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Steering is tight and now smoking from beneath the hood. Hard to turn.

My Tib just began loosing acceleration. It feels like a compression issue and I'm getting a #5 plug misfire code. I've checked the coils for spark and the plugs are new, as well as the wires. When I am in drive and go to pull onto the street from a dead stop, it takes about a min for it to reach cruising speed. I've also noticed it seems as though my tranny is 'stuck' in 3rd gear. 1st & 2nd are slow to accelerate,but once into 3rd it's easy cruising until I have to make a stop. But the car is shifting through the gears. However, it seems to run up to about 3000- 3500 rpms before shifting sometimes. I've recently replaced TPS, as well as Neutral Position Safety sensor, so I'm ruling those out. I've also just checked and cleaned the Mass airflow sensor while troubleshooting which actually helped my fuel efficiency, but made no other noticeable difference. Someone suggested a fuel filter, but as far as I know, Tibs don't have inline ones. So as for the in tank filter, I've actually replaced the complete fuel pump assembly a couple months ago.

2003 Hyundai tiburon v6 gt it runs fine until it hits 200 degrees and then back fires and spits and spudders

As long as I don't get into it hard it don't sputter... like just cruising through town... but if I try to get into it for a good take off or to accelerate it starts to sputter and cut out. And my check engine light is flashing...

I am getting code p750 shift solenoid D
I changed the fluid about a year ago and added a cooler. It is stuck in 3rd gear limp mode. How can i test this problem rather than just putting in a new one and it not solve the problem

I took it to a mechanic and he said that I would have to drop the engine cradle. How much does this usually cost? I looked at bushings online and don't seem to cost much. I suppose I'm mostly looking at labor costs.

The problem is intermittent. It is as if the cars backs off at 3000 rpms. If I change gears at 3000 rpms the car will accelerate fine until I get to 3000 rpms then it loses power again, almost as if its out of gas.

any body nows why?

It stalled out on the way to work.i have already replaced fuel pump,coil pack,wires,plugs,cam and crank sensor.still nothing!!!! Spins over,just won't crank....

It ha done this before when it had gotten cold when I take my hand off intake it dies and if trying to accelerate

Both lines to the heating coil are hot. engine coolant is full

I hear is a click and the electrical components on the center console shuts off. I have no idea where to start looking. tried jumping it and same thing

Most cars I've owned had a courtesy light or something like that, you could just set it to just stay on for a minute or two until you're in the house, I can't find any way to do that in this to run. So, I wasn't sure if it was possible or not. I would appreciate any comments yes or no. Thank you

The past few days I've been hearing a squealing sound from the motor in the passenger side. while pulling out of a parking lot today upon acceleration the car did a light jerking and died now it will not start sounds like the pulleys wanna turn but one is sealed and won't let the rest turn (it's like a huff squeal). My brother was watching the pulleys while I turned it over and said it looked like the altanater pulley didn't budge

My husband said the cylinders are messed up and would be easier to replace the motor.

Occasionally my car makes a scraping noise and pops out of gear when I'm trying to back up. I have to push it back in.

The seatbelts snag. All the time. Has there been a recall ever on this.

And the car vibrates at 50 and above and it jerk when the car shifts from 2nd to 3rd gear what can it be

battery is good - cables of battery good- alternator is charging. Imust press the clutch many times for the car to start

The car cranks but wont start without a jump start and turns off after a gasping air sound and 1 min being on.

I need to fix my car because I have a kid now. I didn't put any oil in my car that's why it's not working. Been sitting for about a year.

I bought it used and he sais starter was going out , sometimes it would start other times had to tap on starter. My bro looked under the car and pryed the starter back and it started everytime after that until yesterday , i turn key on and all lights light up but wont start , no clicking or nothing. It didnt make any sound before either though when I had to tap on it to start it. We tried prying it back again but still nothing. Checked fuses too. What else could it be.

203,000 on vehicle...Steering wheel centered...No pull to left or right at speed...No noises...Did not have vibration before CV's/Axles replaced...Manual 5-Spd shifts fine. Any ideas welcome.

i have a promblem with it starting i put my foot all the way down on the clutch and it starts loosing compression hat can it be

I have a 2008 Hyundai Tiburon SE v6 and I'm having trouble with my gears when I shift its a 6 speed manual transmission. I've had problems to where I'm driving and if I stop at a light and put it back in neutral then try to drive of again my gear box won't let me put it into first when I put my clutch in it won't let me go to any gear it locks up and then I kind of just have to fiddle with it until in unlocks and let's me put it in a gear. Once it allows me to put it in a gear I put it back to neutral and put in my first gear. My third gear cranks really bad when I put in the gear at times. And my 6th is somehow getting stiffer. Any help?

Does my car have coil packs?

It only happens when roads are wet but it immediately starts everyone. No codes are being thrown. Car only has 90,543.