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I recently changed my alternator and battery, went to drive it and the battery light is still coming on.
It beeps but will not start, Ford escort 1995, runs perfectly until weather dropped to 20 degrees no fuses are missing, only beeps if door is open
When I drive 6 miles my mileage so that I drove 12 miles on my 2012 Ford Escort sometimes when I drive 6 Mile my mileage say I drove 10 miles sometime when I drive 6 Mi my mileage show that I drove 8 Miles no noise no leaks
1994 Ford Escort Wagon. Just fixed the water pump, timing and oil change a few weeks ago. Just recently had to replace the water outlet gasket and the freeze plug because the coolant/water was leaking all out. I drove at least 10 miles and it ran pretty good. Right after that, it ran hot, coolant started bubbling from the coolant reservoir tank and the car had shut down. Now, there's water mixed with the oil and white smoke coming out the tailpipe. The car still starts. I wanted to know, do I need to replace the head gasket? Can I change the oil and filter and add engine restorer to the engine without having to replace the head gasket?
Turn temperature to red and defrost and still get no warm or hot air
Transmission front pump and seals
1997 ford escort. When checking for spark,spark is orange.
Has spark will turn over but will not start
Why does the coolant light come on
Cars idle, was running rough, overheating, lost antifreeze,stalling, motor would shut down quietly at traffic lights and I had to put it in neutral & press on the accelerater, preventing stalling? My escort, while driving recently,made two noises, a warping sound, and shut down! Tried to start it and theres power but wont turn-over? While driving, no indication of overheating, & still has antifreeze, & oil in motor. Ty for your help?

i recently bought a 2000 ford escort zx2 with an automatic transmission i got it cheap cause the transmission was slipping.I changed the filter, did a fluid change, replaced the VSS and did alot of reading and no changes the slipping remained constant. Today I unplugged connector right below the neutral saftey switch its an orange connector with 8 pin-in slots. With it unplugged it shifts and before it would'nt move unless it started in low, then got up to speed then drive and finally over drive, but now it shifts great why? My car has 155000 miles.
I put in new battrie but not getting any power
It's leaking all the way out within minutes of filling it up. I just replaced pump and it doesn't look like it's leaking from any of the hoses right around the resevoir and front of the pump but it's was dripping heavily down the heat shield. What could be causing this?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? none
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
I cannot get car inspected with engine light on. Everything checks out except catalytic converter and mechanic wants me to drive car for 100 miles and perhaps that will show something.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Car runs fine.
How long have you had this problem? Years
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