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The radio comes on and displays stations and volume knob shows up and down but no sound on any station. It has a slight noise on inside of radio when engine not running but no sound. Just quit all at once.
Engine Light se queda encendida en el panel del auto. Hay que reemplazar el tapón de gasolina? Tiene 27,645 millas.
The gasoline access door is not latching in the closed position, The door swings freely open to closed. The gasoline filler cap is working properly. 2007 Solstice. I've looked through the operators manual but found nothing on this topic. Ed
It will not open with the key fob or the button inside the glove box
runs fine no leaking
Just started spitting the gas back about a week a go and the gauge won't go past a half tank
Last week while slowing down, my car jolted- as if the transmission was switching gears. I had a mechanic run a diagnostic test and it came back with code P700. The car is at a shop right now and I am not sure what to expect but would like to be prepared when they call. Please advise with some possible causes and the expense involved with correcting this issue. Thank you!

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
My car is a automatic 2007 Pontaic Solstice and it's downshifting hard when I put my brakes on. Code is 2637. What should I do? My check engine light is on also.
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Replacement the mogul on a transmission
I store my soltice in the winter zipped up in a car bag. I just brought it out to find it hasn't any brakes. I didn't see any signs of animals living under the car and couldn't understand how any could have gotten in when the car bag was zipped up tight. Any ideas where to begin to look? The car has only 4000 miles
How difficult is it to change the fuel filter?
low beams on headlights not working, what is the average cost including labor to replace the dimmer switch
Not part of a recall (yet). Where to take the car for a repair? Is a dealership better for this or can a repair shop handle this?
I dont have alot of money & im a girl but have a little knowledge about cars.
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