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Can i have a mechanic clean out the cat converter and then weld the exhust back on with this specific car (mazda mx-6 1994)
In the morning you have to gas it up to keep the rpm going or it will shut off.
on a stop the car idle rough, almost wants to cut out.
Furthermore on each acceleration, you can sense that the car doesn't have enough power.
I can be at 75 mph then suddenly I will start losing power. After down shifting to 4th, it will act like it is out of air or not enough. The power lost will continue then it will finally start taking off.
I replaced the fuel filter, 02 sensor, check the fuel line but nothing.
P.S you can smell fume inside so as through the exhaust.
fans run a few milliseconda after starting engine in MX6 V6 2.5 LITRE
I have a 1993 Mazda MX-6 and the other day the car shut off while I was driving. The lights and radio stayed on but I lost power steering and while pushing the gas pedal the car didn't accelerate. Upon trying to restart the car it just cranks but won't turn over. Tried to jump start and nothing. I checked fuses and wires. Replaced the distributor cap and rotor. Sprayed gas into the intake. Pulled spark plug and there's no spark. I'm not sure if the ECU is bad or if the security system has disabled the fuel pump. Any suggestions?
I have replaced the coil in the dizzy and the crank sensor,there is no check engine light at all so i can,t extract codes
Vehicle has 275,000 miles on it. When I push in my clutch pedal. I get bearing squealing noise, shuttering, and RPMS drop sometimes to the point it kills the vehicle. Does this sound like a clutch throw out bearing?
the car starts smoothly but cuts on 2rpm
I'm trying to put a newly rebuilt 91 Mazda mx6 motor n transmission into a body but not sure what year or models it can fit
Code 69 fans kick on quick from cold start then stay on till I'm done driveing replaced front black one havnt done green one and there's a little black unknown one behind green witch one will it be just did vaulve cover gaskets and intake manifold gasket and sealed up some intake leakes now les top end above 50 hardly any power compaired to what it was before help pzz
When I start the engine it starts nicely but wont rev up totaly
Original engine (300K). 2 yr old transmission (ck'd out ok). New ECC. New distributor. "Strange": If I turned on lights (which showed a power-down on idle), I could then drive car and not have problem with transmission and tac (shifting down).
Runs good most time. But when pulling is enforced, it always kicks outta 5th even as I hold the gear shift in. I just had clutch replaced around 2 years ago so I know that's not the prob.
We have been told to change the fuel filter, we have been used two tanks of GS with Lukas oil and injection cleaner. I am not sure why the fuel filter would work, but we will try it. Can you offer advice on what else to do to troubleshoot this issue? It runs ok cold, once th car is hot it acts up.. Please and thankx
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