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Car runs fine. Only notice this after driving more than 20-30 minutes.
car cranks good but wont start
smell gas
All other lights work, have inspected and changed fuses. They came back on briefly out of nowhere, so I figure its some connection problem? I have no idea how to check anything besides the fuses. Please help, I just want to know where I should take it to be repaired.
So i bought the car used and ever since i have heard a sound coming from under the car and or engine bay that sounds like you put a piece of metal in a tin can and shook it around. It happens when accelerating but normally only when accelerating quickly or past 2500 rpm
when driving the car sometime when its cold it makes a rattling noise
My exhaust pipe is broke at the opposite end of the cat.converter as the header. Do I need to replace the cat.and if so what else do I need to get too (exhaust pipe,muffler..)
my car won't go into gear. AAA told me the arm is broken and needs to be replaced
my car wont go into gear. the arm that goes from the transmission to the gear shift is broken
The car will not drive when drive gear is selected. However, when I start with the first gear and gradually move to the "D" at forty miles, it will continue moving until I get to a stop sign.
The only other time it will move is when the "OD" is off. This is a daily problem.
What could possibly be the problem.
Do the sensors reboot them selves or what do you have to do to getting them to work or replace?how much money?
Compatible alternative for mazda 626 1991 alternator?
periodically, like once a day, when I take off from a stop light, the car will not come out of 1st gear, and also the speedometer just lays on zero. I can stop and manually place the gear shift on low and then change gears manually until I reach normal speed. But then it will react normally the rest of the day. This has happened three times now in the past week. I checked the transmission fluid and oil and they are okay. what would cause this?
When starting the car in Park or Neutral, the starter will not disengage until car is put in Reverse or Drive
some time the gear hard to change when am on the speed.
The automatic transmission in the Mazda 626 is basically garbage after 130,000 miles from what I'm finding. Is this the case with the manual transmissions as well?
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