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My 2017 sorento does start periodically. What could be the problem?
The car lights were left on so jump started the vehicle an the only thing not working is the heater panel no lights no noise , nothing. But radio an clock are working.
Can't see at night
What reason would there be for car to jerk when switching to Drive or Reverse?
There is screeching noise also. Have a automatic transmission.
Burning smell
At random time but mostly when started green/red lights come on and blink and the stay green sometimes it just blinks red what is it for
Our 2011 Sorento has always been well maintained. No accidents or anything but now as I need to get the yearly inspection done, the airbag light comes on. I will be calling the dealer but I was curious if anyone has some information on this. It seems to be a common problem. The customer should NOT have to pay for this to be "repaired".
My car was over heating today so I put antifreeze in and now the gauge keeps going from cool to hot
It chugged stalled can't get it started
I bought a used 2013 Kia Sorento at 64000 miles late 2013 for 25,000 on a 5 year finance. In addition I purchased an extended waranty for 2300 whch would cover the car for 48000 miles. I keep up regulare maintenance through the dealership. My engine recently went out at 116,000 miles. My extended warranty expired at 112,000 miles. The cost of the repairs is $8,300, I currently owe $17,000. What should I do, should I A. Pay for the repairs and try to look for an extended warranty to try and cover the maintance on the car which is almost at 120,000. B. Pay for the repairs and trade the car in thats valued at around $8,000-$9,000 and roll the negative equity into a newer vehicle. Which would have to be a higher end vehicle to mask the amost 9,000 dollars worth of negative equity. or C. Pay the repairs and do not purchase an extended warranty which could cost anywhere from a $1,500 to $3,000. I currently make a payment on my car for $460 a month and on another car for $444. The car for $444 has 60,000 miles on it and is interest free and only has about 5,000 owed on it.
It has happened twice before but by pulling the fuel pump fuse and disconnecting battery (dash idiot lights stayed on) it corrected itself.....But its not correcting itself this time
Squeaking noise
First, my battery died. Once I jumped it and got it going again, my car was running fine for about 20 minutes. Then all the sudden when I was going about 30, my car slowed down on its own (no matter how hard I pushed the gas peddle) and it would not excel past like 5 miles per hour. Almost all my lights on my dash started to come on. It sounded and felt like it was trying to "kick" back into gear but couldn't. It finally slowed down until it stopped. However previously, I could be going 50 miles per hour and it would slow down BY ITSELF to a lower speed and wouldn't excel even if I pushed the gas peddle. It didn't quit because it would eventually "kick" back into gear.
Key out signs display son the dash went engine is idiling at traffic lights or when the car is stationary. What does this mean
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