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Need a 1997 BMW 740iL transmission. Need it for my made in March 1997 BMW 740iL.
My cousin damaged the transmission and wouldn't help me in any form or fashion after.
I live on a Federal Employee pension and can not afford anything over $500. Can you help?
It needs to fit my car made in March 1997. Already bought one that would not fit. Seller tried
to take me and not return it. Got them back by getting the money from back!
Live on a Federal pension because of injuries from the Gulf War. Can anyone help please?
cd readed cd error
The tape player flips from side A to side B and side B to side A then it stops
Scratches from ice scraper on outside of drivers window how to remove or make less noticeable
Three consecutive beeps randomly sound off while the car is started it will do it once and not again until the car has been off and started again but only does it sometimes
Battery died! After charging from the truck battery, Now my key will not let me open the doors! Is it a deadlock system on and how can I get in the car?
shortly after starting it displays "Limit 4 MPH" on dash. Why? what does it mean
What seems to make the problem better or worse? shortly after I start it and start it and start to move
How long have you had this problem? just begun
the lights wont shut off with the switch i have to unhook the battery, it even says lights are on in the dash
what the hell the problem is. Read tiny prior message. It will not move whatsoever!
The battery went dead and it activated now can't start car
where is the battery at
Are the shocks and struts of the 98 740IL compatible with 00 528i also what parts if any are usable. Taking them from the 528 and putting them in the 740. Thanks
Almost thought it was a window or door ajar ,but noise was coming from under the hood while pushing the gas pedal.Not sure if making noise when foot off the gas
Head light dash lights run fine wint into store come out and nothing
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