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I had a bad ignition switch and after changing it I believe the pat system isn't reading my key
Radiator/coolant/water pump/sensor all fine
Still in the red
I'm hearing like a squeaking sound when driving over bumps, or when turning the wheel left. Usually can be heard a lower speeds. Was wondering if its shocks, balls joints, etc.
Can I drive from Pennsylvania to Kansas if I had an heater core issue but used the by pass method well the garage did for me, n they said it ok and I can drive it, but I never asked if I can drive it long distance. Idk crap about cars so someone please give me answers. N be nice. I really don’t know. Lol
You can hear it click when the key is turned power is on but nothing else
When I acclerate my radio shuts off and car jerks. It only happens when I first take off from zero. Any ideas?
Bought a car at auction and before the sale the employees test each vehicle so the this one was marked good. Now there e is a certain group that goes to the viewings so they can disable and get them at a better price. So I know the vehicle ran and moved good before the viewing but now it isn't shifting. What could have been disabled in order to cause these symptoms in this vehicle
Replaced thermostat but still no heat.I have to put water in it ever other day..but no leaks that I can tell.was driving it the other day and it got hot so i pulled over to put water in it and when I unscrewed the cap water rushed back into the overflow.No leaks or noise
Horn fuse location
I have been having trouble with the transmission and I have check the fluid and everything and it checks out fine about to change the transmission filter and Gasket and fluid again but whenever I'm cruising or decelerating it makes his god-awful grinding sound and rattling the whole truck also it leaks fluid as well
Battery went dead, changed, Radio/nav/sync will not turn on
Power comes on and then I turn key and it whines but won't turn over
misfire after replacing two O2 sensors
Won't stay in place
Dome lights won't go off. The doors will lock and unlock while driving, and once I get out the dome lights won't go off. I hear random clicking as I drive and my battery has even been drained due to the dome lights.
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