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I got my HHR in 2015 and had to change the fuse once for the front factory lighter. It went out again about 2 months ago so I have been using the back one. My problem is that when I put the new fuse in the lighter still does not work. I have tried 3 new fuses just to be safe and they are fine. What could it be. I have been using the same cord.
It doesn't want to show me the temperature on the car it was working fine yesterday
No sounds. Have power, radio works dash lights come on. But when you turn the key all lights go out and come back on.
my cigarette lighter is not working and thought it was my cord but tried a new one and still doesn't work - don't know where on the fuse panel the one is for the lighter
While driving, the car makes a ding ding sound. Then on the dash display POWER STEERING pops up.. What is or possibly could be the problem????
I’ve changed motor that operates forward and backwards on seat. All fuses look good, wiring appears to be fine. All connections double checked, all other directions of seat work. When I replaced motor I checked the worm drive and it freely moves.
Wire harness is messed up. I install ignition with key but under steering wheel cover all wires ripped out how or what is it called so I can fix?
Just smelled like plastic burning. Then like electric. Shut off engine got out of car. Got back in tried to start car late for class wont start?
Does not do all the time but is getting worse. When I hit the gas after it does not engage, it will all of a sudden engage and jump with noise. Could you advise what it could be and how to fix. Also during the recall concerning the key switch also had the shifter recall replaced.
I have a 2008 HHR and need to replace the catalytic converter. I bought my car in NJ and it was new at the time (demo model). My mechanic is saying the car is set up for California emissions; which just does not seem right. Since I live in NJ and will never move it to CA can I put a direct fit FED catalytic converter on to my car if the "documentation" says it is CA emissions set up?
why would my car not blow hot air anymore i have changed the temperature actuator and the blendoor actuator and my doors wont change and my car use to only blow high heat now only blows outside temp air and still only at my face
Fan speeds up on excelleration.
replaced battiers does not work all the time
Ran great last drive days ago, tapped starter but no help. Check engine lite stays lit, no codes. 12 volts but tried a jump anyway but no help.
I changed the trans. And when I got it all back together that's what came up on my dash I've done every reset known to .man to reset the ecm and nothing worked so what's next refresh it ?
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