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Looked on line when I had the idle control vavle off coved the holes with cardbord seemed to help fuel went down to around a 1000 got the car from my sister in law witch never tried to fix it replaced plugs wires checked spark all looked good dnt think it would be a coil
We have replaced the a/c relay, it worked overnight then it quit again.
I've used a car reader on my 2001 Hyundai Tiburon and it told me I had Misfires on Cylinder 1 and 4 plus a random/multiple misfire. I had already changed the spark plug, after that I erased the computer to see how long it takes for the "check Engine" light to come back on. Surely enough 10 minutes later the light turns back on and now i'm at a loss, could it be the Ignition Coils?

PS: I used break cleaning to spray the MAF sensor and it went away for a great amount of time (I would say for a month , give or take until the light came back on)
It would run for a little bit and eventually dye out I would leave it sit and it would start up now it will not start at all
Replaced clutch. has my shift pin moved??
I just want to know which auto transmissions i could search for from wreckers etc if it comes to me needing to replace my 1996 hyundai coupe 2.0ltr fx auto transmission as these cars arent very common in my city, and none are privately wrecking. Shifter moves fine, car engages into drive but wont engage into reverse? it acts like its still in neutral gear.
I think it also had really low transmission fluid, which iv topped up, but doesnt seem to make a difference - pretty annoying seeing as i just paid $650 to RAC for them to replace the drive chain etc, and only drove it 120kms before this issue arose... shouldnt they have atleast checked all the oil levels before releasing the car to me ? does anyone know ? I would have thought that would be some kind of neglegence. Thanks :)
Ok, so im really REALLY hoping that someone has seen this problem before or if anyone has some ideas as to what could be the cause of this problem it would be greatly appreciated! Im seriously hoping im not going to have to replace/ rebuild the transmission!! :(
Ok so about 3 weeks ago I had the drive chain replaced in the engine, because it suddenly started making a strange tinny ding sound ,so I had it towed to the service center, and they said the drive chain had stretched, and broken the guards - so they replaced the drive chain, guards, rocket cover and gasket - then i drove it maybe 70km total.. and suddenly the 3rd time i got in the car to drive it, it just wont shift into Reverse - the shifter moves no problem, and when in line with D, the car engages and will start to slowly move forward ( not sure how fast its capable i didnt want to push it ), but when at R it doesnt engage and acts as if its still in neutral? I think the oil was low, but topping it up hasnt seemed to fix?
I have a code P0303 and P0103 I bought an 02 sensor. But I’ve read that might not be the problem. What else could be the problem?

The ABS light is on in my car and I've bought a code reader to tell me what the issue is. It fluctuates between 'Front LH Sensor faulty' and 'Front LH Sensor open circuit'. I've tested the front LH sensor and it is working. Any advice on how to proceed? Does the electrical line to the sensor need replacing?

My passenger door will not unlock or lock from inside, you have to lock it from the driver door button, and unlock it with the key on the outside of the door. I wanna know what needs to be fixed, I took the interior door panel off and nothing looks wrong and when I move the door manually to lock and unlock the rod moves, but it does not lock or unlock
I have a 2005 hyundai tiburon. Driving home. It lurched forward and died. It cranks over when I hit the key but wont start. Changed fuel pump but still wont start. It's pumping fuel but seems like it's not getting much fuel pressure. I also have the clutch replaced two weeks ago. Can this have anything to do with my car not starting?
car didn't pass smog test
mechanic said to perform a base drive cycle
It happens at the mid to higher rpms in every gear 1-6. When I am driving down the road and shift gears the car accelerates fine at the lower rpms but when the car hits about half the gears range it starts to run higher rpms but goes no fast
.Recharged with 134 can/low side gauge.Clutch engaged when started to getting cold,Gage steady at 10(low side) when ac on,went for test and started blowing warm.Checked again: ac on gauge at 0 and at off, upper green on scale at 45.What is this telling me?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? No better no worse it just won't start
How long have you had this problem? No better no worse it just won't startfor three days
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