oil and they are okay. what would cause this?

When starting the car in Park or Neutral, the starter will not disengage until car is put in Reverse or Drive

some time the gear hard to change when am on the speed.

The automatic transmission in the Mazda 626 is basically garbage after 130,000 miles from what I'm finding. Is this the case with the manual transmissions as well?

Any time, only at start up, and it doesn't show up again until the next start up.

Man i bought used car from said i need new lock for wheel to change rear brake pads

stays running after shut off

it didnt have power going up hill then we took off fuel pump off and we replaced it. i already pushed reset button.

Have changed plugs leads coil pack crank sensor and cam sensor as well as air sensor connected to.air filter

The alternator needs replaced.. I can only. Find an alternator from a Mazda 323.. Will it work?

94 Mazda 626, 2.0, standard. Installed a used throttle body and idle air control valve, new plugs and wires, o2 sensor, fuel filter, air filter, distributor cap and button. I took apart the IAC and cleaned it. I'm pretty dog gone sure the springs and etc are correct. When I try to start it, it only starts on second and third try and I have to pump the petal several times for 5 seconds plus to get it to idle. It has hesitation when petal is pushed. Biggest thing I noticed was a strong smell of gas/fumes out the tail pipe but after 1 hour of trying to adjust timing by ear the new plugs and o2 sensor is covered in black powdery soot. I also noticed that when I put pressure on the throttle-spring on the throttle body where the cable goes in the opposite direction ( as in thing to close it more the car seems like it will idle better. What could be the problem and what steps do I need to take to start eliminating and checking the problem. Thank you

I have a 1991 Mazda 626 5 speed transmission and i ran the motor to let it get warm, i pulled the oil dipstick to check oil level and oil mixed with water was spewing out of dipstick?

There is gas in it and it just hit 2000 miles. This is the first time it happened. No check engine light is on and checked the spark plugs already

I have a 2002 Mazda 626 with a recent coolant leaks. If I maximumly fill the tank with fresh coolant, the leak is very slow, probably 1/10 per week. If the coolant level is below the half level, the leak is very fast. What is the problem? Thanks.

This is a manual trans. The handbrake problem seems to be near the handle at the console, and went from half-working to not working at all.
The cruise control system seems complicated, and has totally stopped working a year ago. Can you supply instructions for diagnosing/repairing these systems?

I took the car to get an oil change and when i got back home and turned it off and tried to start it again it will not crank at all. A friend told me to replace the main fuse under the hood and it keeps blowing. Could it possibly need a whole new positive battery cable? Thanks in advance.

I need a yearly emission inspection

parked the car ,smoking blueish out the tail pipe ,ever time i drove still smokes until sat it run for about 20 mins no smoke at all and yes it has oil in it ,not running hot still has power what happen

I replaced the crank pulley and in order to keep the engine from starting I unplugged the coil pack. The engine ran just fine before I unplugged the original coil pack. Now even with new coil pack I get no spark. what could it be?

the car has been sitting for about 8 months

The vehicle has not been running, for about 9 months now. During that time, I have replaced, the fuel pump, starter, the distributor, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs & wires, alternator, and battery. I sent it to the Mazda dealership, for a recall, on the ignition switch, thinking that might have been the problem that I've been chasing, but had not shown up on any prior diagnosis. The vehicle has now been there for 2 months. That's to get the ignition switch put in. And once the car still didn't start, they began a diagnosis. How much should that diagnosis cost me, being that so many parts are already new and working, that I'd replaced. I'm being told, that they will have to charge me per hour the diagnosis cost to continue to search for the problem. Is there much more that could be wrong with the vehicle, other than what's been replaced? I'm being charged now for 2 hours of a diagnosis. About 250 total, however they say, that they have put in about 4 or 5 hours worth of time, so far. It just seems that there should be a ceiling price for a diagnosis charge. If anyone can help me with an answer, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


Key is spare not the original key turns over will not fire