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All with in just a few hours, my sun roof quit working, radio quit working, and my dome and reading lights near rear view mirror quit working.
Have a 2010 Subaru Legacy an my check engine and traction control lights keep coming on solid light and the break warning light an cruise control blinking all at the same time reset it once an it happened again in less than a week car still running/acting/sound is normal Was Suggested its because of the battery it will need to be replaced
So I am wondering what your opinion is on why it's happening thank you for your time and look forward to your response
2016 Subaru Legacy with 43K miles
Does the Subaru Legacy 2011 4 cylinder has timing belt or timing chain?
new oem struts put on care. took off after market coil which made care feel every defect on the road. wanted a smoother ride so put oem back on 2013 legacy, 2.5. Now the car sits higher where you could put a soda can between the tire and fender. what would cause this? is it possible mechanic put struts on wrong? talk to company received struts from and stated they are definitely the correct size. heard suspension will settle but not where the case will be when you actually buy it. had pic but no where on this site to add on. Thanks in advance and what should I do to get the car to regular standard.
My brake light keeps burning out every time I replace it with a new bulb
A hose that the coolant runs thru came off and the car started to run hot, but it sames like pressure is building up from somewhere causing the hose to come off.
I replaced the vehicles timing kit and MAF and still the car looses power and misfires on acceleration. I had to replace the fuel filter and Relay which worked for a 2 weeks and now back to the same problem. Engine Diagnosis shows no error codes
Subaru legacy 04 havin somekinda electrical issue draining all the power from battery ? Itl start fine wen jumped but only gfoes a couple miles put key in lights wil come on i hear blinking amd wen i go to start it i get absolutly nothin
The head gasket on our 2001 Subaru Legacy wagon has been leaking for aprox. 1 year. How likely is it that the cylinder head has been damaged - needs to be replaced? I've been told the condition of the head can not be determined until the replacement is underway, is this true? Many Thanks.
It's my wife's car so I'm not sure of any noises or anything. Just that it will blow really high but only temporarily. Then will reduce in pressure. Stays hot air just the pressure it blows reduces
My 95 Subaru makes a small clunking noise when I shift gears. Seems to run great once in the gear but as I put it into gear is when you hear the clunck. Runs great on the highway. Its just when I change gears...Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
light is not working and does not have a bulb but left side only has a bulb the light I am reffering to (right side) looks like a led?
I know most older legacy's have head gasket issues, does the 2011 have this problem still?
all oil changes done by Subaru dealer. At most recent oil change removal of drain plug also removed parts of four thread ridges in oil pan opening. Dealership service manager states that this happened because car is 22 years old and oil has been changed 60 + times and car is weathered and old. Does it make sense that a well built properly maintained Subaru Legacy would wear out like this?
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