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This problem started today but not right away it was after I was driving for about 10 minutes. Yesterday there were no issues. I did fill up with gas yesterday and oil life is at 20%. Not sure what is going on.
i have changed the relay and the headlight switch, no head lights . i have power going to the switch but nothing coming out of the switch . what could this be ?
My 2014 Jeep Cherokee has broken down 4 times in the last 6 months (all related to transmission issues). After completely replacing the transmission (and having my car for 3 weeks -- all covered under extended warranty), it broke down again last night. Threw error codes related to different sensors, transmission, and others. AutoZone & dealer said it was not safe to drive, so had it towed to the dealer...

Every time it has broken down I have brought it to the dealer to have fixed and received a rental. How many times will they attempt to fix it? Do I have other options? I still have 2 years or 50k miles until my warranty is up....
Vacuum lines work from engine through firewall to AC, but only get floor vents and side defrost vent AC is cold but dash vents have no action.
I need my transmission rebuild 90 jeep Cherokee 4x4 4.0l
I put new air filter in and a week later the back side is saturated with oil from the tubes.
The colder it gets the colder the heat is in the car. Only comes out Luke warm. Thermostat is new, coolant level/quality is good, heater core was just flushed and ran clear after 2 gallons of distilled water. Operating temp gets to a range of 185 to 195 and stays, no overheating issues. Heater core inlet hose is hot, outlet hose is colder. All fans and blend doors work. What could my problem be????? What do I do next????
When starting the engine,the car just make a squawk sound then goes off.What could be the problem?
fuel filter (external) was changed at the same time by a repair shop
My inner tie rod is broke and the long bar acrossed my have stipped the theading on 2002 jeep grand Cherokee i wondering what it is called
The highbeams in my 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo turned on while I was driving and wouldn't turn off even after I turned the car off. I didn't have time to pull a fuse so I figured the battery would die and itd be no big deal. Eventually it overheated and caught on fire. I had noticed smoke so I had an extinguisher in hand when it caught fire so the fire damage is almost non existent. How much rewiring would have to be done to make sure this doesnt happen again? Is it a job I could do on my own? What parts would need to be replaced?
When I go just north of 60MPH the left front wheel will gradually begin to bounce and get worse if I maintain that speed. It is nearly uncontrollable. If I'm on a newly paved road it won't begin until about 65 MPH. I definitely need new tires, but it has been getting worse over the past year. Would you recommend tires first, or a combination of tires and shocks?
I'm told by dealer is a clock spring problem.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? na
How long have you had this problem? a few days
for a while my jeep would die when I would drive it for like 30 min but would only die when I would come to a complete stop and would not restart right away. But if you let it sit for a while and then tried again it would turn right over. Well recently I moved and had to drive the vehicle 2 hours away and nothing seemed wrong the whole way but get to the off ramp and at the bottom when I came to a full stop it died so I had to leave it there for like 2 hours to go unload the uhaul. Came back and it had trouble starting at first but eventually started so I started to drive to my new house. I got about 2 miles and started to go up a hill at about 35 and the gas peddle would give and then come back on a pulse. By the time I got to the top of the hill I had already been going 60 and it stopped so I thought I could make it to the house and work on it there. But when I started to go up the next hill it started to do it again but this time a lot more. I got over the hill and the peddle had no go to it and the. It died so I pulled over and realized I had smoke coming from under the hood. So I got out and opened the hood and the smoke seemed to be coming from underneath the car so I walk around the side and see smoke also coming out from behind my rear driver side wheel. I had some one pick me up and went back the next day to try to start it and to no avail. I ended up having to tow it to my house. I have no idea what it could be. I don't have the money right now to take it to a shop but if I could get some ideas of what the problem could be I may be able to fix it with my dad's help.

Sorry for any typos.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? The hotter it is outside the more often it would happen.
How long have you had this problem? Couple months now can't even get it to start
right hand drive
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