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My 1997 Mercury Mountaineer will lock and unlock the doors while driving down the road. Also, the "door ajar" sensor and indicator will sound several times while driving. Please Advise.
Fog lights will not work, I checked relay and fuse under hood. Also shifter indicated light not working is they a fuse in side of truck?
it wont even turn over the security light is on but when i turn the key the light flashe rel fast and motor wont turn over whats wrong
fuel filter need replacing what size
Not hearing any noises I just want to be able to check my transmission fluid
It blow hot once car is warmed up and I’m driving once I stop driving start blowing cold again
It’s not making any noise but my dash lights come on and I had my battery checked and I checked a few fuses
The rear air conditioner blows cold air all the time. On high. Can not adjust or turn off.
I have a 2001 mountaineer and the power door locks keep cycling or clicking, when the car is off, thus draining my battery. I have used a multimeter to check the amperage drain on the battery. When I remove the fuse for the door locks, the drain is gone. When I replace the fuse, the door locks start clicking again and producing a drain on the battery. The only way to prevent the drain is to remove the negative battery cable. The battery with the negative cable removed is 13.? volts. I have tried removing the batteries from my keyless remotes. No change in the problem.. What else can I check to get the power door locks to quit draining my battery???
Having trouble starting my car, I put the key in the ignition I turn it but the car won't start, everything else works, like the radio, the windows the air conditioning, but it just won't start?
2004 Mercury Mountaineer AWD
How long have you had this problem? Two days
2002 mercury mountaineer erratic lights, locks, door ajar light and alarm
What seems to make the problem better or worse? With the lights on or with the dimmer switch on
Car was starting up just fine until I pulled into my gate today, I was pressing on the brakes and then the car chugs for about 2 minutes and dies and now it won't start again. System check in the car says Lamp Outage Error.
1999 mercury mountaineer. Weeks ago engine light came on. Filled gas tank and nee gas cap on. Light went out immediatly. 5 days ago it passed emissions test. Now light back on. Filled gas tank and tightened gas cap but light still on. I occassionally smell gas briefly in truck while driving sometimes.
How long have you had this problem? a few weeks
There is a parasitic drain on the battery it draws over for amps for a few minutes then reduces to a few milliamps for a few minutes and back to a 4 amp draw does this on and off on and off back and forth tell the battery is dead I've pulled the fuses and found nothing
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