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once car warms up car stars to run sluggishly with no power response in acceleration
I just did a oil change and filter . I thought that was the reason it was not starting I also disconected the, battery cables for 15min. And it started. It started three times then would turn over but not start. Now it will start cold but not once it is warmed up
lights come on when start up and stay on until engine is turned off. No noises, no noticible change in driving.
Gas cap is tight and clicked.
Car is getting spark and fuel just want crank have changed rotor buttons and distributed caps plus new crankshaft position sensor check engine light stays on when you turn car off
There must be a "relay" or larger fuse to give ignition spark. The radio fuse is blown and when I tried to replace it it blew immediately and now the car will not start
Tranny shifts from 1st to 2nd then shifts right into 3rd then instantly shifts to 4th
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it does it everytime u start off
How long have you had this problem? About a week
When i diconnected the whote harness under the rear seat next to the white harness all the speakers played correctly.. when i plug it back in, they pretty much stop playing. I havent tried the orange harness but i thought orange harnesses were for abs?
the hand park brake light does not go off when I release the park brake hand lever. How do I adjust or replace the switch that operates the dash brake light?
Engine will not crank or turn over
Have a Lexus SC400. Its been sitting for awhile. Seen a couple videos figured it might be a fuse l. Can someone help me out?
does the sunroof have a relay fuse and if so where do i find it or, does this mean the motor needs to be replaced , and could you give me the going price to have this fixed so I can have some ideal
The car will start when its cold, other times the car will not start..but it will turn over like it wants to start and die out. Then after several attempts to start the car it idles and runs great?It never has not started. Someone told me that it could be the gas that I buy?
i can hear a noise from the switch but nothing from the motor. i heard that there are 3 fuses for the windows. where are they located? could both motors blow at once?
This happens when first started in the AM. Noise last only 15 seconds or so, but then it shifts fine and no noise the rest of the day. Just had transmission replaced. No noise when in nuetral or park. Also had oxygen sensor replaced, but have check engine light on and no traction control. Problem shows as code 21 for the oxygen sensor. Anyone familiar with like problems?
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