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Rear back-up camera view giving vertical multicolored stripes and the view is reversed (left is now on the right and vice versa).
The open door sign on, tire sign on blinking sounds
Passenger side headlight bulb will randomly go off when driving or when parked. Occasionally passenger side headlight bulb will not even come on when headlights are turned on parked or driving. Anytime headlights are turned on the light from the passenger side headlight bulb can be seen quivering or wavering for a short time and then burns steadily but never quite as bright as the driver side headlight. Is this a bulb, ballast, igniter, wiring, switch problem or any combination of these? Vehicle has been extremely well maintained and has 133,000 miles on it. Lincoln dealership first said it was the battery and replaced it which did not fix the problem. Then they said it was the headlight bulb itself. I have lost confidence in them. I just want to repair the correct item without guessing and needlessly replacing parts. The problem shows up both when turning the headlight switch manually to the headlight position or leaving it in the auto headlights on position.
When in dual heat mode only cold air flows to the passenger side. Even in the driver side heat mode only some cold air still flows to the passenger side.
Purchased this used MKT a couple months ago. My husband has had to jump it a couple of times in the morning to start - not sure why. Not sure if any of these are related, but since the last time he had to jump it, I've noticed a few things "don't work". The power tilt will not go down - it will go up and it will go in and out, just not down. The Sync to my phone does not work. I can't sync them, I can't add my phone, I can't delete my phone. When I select Phone and Settings, the Connect, Add, and Delete options are "greyed out" and I can't select them. The Privacy Mode is highlgjted - don't know what them means. The Bluetooth icon is displayed on the screen but not working. This also effects the media if I want to use my phone's Bluetooth or the USB. When I click on Media and then User Device, it just goes to the radio. The User Device options don't display. Lastly, I turned on the A/C and set temp to 60 degrees and the driver side is blowing HOT air - the passenger side is blowing COLD air. Help
So the drivers side blind spot indicator works fine, but the passenger side does not. Also, when I back up there is no proximity beep, the back up camera works fine. How much would a repair like this cost?
the weather strippin, driverside, comes out when open or close, cannot tell what holds in place.
coming out 2-3 feet ant sticking out back of roof, cannot locate what would hold in place,currently driverside only
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