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Theres no crazy sounds or smells just no heat even when my car reaches proper temperature after drive or sitting running for a minute
If i put 4 quarts in, my dash reads, 92% oil life. Within two hrs, dip stick bare. Tried stop leak, didnt work. Acts like its not getting gas. Bad battery. 28 codes. Just bought 2002 seville
My 2000 Cadillac Seville blew a gasket two months ago. The repairman replaced the radiator and and put in a new hose. He said it was no guarantee and I needed a new motor. I tried using the car for a while but it still over heated after 10 or 15 minutes. It lost power a week ago. I parked it. I turned it on to see if it would turn over. It turns over fine and everything lights up. Now it has an engine light illumination and the message is Low Coolant. I'm looking for another car, but, would like to know what could be the issue. Could it be the catalytic converter?
My 2002 Cadillac sls climate control does not work.
please.and thank you
And can a sensor for a 99 Seville be installed in a 90..the sensor works every now and then
When you turn on the switch it moves just under the empty snd the car read tha it's very low in fuel
The coolant is getting into the exhaust because I can smell it in the exahust.
Car idles for bout maybe 30 secs to a min then dies and dies when I give gas or change gears
We re did. Harness an everyth
Fluid fairly debris free but slightly burnt smell? Dark red color. Just changed 30000 ago. 101000 tot. Mls. Whine/grind, comes and goes with performance. What now!!?? 2wks?? Of symptoms
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