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Dear SIR, may I know this sensor is what n where, for bmw e60 4cyliner engine, code;P0420. Thx u
My drivers side blinkers work fine but my passenger side blinkers don’t flash! All bulbs light up & work also!
When I start the car when I come to a stop
imy radiator is full but the reservoir is always empty and when the car is cold and i start it and drive 1/2 block to get water and take the rad. cap off it has pressure and spurs out as if it was hot...only it spurs out cold water. and mwhen i turn steering wheel it whins but it has fluid
I want to know so that i can try and remedy the vibration myself.
Car was in accident had minor front end damage but the mechanic I took it to the fix once I got it back I had issues like this with it
Looking to buy a car off a friend of mine his son was in an accident not much damage done to it but the mechanic once I got the car has to be jump started and once it's running won't shut off
1993 ESCORT Wagon
it runs irradiatic ribs up at stops and wont idle sown
Changed fuses,and works when wired to battery.
99 Ford Escort ZX2. Having an issue getting my car to start. Drove home from work a couple weeks ago, and then tried to go to the gym minutes later, and the car wouldn't turn. No power locks, no lighting, and no ignition, even if I connect a jump box, or even leave it connected. I've tested the battery and alternator, and they told me the battery was fine and the alternator is ok except for bad diodes, which they claimed could drain the battery, but that seems like the jump box should work in that case.

I replaced the battery terminals a few months ago when something similar happened, and cleaned the wiring of rust to get them to work, but it did work. Since then, I had the issue once, but just scrubbed the terminals with aluminum foil and they worked without a jump. That didn't work this time, and I went back and did it with vinegar to no avail. When I disconnect/reconnect the terminals, I get power locks, but the car cranks once and shuts off completely (no power locks). Thank you
I recently changed my alternator and battery, went to drive it and the battery light is still coming on.
It beeps but will not start, Ford escort 1995, runs perfectly until weather dropped to 20 degrees no fuses are missing, only beeps if door is open
When I drive 6 miles my mileage so that I drove 12 miles on my 2012 Ford Escort sometimes when I drive 6 Mile my mileage say I drove 10 miles sometime when I drive 6 Mi my mileage show that I drove 8 Miles no noise no leaks
1994 Ford Escort Wagon. Just fixed the water pump, timing and oil change a few weeks ago. Just recently had to replace the water outlet gasket and the freeze plug because the coolant/water was leaking all out. I drove at least 10 miles and it ran pretty good. Right after that, it ran hot, coolant started bubbling from the coolant reservoir tank and the car had shut down. Now, there's water mixed with the oil and white smoke coming out the tailpipe. The car still starts. I wanted to know, do I need to replace the head gasket? Can I change the oil and filter and add engine restorer to the engine without having to replace the head gasket?
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