Mercury Mountaineer Questions

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My radio and dvd player will not work everytime my car is turned on. I don't even have a clock. What may be the problem?
Had an engine put in. It did ok. One day it wouldn't start. Replaced the fuel pump. Now it won't start and says failsafe mode. Unhooked the battery for 15 minutes to reset the computer. Still nothing.
The locksmith cut and programmed a key and.could get it to turn the engine. I foundy let and he reprogrammed it and the same result. My key was working just fine u ntill the locksmith
what am I most likely to screw up if I try to do it myself?
i wants to turn back over but it doest right away
Hearing clicking at relay. No power at pin 86. Everything else good
A blue flashing light on by the drivers side vent started flashing. The light flashes continually while the car is running and when it is not running. There is nothing in the owners manual about it and I have searched the internet for the same thing and can't find what it is for.
Went to shift into drive and shifted rough then would barely run 4wd low light came on and I'm not sure if its the trans or could be something else.
Have changed the thermostat flushed the heater core checked the heater control valve changed the heater unit in dash then realized that no antifreeze is going to the heater core. Disconnected the hose going to heater core and nothing was coming out when started the engine. Was thinking something was clogged or maybe the water pump wasn’t working properly but truck is not overheating. Really could use some help thanks
Car will not drive...Brakes lock
My 1997 Mercury Mountaineer will lock and unlock the doors while driving down the road. Also, the "door ajar" sensor and indicator will sound several times while driving. Please Advise.
Fog lights will not work, I checked relay and fuse under hood. Also shifter indicated light not working is they a fuse in side of truck?
it wont even turn over the security light is on but when i turn the key the light flashe rel fast and motor wont turn over whats wrong
fuel filter need replacing what size
Not hearing any noises I just want to be able to check my transmission fluid
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