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i replaced the fuel pump was taking 3 or 4 turns to start. pulled relay negative on battery before i switched them out. finished replaced everything. turn the key to acc and the pump comes on fuse is ecu fuse is good relay is new wont start just turns over and over please help. Nate
cold and hot start problems. got new battery, just cold start almost flattens battery before starting
there is no audio when backing up to say I am close to something and wen blind spot detection does not use audio to worn me.
The lower arm suspension bushing and shocks were replaced as well as the links were also replaced. Nuts and bolts were tightened but after a few kilometer drive the sound came back
I find it amazing that I'm reading about the Tucson engine - breakdown when that's exactly what is wrong with my daughter's 2012 . HMMMMM SEEMS TO BE A REOCCURRING THEME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Waiting for the mechanics to give specifics - other than something is broken in the ENGINE - THE ENGINE - --- same word as thoughts mentioned in earlier comments.,
Sometimes after I take the keys out I hear clicking like a turn signal, but I do not see anything on the indicator panel. Sometimes I hear locks clicking.
Windows want go down front driver side & back passenger side. Front& left side work.Do I need to check the fuse box?
Passenger air bag "Off" light stays on even when there is a full size adult sitting in the passenger seat. This happens intermittently only when passenger sits on a small soft pillow to enhance the comfort of the sitting position in a Tucson leather seat with power controls.
This is a serious safety issue due to airbag is not activated even when someone over 120 lbs is there. Hyundai says this is due to the soft pillow spread out the weight and hence the sensor is not detecting people over 90 lbs is sitting in the chair. I've heard that seat cover may also cause the same issue. It seems like a defect in the design of the weight sensor. Sensors need to detect occupancy whenever more than 90 lbs are in the seat, with or without pillows. I'm sure Hyundai will never hear the end of it if anyone is injured due to the airbag failed to deploy in an accident.

Anyone knows a bypass to have the airbag always on, like the older vehicles?
engine stalls when accelerating and eventually dies...starts back up when cooled down...
Fan works, just not getting cold air
Please give advice about my question ?
Thank you
from first gear to second gear and the speed is only 30 kph and it will go back to first gear as usual
So I have a Hyundai Tucson 2017 and there's no trunk release inside the car is that normal? Also when I want to unlock my trunk I literally have to push the button that's on the hatch to open it. Isn't the trunk button on my keys supposed to pop open the trunk? All it does is unlock and lights flash but not pop open the trunk. Am I crazy or is all this normal?
Every time it rains, I have water leaking through the plastic molding inside the tailgate. Water also collects in the spare tire well below. I've tried sealing around the rear window and tail lights but the leak hasn't stopped. Any suggetions? Thanks, Mark
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Its worse when it rains
How long have you had this problem? Several months
I just bought a new 2017 Hyundai Tucson Limited and twice now while I am in a store I come out and the rear trunk door is open. I am still 100' or so from the car and it is not "opening", it is already open as if it opened while I was in the store. Are you aware of any problems with this, or have you heard of this before?
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