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Engine seized, only had this vehicle for one month!

whenever I step on the accelerator to increase speed the car will jerk and attempt to stop. after the jerk it will pick up speed

can i remove and replace the heads on the 2.7 v-6 without having to pull the engine out of the tucson?

My 05 Hyundai Tucson stalls and jerk while driving I had the crank shift sensor replaced and spark plug and wires and coils and it still jerking what's the problem

The bac door. What can I do.

Cold start engine is missing runing on 3cy
Loud tappet sound as if tappets not getting oil.
When warmed up still missing tapet sound still there

It works sometimes but it's the only door with a problem

Replacing both back calipers and trying to,determine in what order to bleed all 4 brakes

vehicle is reliable

Buttons from won't work, and AC stopped blowing.. AC button was turned off, ac started, ac button was turned on ac stopped then it completely stopped blowing. No air blows...


I drive a 2007 Hyundai Tucson. I've been told by my father (who's not a mechanic and knows little to nothing about cars) that my vehicle has self-adjusting brakes. Does such a thing exist?

I remember right before I had my new brake pads put on (about more than a year ago), my brake pedals felt "light" and I would have to press down really hard to come to a stop, which prompted the need for new brake pads. At that time my brother-in-law (who is more competent in all things mechanical, electrical, etc.) was pulling the hand brake up and hitting/tapping the brake pedal at the same time, when I told him about the issue.

Another thing I noticed is when I put my vehicle in park, and then pull the hand brake up as much as I can and then tap the brake pedal the pedal sort of "locks", and when I resume driving it the next day or later on, my braking is a lot better /quicker. Is that a good thing? Should I continue to do that? Again, my father recently told me that pulling the hand brake up too far will cause damage to the brake lines, and that I should only pull it up half-way (which I don't think does much of anything).

Please advise me on what's the best thing to do here. Thanks!

Happens every day in the exact same location and same chime sound goes off?

the flashers will blink but it does not unlock.lock the door

Every time I hit a bump the indication light saying a door is open goes off.

Also slightly turning right on coast down hill, small curves,but not to the left. Noise not happening when brakes even lightly touched or applied. Does seem to be getting worse !! 51k miles . Also , would it possibly be under warranty still ??? Bob

With tramission and Other expensive repairs I wonder if I should not buy this SUV. I really like the 2007 v6. Any advise?

Just purchased 3 months ago

Temperature is getting way to the red section

I've changed all the 02 sensors and mass air flow sensor. Cleared the code and it came back on. Checked for air leaks and come up empty. Running out of ideas.


I'm planning to take my 2007 Hyundai Tucson into the dealership for the first time to get an oil change. I usually take it to a mechanic friend of mine who works at a Honda dealership but he's unavailable. He usually also tells me anything that may be wrong with it or if it's in good condition.

The only time my vehicle was taken to the Hyundai dealership was a few years ago when the "check engine" light came on and my father had taken it to get looked at. The dealership charged somewhere around $250 just to look at it, and "recommended" several things to help improve the vehicle (i.e. new tires, etc.) which would cost thousands. Even before my father came back with the SUV I had Googled why the "check engine" light was on and one of the possible problems was that the gas cap might not have been closed completely, which turned out to be the case, and I had closed it fully before he took it to the dealership. It also didn't seem as if the dealership even checked up on or solved that issue anyway.

I'm a bit hesitant to take it into the dealership now, but the cold weather is already here and I'm close to the mileage mark for my next scheduled oil change. What should I do? Should I take a leap and take it to the dealership, or wait until my friend is available?


I thought the battery was going dead as car would not start on several consecutive days. As it turns out the fobs are getting deprogrammed. I am able to reprogram them and its works for a while. By the next morning its not again.

its started 2 days ago.

Why car sound like a lawn mowe and why it won't speed up?

makes a fast clicking sound as lever is moved left.lights on right side work ok.Rear left light flashes when lever is moved left,but front left light does not flash

I recently drove through a puddle of water in a parking lot and now when I lightly tap on my brake pedal I hear a squeaking sound (from the pedal). What could be the problem here, and how should it be fixed?

I recently drove through a puddle of water in a parking lot and now when I lightly tap on my brake pedal I hear a squeaking sound (from the pedal). What could be the problem here, and how should it be fixed?


injectors were tested still no start up?computer box was tested just about everything still wont start. Hyubdai expert also trying for 3 days now and still wont start

I installed a new alternator, everything tested good, drove it about 6 miles for a good test, hit a slight bump, radio screen went blank with flashing. ESC, ABS, TPMS lights came on then went off. A/T started to shift like a manual and gages did not work. When I arrived home parked and shut off. Popped hood checked belts after restarting within 5 minutes engine died, checked battery only showed 2.65v on tester of course did not want to start. let set for 20 minutes and checked battery it then showed 11.28v. Tried to start it did and ran for about 10 minutes then died again. Had battery tested at O'Reilly's auto store, they had to fully charge battery to do test and test came back good.

It has done this from the time I bought it new. I was told I just needed to get use to it. I have taken it in for computer upgrades to no effect. Does anyone have a suggestion? It is getting dangerous to drive I never know if it will take off slowly or jump into intersection. I just took it in 2 weeks ago for new adjustment. It is the new automatic transmission. I drive In Eco drive all the time.

dead battery. Jump it off and it will go for another span of 2-4 months. No warning, or slow starts, just dead. Twice it has said that the key wasn't there for the push start. Any ideas?