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Guys can anyone help... i have a jeep cherokee with a 2.1 diesel engine (it's a different engine, a renault 4x4 engine ). The problem is that when im going uphill and rev it up it starts running away(run away diesel), however if i drive through the city (streight road , no hills) the jeep drives fine, when it starts running away up hill the engine oil starts to come out the exhaust and there is a lot of smoke but as i mentioned when im driving streight( no hills) it does just fine and it doesn't smoke a lot. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it plz help...
My headlight went out and I purchased new bulbs but they wont stay on. I had the switch set on on not on auto. I put in the new lights and they weren't the cheap ones either they were the best ones you could get for that style. every time I turn the switch to on they stay on for maybe 2 to 5 seconds and shut off. ive asked 2 other people to look at it they cant figure it out. one guy told me to clean my sensor and unhook my battery I did that and I still cant get it to stay on. Ive searched online to see if I could find someone else with this problem and I couldn't find any help
the jeep has been repaired twice and the water problem still there.
water oon driver dide passager all foor board wet soark
Im not trying to convert to a 4x4 I just cant find a 4x2 transmission close b y without paying an arm and a leg for. Picknpull has a 4x4 off a 95 model they said it would fit but i want to make sure befor I go through with it
On my dash the message "Stop/Start Unavailable Service Stop/Start System" periodically displays. This has occurred since the 40,000 maintenance service and I now have 46,000 miles on my Cherokee. My car Starts and Stops fine but am concerned about this message.
when in two wheel drive and turning the jeep feels like tires rub...slip...have checked ball joints and wheel are probably one month then each other...
When care is running odometer is flashing,continues to record mileage, but flashes
when i am stopping or some time turning real slow
Radio initially sizzled out worked off and on quit entirely and soon came the cigarette lighter the air conditioning and the windshield wipers in that order all items work fine on Accessory still
We recently took our Jeep to the dealership because it wouldn't start 6 out of 7 tries. It was the power train control module, which was replaced. Turned on the AC on the way home, blew hot air. Took it to dealer for AC service. Dealer said the AC had burnt out half the control module, which was replaced at no charge. Jeep in the shop for a week -- replaced some cracked wiring and connectors but said they couldn't repair the AC because the wiring was too old. $1200 total gone, and no AC and the after-market window controls don't work. It's 104* in Tucson today. HELP!!!
jeep was idle for 2 years, radiator had alot of rust, drove care for 70 miles and it became hot and has

now been getting hot
No screen display showing heating controls.
This problem started today but not right away it was after I was driving for about 10 minutes. Yesterday there were no issues. I did fill up with gas yesterday and oil life is at 20%. Not sure what is going on.
i have changed the relay and the headlight switch, no head lights . i have power going to the switch but nothing coming out of the switch . what could this be ?
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