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It's my wife's car so I'm not sure of any noises or anything. Just that it will blow really high but only temporarily. Then will reduce in pressure. Stays hot air just the pressure it blows reduces
My 95 Subaru makes a small clunking noise when I shift gears. Seems to run great once in the gear but as I put it into gear is when you hear the clunck. Runs great on the highway. Its just when I change gears...Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
light is not working and does not have a bulb but left side only has a bulb the light I am reffering to (right side) looks like a led?
I know most older legacy's have head gasket issues, does the 2011 have this problem still?
all oil changes done by Subaru dealer. At most recent oil change removal of drain plug also removed parts of four thread ridges in oil pan opening. Dealership service manager states that this happened because car is 22 years old and oil has been changed 60 + times and car is weathered and old. Does it make sense that a well built properly maintained Subaru Legacy would wear out like this?
Starts cold... Drive 10 blocks...shut off come back in 3 minutes won't start.
I can wait 20 minutes it will start
Or I can change coils and it starts right away.

I am guessing but either the computer box or some sensor is saying. Coil too hot... not starting...

I keep studying... But no clue...

I have new coil ... Igniter... Plugs and wired
1996 subaru legancy brighton wagon. 360000 miles second engine. Brand new battery.
I have a 2014 Legacy/Outback. It won't start...all the dash lights go on and it gives a nano second to start sound and then just clicking sound. My husband charged the battery and nothing. We just figure out what has never given a sign that something is wrong.
Still has power at higher speeds. Legacy has 162xxx miles on it. Had a trouble code " P0026 ". Disconnected battery and cleaned all connections I could find! Trouble code went away, has not returned! PS. Engine light is not on!
What seems to make the problem better or worse? All the time
How long have you had this problem? A little while now
Occasionally the transmission jumps from regular mode into Sport mode(manual shifting) by itself. 2006 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5 Turbo with 141,000+ miles, just started doing this today.
How long have you had this problem? Began this morning while driving in city.
What is causing a constant ticking noise behind the dash?
Subaru Legacy Wagon 2003, when accelerating, speed and lack of power occurs, loosing speed, power, torque, even on plane roads, even after a set of new spark-plugs replacement done.
Ac blows warm air. Compressor is ok and condenser works checks out too. All relays were tested and are good. Seems the ac fan is not getting message from computer. Any suggestions.
Started a week ago. The light issues are high beams kill all lights and turn signal and hazards don't work
I start my car and the motor sounds as if it is racing I give it a little gas and it slows down. Then once I put it in great and drive I get this growling type noise
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