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I found that one of my gearbox seals on my driveshaft is broken but I don't know how to replace it
My car can not climb even a curb on the side of the road on first gear it's first gear lacks the kick necessary to and by the time or before it catches up it jerks first as if I'm a first time driver, please help what could be the problem and the solution thereof
I suspected the alternator but I'm told that the alternator brushes are still in tact so what's wrong?
I bought a 1993 VW polo a few weeks ago and when I got the tracking checked (as the steering wheel is slightly turned left) they said that there is no nut on the drivers side of the tracking rod, which means they cannot adjust the tracking (it is 1 on the drivers back side and 10 on the passengers back side- so really far out).
Does anybody know if this is usual for this/any car or is it just missing? Is there ALWAYS a nut on each side which has to be adjusted?
There doesn't seem to be any sign of recent interference with the tracking rod, so I presume the last owner never got it checked.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
I was told that it is a faulty sensor.What should it cost to replace,and is it an accurate diagnosis?
my car vw fox GY engine can travel well going 120km/h or even 140km/h but then sometimes it cuts out like there is not enough petrol it just start jerking whislt driving. i have checked fuel supply its fine, but it still sometimes does this. at times u can travell the whole day with no problem. please help me!
The fuel resivoir is located in a cradle under rear passenger seat with fuel pump and filter. 1.8 engine
I am trying to replace the belt (#17325) on my a/c compressor but I do not see any kind of tensionor release.
I thought it could be out of gas so I got some gas and then it started and died and wouldn't start again. The battery is fully charged, it turns over but will not start. I have replaced the spark plugs already. What should I look into next? maybe the fuel pump or filter? should I start with the fuel filter and then go to pump if that doesn't solve the problem. It is a 1989 but there was no selection for that year.
I cant seem to figure out how to get to the pedal inside to hook the cable up.Do u have to remove alot of stuff like the fuse box.Where can I get a diagram to look at without buying a manuel or step by step directions?
What is a rough estimate if only the the linkage needs repairing?
how to fix a rear strut that ripped out from the top
when i press on the brakes,the brake lights&park lights come on, but when release, both the tail&park lights goes off.
Both turn signals are not working in front or rear. The green light clicks on inside, but doesn't flash and click like it would if I was making a turn with the directional on. I'm going to try fuses and bulbs first, but if those don't work, what's next?
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