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Sensor lights for wheel traction, air pressure, and emergency break, on constantly when there is no problem with these items. Had computer diagnostics done and was told sensor located in rear wheel hub. Is replacement/repair covered under Power Train warranty for vehicle under owner's manual.
I can put it in gear while engine is off when i crank it cant engage in 1st gear or any gear
My engine was recalled. Was my engine supposed to be replaced with a new engine or with a re- manufacturer engine?
Does a 2006 Kia Sorento have a timing belt or gear and chain?
I had a friend fix AC compressor, they left key in ignition and killed the battery, then a couple nights later (I work over night so drive to work in the dark) my lights started dimming on me a few times while driving to work. The AC work was last week end, now Thurs. night battery was dead again and lights dimmed a lot so I came back home. We thought maybe it was the belt, but he doesn't think it is now. What would you say it is? Any help is appreciated!
My sister told me to be careful about how much water I put on areas with sensors or wires. I habe no idea where all that is at. So when shampooing is there anything I need to know
there was no noise car was running fine. this is the second time this has happened I took it to the dealership the first time they said they could not find anything wrong
When I use the physical key to lock the car from the outside while it's running, only the driver's door locks. The others are still unlocked. Is this correct?
After dead battery was replaced only lock that works on remote or inside switch is drivers door. All other locks wont activate either with internal switch or remote activation? They can only be locked manually? How do I get the system to work normally?
Fault P1645 booster voltage operate injector and car won’t start,
My air worked perfectly until I had someone hit me on the front passenger side. It's fully charged but they said it has alot of pressure like it's clogged or something didn't know if it could be a broken wire, sensor, or crimped
It feels like it's vapor locking with no kind of compression that would be my answer
My Kia need a new catalytic converter. This is the only major problem I have with the vehicle. It has over 200k miles. The mechanic said it will cost between 1900 -2000 depending on which converter(their are 3 different converters for my type of vehicle). Dealership keep calling but only offering 500.00 for trade-in. Help!
Back up sensor doesnt work. Shift sensor doesnt work. Engine light is on after washing car
If my foot is on the gas the car stays running but when it gets to 1 rpms it putters out.
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