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Mt front windshield looks like its over 5 years old. Pits in the entire front windshield.

My clutch sounds like it's slipping. I will shift my gears and it makes my RPM move up but the car does not want to move. It happens mainly when I drove the car for about 30 minutes.

After heavy rains I have water collecting in the spare tire well and adjacent tool crib above and right of spare tire. I have seen water leaking in from the hatch light also on the right side but I've never seen accumulating water in cargo area just in the spare tire and tool area

I checked and tested the coilpack its fine but it still misfire my spark plug 3 doesnt spark on my vw golf mk4 gti 2001 model please help.

EPC light came on and the throttle no longer works. The o2 senser wire draged on the ground and got frayed. i'm not sure if that coused the problem or not. i replaced the gas pedal assembly and that did not fix the problem.

My 2005 Golf GTI DSG has an rare issue that i found out, when my car is off and key is out of ignition, the Lights next to the Shifter is flashing in the gear that i left it in. When i shift to R, D, N, S it flash when i select that gear. The Center console display is not flashing the common DSG Of death...
Unable to sort this out as i when to a Mech to check codes and nothing came up.

Hope you know what i am talking about...
Its the Red Lights that shows you what gear you selected next to the Shifter...

Please help if you know the issue


Im From South Africa...

Some times skip the third gear only the third gear. Most of the time during lunch time, but if I drive on low rpm shifts fine.Also when skips the third gear the checking engine light turn on , and then after i drive the car for 20 or 25 minutes it turn of

I'm looking at on 09 GTI with 122,000 miles. I saw some postings about high mileage GTI's with transmission problems. What can you tell me?

I recently had mechanics add a timing belt kit that included water pump, coolant flange, tensioner, thermostat, and belts. I've only driven it twice since Sunday and less then 10 miles. First day was okay but now it sounds like a rattling noise or clinking as I idle the car and gets louder as i push on pedal. The noise goes away when I turn wheel.

Dead battery

My car shakes slight as I start to pull at 80mph at low Rpms

will i have errors if i move to hella led tail light

Hello, I had recently purchased a 2003 golf gti with a 1.8 turbo 4 cylinder engine. The vehicle has 139,000 miles on it. Before purchasing, I had a mechanic come out and look at the vehicle for a pre-purchase inspection, and ran the code P0303 (cylinder 3 misfire) which without test driving, told me that is what caused the shift shudder I noticed when I had test driven it a previous day. He told me the coil packs were in good condition by looking at the top of them, and told me if I replace the spark plugs, the issue should go away. I feel it is important to mention that he had also run codes on the transmission and nothing came up. Taking it home, this morning I had replaced the spark plugs and driven it for about an hour both regularly and aggressively to test it. The problem is still there, and I was really hoping that there is a solution to this problem, because everything else on the car is beautiful, while being my dream car, I just want it to work as well as I know it can. I appreciate any help offered in resolving this issue, thank you very much!
-Christian H.

My headlight switch has only two positions; one for "on" and one for "off". However, I have fog lights on the car which are supposed to be activated by pulling out the headlight switch. My switch does not pull out in either of the aforementioned position,s nor does it turn to any other position. Do I have to purchase a more complex headlight switch? If so, why are there fog lights if they cannot be activated with the switch already installed in the dashboard?

my 1.8L gti is overheating took it to the shop they told me it was because my radiator hoses were spongy from oil causing my engine to overheat has anyone heard of this or had anything like this happen to them also just replaced heads and gaskets so don't see how this could be possible any ideas?

so every time i drive my 96 vw gti i have to play my music loud because i can hear the engine from the inside of my car and its loud. i don't have turbo or anything like that. its just a regular 2.0 4 cylinder motor. any help?

Wen locking my car the alarm doesn't activate but wen u drive the car the alarm comes on and doesn't want to go off

Drove to my mom house about 3 hours later on the way home the car drives but won't change gears if anyone can help me with this I could really use all the help I can get.

Why don't the car pull away like its in first gear but rather like its in 3rd gear and the picks up speed very slow what's the cause of this? And what can I do? Or check?

Also, how would I be able to access all the information about, every detail of the parts of my 2011 vw gti?

Was driving turn into McDonald's car died, put in park start the car, the car fire right up. Drove home did an oil change and now the car will not start. The engine turn but won't start.

I fried my fan control module along with the plugs that go to it. I know what happened, and already have a new fcm, I just can't find new/used pig tails to fix the wiring. Have some ideas where to look? Tried all the junk yards around me I can think of, and dealers/part stores can't get them anymore

Feels like hot air is always coming through vents. Just spent 1300 at the dealer for emissions work. Of course, they say it's not under warranty. Any thoughts?

I have about 110K miles on the vehicle and I can't get the check engine light to go off!