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I try to turn my car on and nothing happens. all the lights and windows work fine and normal. i try to turn the key in the ignition and no sounds at all. what is wrong??
Do not have any power on either side of switch,it's a red and yellow wire,and I can't get power to fuel pump,can if I bypass fuel relay
dome lights and reading lights come on when headlamps are turned on. Will not turn off by switch, will only go off when headlamps are turned off
Bypassed relay pump runs,and not getting power on either side of cut off switch
It has been like 2 month with this problem don't know what's causing it. Took it to Firestone they didn't know either.
My 2017 sorento does start periodically. What could be the problem?
The car lights were left on so jump started the vehicle an the only thing not working is the heater panel no lights no noise , nothing. But radio an clock are working.
Can't see at night
What reason would there be for car to jerk when switching to Drive or Reverse?
There is screeching noise also. Have a automatic transmission.
Burning smell
At random time but mostly when started green/red lights come on and blink and the stay green sometimes it just blinks red what is it for
Our 2011 Sorento has always been well maintained. No accidents or anything but now as I need to get the yearly inspection done, the airbag light comes on. I will be calling the dealer but I was curious if anyone has some information on this. It seems to be a common problem. The customer should NOT have to pay for this to be "repaired".
My car was over heating today so I put antifreeze in and now the gauge keeps going from cool to hot
It chugged stalled can't get it started
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