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my car is about to hit 150k miles. does my transmission oil/fluid/seals need any service? someone said that jetta 07 never need to get service for that true?

i just hit 142k and i got new tires, brakes, oil change and filters. is there anything else do to on the car?
My 2003 jetta won't start I notice the epc and check engine light is on and that the engine temp overheat warning flashing but stays in the normal range
Muffler very loud and on excelleration rattling noise under car
As I was driving, the engine light, alternator, power steering (YELLOW then steady RED), ABS and ASL lights all lit up. I lost power steering capability, acceleration was lost and the speedometer and tachometer were bouncing on and off. When I turned off the car and took off the key, I noticed that the gear indication and mileage and odometer displays remained lit.
The next day, I tried to start the car but it will not crank. I jump started the car and let the battery charge for a couple of minutes then I took of the jumper cables. The car remained running for about less than a minute and then it started to shake and finally shut down. It appears that one of the problems is a bad alternator. Could the alternator problem have caused all of the other problems? Could it be a bad voltage regulator or control module?
Please advise what the problems are, how serious is it, can I fix it myself and do I need to take it to the Volkswagen dealership? Please help. Thanks.
this after the fuse next to the car battery blew. ive replace that fuse and checked the fuse box in the car. now what?
What fuse is assciated with the wiring issue related to the converter box protected same fuse used by horn and anti theft device. I have to honk the horn to get my wipers to work and VW corporate and local dealer won't fix under recall!
What’s fuse #3 for?
how do i know what sedan i have 2010 Volkswagen jetta 2.5 can find out going by the vin #
My engine lite is on an WHEN i went to have it checked out it said engine code P2231
I was driving and all sudden lost gas pedal
replaced fuel pump relay, and pump doesn't seem to run when turning over engine. ran direct electrical supply to fuel pump and pump runs this way.
My radiator fan is cracked. I want to make sure my car don’t overheat but what are the signs
Car is bucking cutting off won't idle sometime and surges while idling already tune up and fuel pump done
Does my 2011 Jetta se 2.5 have brake pad sensors
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