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Started a week ago. The light issues are high beams kill all lights and turn signal and hazards don't work

I start my car and the motor sounds as if it is racing I give it a little gas and it slows down. Then once I put it in great and drive I get this growling type noise

why does this car use a lot of synthetic 0-20 oil does it just burn quicker

Won't reverse

Is there a safety mechanism if the brakes needed repaired

My car was wrecked in front (no air bags deployed and could drive. Now with no rad or A.C condenser it will not move , but revs and tries to move. Replaced variable timing solenoid (which was damaged in wreck). checked fuses and cvt fluid. Have tranny lines for rad tied together. Any suggestions?

the horn located on my steering wheel is beeping randomly without me touching it. not constant. only when driving and random

Happens only at low speed

question about my 2017 legacy

When I twist the dail on the light signal, the dashlights won't come on.

it knocks really bad and will not move the lady i bought it from said it had a very new clutch

Like 2 weeks ago still holds air and not much wire showing

Im looking inoto buying a 1998 subaru legacy brighton. the guy says an alignment cant be done and theres a small leajk in the transmission. i want to know the cost of getting it fixed and if its worth buying.

On snowpack, rainy surfaces, car is great. Icy roads, it's super scary. It floats back and forth, requiring constant steering input to keep it straight in the lane. Can't go over 30mph.

Only floats on icy roads. Needs constant steering input to maintain straight line. All other surfaces, no problems. My Toyota Camry is WAY more stable on ice than the Legacy.

Only floats on icy roads. Needs constant steering input to maintain straight line. All other surfaces, no problems. My Toyota Camry is WAY more stable on ice than the Legacy.

I was told this was a simple thing to do through the Home and Settings buttons but it doesn't work. One time for some reason, the album cover displayed but only one time.

Front differential has overheated and gone bad, the dipstick skock out and almost all the gear oil was lost. This is wifes car. It took nearly 1.5 quarts to fill, but the damage is already done. Whines and as soon as you leave off the gas car slows like the brakes are being applied. Other than that car has ran great for last 8 years. I would do the work myself however I have been rebuilt too. My cervical neck had to have total reconstruction so working on car days are over except for easy jobs like oil changes, brake jobs,tranny flush, tune ups. Thanks for any help. Joe
This just happened 2 days ago 1/11/2017. Going to drain gear box /differential and see how much metal shavings are attach to magnetic 21 mm plug today.

Turns over and wants to start.(but wont).problem started a little mote than week would start and rough would stall when pressing the acceletator.finally,wouldnt start at all.

Cars sliding and feels like it's ready to spin out at any giving moment and not only during bad wheather I fixed control arms ball joints and now need to fix axels and it's alligned what els can cause my car to be unstable

put new timing belt on it cause it was broke when got the car. i also put new plugs,plug wires,and fuel filter on it.i put it in time by the marks as per instructions n cranks,and i hits but wont run it back fires through the motor.i also changed the fuel pressure regulator.i check the compression on each cylinder,crank for bout 30 sec they all have right at 150 for compression any ideas as to what is wrong/

I replaced my batter and had a tune up about a week ago, I use to have problems starting it when the air was on, I'd turn the air off and it would start right up, now it won't start at all the light are bright my connection is good but nothing

how to remove air filter off to replace plug wires on

Parked 1 year running great when parked

Doesn't want to start the engine and if it starts it doesn't accelerate. What can I do?

My car recently overtuned and now the engine can't start. Fuel cannot be transmitted from the tank to the engine. what could be the problem?


It like when you have a shiver in the winter time.

be stop at a light bor stop sign and rpm will drop and come right back up. It is like the car does shiver like when you get a chill you schiver to shack it off.

was driving down the road went accelerate not even a hard one car sputtered and cel came on i let off gas and car drove fine afterwards and when i turned car off and went back a few hours later cel was off the car is constantly chugging when trying to accelerate when in idle my boost gage is reading -20 before my turbo blew it would read -13 ish when just idling is this something due to the replacment of the turbo could this issue have been the reason fr blown turbo and what do i do to fix or find issue blew turbo at 124500 replaced and code happened about 1100 miles later