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just changed the cat conv ,resanator,spark plugs,mass sensor oyn sensor. at higher rpm it starts running sluggish what could it be/ plugs are ngk and gaped at 30
my cigarette lighter and radio have no power.......which fuses apply to these 2 systems?
I was charged. Parts & labor 1500$ to replace the water pump that cools off the turbo is there such a pum
When I turn the key I got lights then they go away like they should , turn the key to start the car and acts like battery is weak try to jump start same thing check fuse box in top of batt they r okay if I don't press the clutch nothing happens... I press the clutch I get click click click..... maybe the starter? I have not direct engage the starter.., I was hoping my mechanic check it out but no call no show...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Started yesterday
Mt front windshield looks like its over 5 years old. Pits in the entire front windshield.
My clutch sounds like it's slipping. I will shift my gears and it makes my RPM move up but the car does not want to move. It happens mainly when I drove the car for about 30 minutes.
After heavy rains I have water collecting in the spare tire well and adjacent tool crib above and right of spare tire. I have seen water leaking in from the hatch light also on the right side but I've never seen accumulating water in cargo area just in the spare tire and tool area
I checked and tested the coilpack its fine but it still misfire my spark plug 3 doesnt spark on my vw golf mk4 gti 2001 model please help.
EPC light came on and the throttle no longer works. The o2 senser wire draged on the ground and got frayed. i'm not sure if that coused the problem or not. i replaced the gas pedal assembly and that did not fix the problem.
My 2005 Golf GTI DSG has an rare issue that i found out, when my car is off and key is out of ignition, the Lights next to the Shifter is flashing in the gear that i left it in. When i shift to R, D, N, S it flash when i select that gear. The Center console display is not flashing the common DSG Of death...
Unable to sort this out as i when to a Mech to check codes and nothing came up.

Hope you know what i am talking about...
Its the Red Lights that shows you what gear you selected next to the Shifter...

Please help if you know the issue


Im From South Africa...
Some times skip the third gear only the third gear. Most of the time during lunch time, but if I drive on low rpm shifts fine.Also when skips the third gear the checking engine light turn on , and then after i drive the car for 20 or 25 minutes it turn of
I'm looking at on 09 GTI with 122,000 miles. I saw some postings about high mileage GTI's with transmission problems. What can you tell me?
I recently had mechanics add a timing belt kit that included water pump, coolant flange, tensioner, thermostat, and belts. I've only driven it twice since Sunday and less then 10 miles. First day was okay but now it sounds like a rattling noise or clinking as I idle the car and gets louder as i push on pedal. The noise goes away when I turn wheel.
Dead battery
My car shakes slight as I start to pull at 80mph at low Rpms
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