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We just got a used 2002 Mountaineer that needed a compressor because the AC didn’t work. Now it works but we have 2 problems:

1) when in park/idle, it doesn’t blow as cold as it does while driving so it’s impossibke to cool the car down before getting in it

2) it feels like it’s not blowing hard enough when we do start driving it.

Any help?
I am the owner of a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer I have the original door code I would like to know if I can change it to a different number
I need help with fixing this issue
Replaced battery. Replaced starter and installed the little wire that comes with it. Replaced the ignition relay on it. Tested voltage all is where it should be. All the lights come on inside and outside. I turn the key and nothing happens. I did jump it and it did crank but died right after then I bought a new battery and no cranking. I did bypass the starter solenoid with screw driver and it does crank doinh that..
Humming noise heard at 30 mph, no Service lights on.
Took battery out but it back it a few days later my lights will come on but it won't start or even crank never had a problem till i took out battery
Is it possible for my truck to be out a time just replace the timing belt and not have to replace the chain
what vehicals can i use parts off of
My he was stolen for my Mercury Mountaineer need to find out how to get a replacement key made can I go by the number somewhere or even if it has a transponder key I don't know
All of a sudden I was driving and it started making a noise and shifting. What could this be? It still drives.
I get a cracking n grinding sound on turning during take off. Vehicle slows down, AWD n ADVTrac are disabled, lights stay on. I can drive normally till I shut off n restart engine. If I stop but not turn off engine, I can resume travel without any issue
Mechanic put on diagnostic machine does not show heated
Need some help...
Just got a tuneup two months ago and got the ac fixed on my truck. While I was driving, car overheated, started smelling like antifreeze, thank goddess I was near my house. I pulled in to my place and turned the truck off, it was smoking and leaking (what I thought was antifreeze). A few minutes later I went out to see if it would start and it did, but it makes a squeaky sound. And I check the fluid on the floor and I think it’s oil. What could be wrong with my truck. I also checked the oil to see if maybe I flooded the engine, but there wasn’t any bubbles in the oil or on the stick.
My 2007 Mountaineer blows cold then warm. The unit has been purged and recharged with R134 and there are no leaks. It is not the compressor or the condenser or the blower.
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