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My 2011 Vw Jetta 2.5l when its cold out has been starting rough. When I start it, it starts and right after chuggs and stalls or chugs and then fires up to how it normally is. When it is chugging I think there is black smoke coming out but then it's ok, it does smell abit also when it's tsarted the exhaust. If the car stalls I can start it up and it will be fine second time. It takes abit longer when I turn the key to start up opposed to when the engine is warm. When it is warm out it is fair bit better. drives fine and feels fine. Also when I start it and it shakes and chugs the rpms go very low and it either stalls or builds up and is fine
Sometimes when starting car and press on brake, the pedal does not push in and car will roll a little either going front or backing up. Once I get going then seems the brakes do push in.
New problem, turned over, but sounded flooded, extreme cold temps out
I just got the car. I pulled the inside lever and it popped up the hood but I can't find any lever under the hood to release the second latch. I have a 2008 jetta 2.5
Epc light came on ,got car home ,happened 3/days before Christmas ,2018 can not get it in to mechanic for 4/days how lung can it rest before it can get it in to vw mechanic ?dawn belmar nj1/2/18. no noises ,not sure of leaks ,had a lot of work done in oct 2017 at vw dealership ,thank you
We get heat but not a lot for along time and the temperature gauge goes up and down and we have a temperature light on but is not over heating. This is a 1.8 engine
Tire pressure checked. New tpms sensors Tire shop and mechanic don’t know what to do. Can you help?
I believe that long, slow gentle breaking is easiest on the breaks and will prolong their life. My boyfriend believes that last minute, hard breaking is less wear and tear because you aren't using the breaks for as long a time. Besides drastically altering the passenger experience, is one method actually better for the breaks?
The front fender is hanging off on the drivers side. How much would it cost to repair, or would it need to be replaced totally.
is it possible that the problem is in the torque convertor area
Been up and down the transmission casing but I don't think the speed sensor is the same as ones on the floor or glad models. Any guidance would be appreciated!
shifting perking
The temperature gauge stayed at 190 and had little smoke under the hood by the time I got it home
The hoses coming off the air pump going to the turbo has come unhooked
jetta 2011 engine light on what should I do ?
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