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Door will not unlock with remote. After using emergency key to unlock car will start but dash indicator says it can't see remote. Changed battery, after a week problem is back. (Both remotes)
states can not read Map - ask dealer for information. cannot get CD to work, get only one AM station, cannot change XM stations, etc
It's a 06 Tucson...The body and everything else is in excellent caring condition...Just needs a water pump
The vehicle is a 1.7 CRDi diesel variant registered in Sep 2016 with 25,000 miles.
I have a 2018 tucson. Is there a way to leave the car running, but still lock the door? Like, If i have some groceries in the car, but I need to run inside a store for a few minutes, I'd like to leave it running with the a/c on, but lock it when I run into the store. Is there a way to do that? I've tried using the key on the outside to lock it, but it won't lock. I can always use the remote start, but it would be so much easier to just lock the door and run in side
How do I activate the speed display on lcd readout
How do I get the horn to sound when I lock the car through the remote key?
Just had the Fuel pump replaced and now I cannot put gas in the tank fester than a dribble. 20 min to put in the tank 8 gal. Runs great. No other problem the car just stop while I was driving. Was Diagnosed know if you think engine fuel pump replacement Required. Left the shop going to put gas in couldn’t do it faster than two or three since two minutes back to the shop they said it was the filling filters and the filling tank line. Love the shop still having the same problem. car runs great. Just Takes a long time to put gas in
Performance reduces when drivenfor half an hour, fell the engine is overheating, gives a check engine light on AT. Feel gears are not shifting automatically. When engine is cool is back to normal. Service guys says it the issue of AT box and needs a replacement with ECM. Checked the mass flow good, oxygen sensors, hopefully it could be the catalac converter please help.
broken back light
When i drive the SUV Tucson, the engine suddenly stops. For a long distance or when i drive for about 5 hrs, the engine suddenly stops for about 3 times (minimum). Even for 1 hr drive it stops atleast once. The car also produces more dark smokes. What could be the problem?
hyundai tuscon. im not a robot
I recently lost all my refrigerant in the A/C due to a hole in the hose, I replaced the hose and now I'm going to put the R134a back in it and I was wondering what the specifications are as to how much pressure and how much I need to put back in the vehicle?
Check engine light came on.
Need the location of tranny plz
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