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Was running really rough, got new plugs, rotaet and wires now runs great but idles so slow it threatens to die.

Trying to drive on interstate and car won't go over 50

It's a multifunction switch everything works on it windshield wipers four way flashers washer motor no turn signals

Engine gets hot, top hose is hot, boils over, but bottom hose stays cold. Thinking need to replace Thermostat, tips please

Replaced brakes last night and now they're locking down in drive.

I've changed bulbs and fuses and have turn signals, runt no brake lights

when I hook cables to it n charge it with another vechile charge only last for 2 mins n dies as battery goes below 8 n I replaced starter relay switch under hood as well as new starter n selenoid underneath it n alternator was replaced new 6mnths ago worked great for last 2mnths n now this all of the suddin won't start or hold its charge to run WHT could b the problem n how do I go. abt fixing it!

Just started, not using oil ,no water in oil ,or exhaust,. Uses some water not often ,can't find where it's going. No leaking underneath.

Fuel filter and fuel pump and u joibyc

Rear abs display light will not turn off.

1995 Aerostar automatic all-wheel drive, i need to replace the front tires, do i need to replace all four tires? or can i just replace the front two?

Changed my radiator because it was mixing the transmission fluid with the coolant. now after i add a fresh qt it runs smooth, yet after a couple of days the gears start slipping again.

I am looking to replace the power window fuss. how tricky would that be?

It sounds like the door is unlocking but it will not open.

Only had the van three days and this has just started. Please I am hoping that this is fixable without having to go to a mechanic.

Engine turns over but will not start.

I recently replaced the starter in my van. After doing so I started it and began to drive. About 5 miles later I list 100% power (lights, engine, EVERYTHING) while driving. After pulling to the side of the road I tried to start it but all I get is a click. I checked the the grounds, the alternator, replaced the battery, the starter solenoid and relay, and checked all fuses. Why did I loose all power and now I can't start it? Oh and no the motor did seize.

Engine pulsates up & down, up, & down "at cold start only," then runs evenly, but lacks major power. Bad Gas Millage, but no emmisions smell really. It's a 3.0liter short-wheel base van w/ rebuild 80,000miles ago. It has been sitting for over 2yrs. I'm getting it back to running cond. I've changed plugs, bad coil wire. Checked, Cleaned, & Bench tested MAF, MAP, BARO, Purge Val. Sol. replace several vacc lines, etc. QUESTION is does it, or does it not have an EGR Valve? Where is it located? Thanks,

Scott S. Kennewick, WA.