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am also getting a phantom parasite battery drain
related ? unrelated ?
My ABS light comes on the engine idles High it takes long time for the idle to come back down normal my two spark plugs keep filing out one on each side the engine has lifter tick and smokes every time we start it up or give it gas I'm trying to find out why my idle stays up when ABS lights on if somebody can help please and thank you
Upper Line of Leveling Valve leaks hydro fluid. Some wear from the bar and also a small crack in the line. Rust on the line connector. Soaked in Kroil. Recommend to use heat or not ?
Would a new leveling Valve be best?

My MB has not been working for many years. The engine doesn't work.
Do I need to rebuild the original engine or to buy a re-manufactured engine.
The odometer has 137000 miles.
Is it worth rebuilding that engine or going for a re-manufactured engine?
The lights on the switch for the heated seats occasionally go on but even when they do the seats won't warm up wondering if it is a switch issue or other problems
all of my dash lights come on and my gauges are bouncing all over the place
I checked fuses they are not blown, what should I look for next? Any suggestions? Since both front seats can not be adjusted I am wondering if a wiring issue or module may be out. Where can I go in the car to check?
Is it possible to drop in a modern AMG engine into a 560sec (or any model from 2000 motors kompressor
or any new engineer from 2004 kompressor to 560sec
When I start the car in the morning it starts ok. After I drive the car and stop it for a short time is also starting without any issue. The problem is if I leave the car for 1,2 or 3 hours and I try to start it. Most of the time it will start and then it will stop after 1 second and I need to keep the starter running for a long time before it starts again and after it starts it will run just with few cylinders only. It helps if I keep the throttle pressed a bit but still too dificult. . I noticed lately that the idling looks to be ratling when engine is hot. I live in Dubai so it's hot weather. Any sugestion? Also an advice regarding the heat range of the spark plugs? Thanks
When turn on the A/C it will work a few second then blower will stop but compressor still work. Have to change the fuse but when try it again fuse will still blow after a few second.
my 1986 mercedes 560 sec gas gauge is stuck on full, the speedometer is not correct read 65 when I am doing more like 50
Just bought the car. Had high idle and ABS light on. Found bad fuse for that and brought idle to normal. Runs good, oil pressure very good. After about 5 miles of driving it all of the sudden started smoking. Looks blue to me but could be lighter color. Any ideas why it didn't smoke before or what could have caused it to start smoking now or what to do to fix it? Drove the car several times prior to fixing idle and had no indications of smoking at all. Even now seems to run fine, gauges all look good, just smokes bad. Thanks for the help
Whenever I start driving the car, it doesn't accelerate properly.... I have changed almost everything and no luck yet.. any idea ??
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