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I have a 2009 Chevy HHR That when sits over night it cranks fine but real hard to get started cold. Then pops on a DTC PO172 after you get started ran for a bit. Cleaned the injectors. New plugs. After you get it stsrted it starts fine the rest of the day.
What mobile {ASE} mechanic knows how to replace {2} engine variable timing
solenoid's .West Chicago,Il Dupage County {parts provided} in dialogue.
email: or (630) 457-6852 cell Alex
Added some winter windshield washer antifreeze. Neither front nor back worked before. Now the front ones only work but not back. Even put some gas line antifreeze in the container. The back washer motor even sounds louder.
chevy hhr 2009 control arm both sides bushing replacement
front end suspension
Started chevy up, at first it hesitates to start . Before it stopped cranking I took it to auto zone but the reading said alternator, starter, and battery were good but they could not check solenoid.Returned home and tried cranking it, now all we get is grinding and clicking noice, is solenoid bad? It has 2001k.miles on it
Blower stops then restarts after about thirty minutes
I replaced my battery a week ago and since then i've noticed the outside temp on my Driver Information Center is way off. Is there some kind of reset I need to do?
Want blow at all but can feel when driving
I would like to do it myself. Back up lights don't turn on when manual transmission is put in reverse.
It's the blower that will only work on the high position, cause even with the blower not running in the lower positions you can still feel heat or air coming out of the vents.
There is no noise, the car does not jerk, there is a strong smell of gasoline when I turn the car on.
My heater is on. You can hear it. But no Air is being blown out. Also. It isn't responding to the the different vents when switching from defrost to floor or face.. Like you can't hear the changing of vent positions. Any idea??
At stop light the car would not move in drive. Reverse works fine. Major?
Tester always reads misfire on coil has a vibration and changes out hard on first shift out
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