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I have a Audi A3 2008 and it will not start I have a newer battery and everything comes on it just will not crank up
A/C clutch is spining. Just getting hot air.compressor doesn't seem seized
It lose power and had to start it again and will drive and later the fault comes back,the mechanic tells me to look on wiring on trottle body and accelerator.It says basic settings and adaption needed on trottle body,it was done but still fault comes back.
do you know if the brake light switch is out would that cause it not to start?
I dont hear it when going fast. sounds like squeaky bed springs doesnt seem to handle loose but Im sure it has to do with suspension
2006 Audi a3
The aircon and radio and headlights do come on and i have had the battery tested and all is in order.
My passenger side door closes completely, but the sensor is indicating otherwise. I've taken it to a shop and they couldn't figure it out. Any suggestions?
When the car stops there is a noise from the fan , if the temp gauge light is flashing but ig its not flashing there is no noise
It happens on /off during the day besides the light flashing the car drives good .
My Radiator fan switches on when the car gets to the 90 degree mark (running Temp) and then stays on, even with normal driving and not racing it. It stays on for approximately 5 Min after I switch the car off. But it is running extremely fast. Could this be a faulty sensor or is it a sign that I need to change my water pump? Need to know as my car is coming up on its service time and need to budget for the worst.
how to test colis
how long can i drive this for. I'm five hours from carman if i need to trade it in. or should i fix it for 1000.00
How can I find out exactly what they did, what kind of parts they used & why they sent insurance different invoice from the work they did. How do I find out what's coverd on warranty and what needs to be done to have warranty be valid? PlEASE HELP
The timing belt broke sending the Pistons thru the engine. It was inspected by the extended warranty company we have and they agreed it had to be replaced. They pay 3,500 leaving us to cover the rest so can someone help us know if 5,100 is a fair deal? Thank u.
The repair shop is saying that the wiring harness has to be custom made and will take months to make. How can this be on a mass produced car? A front end crash, not a ton of damage, is fairly common. How can they design a car that can't be fixed?
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