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the light started coming on then off now on all the time.when starting the car all lights come on then off including the 4wd light. When I stat to move forward(reverse the light stays off) the light lights
Now it won't roll over or do anythinh
Hi . is there a recall on back doors? It wont open from the inside, NO CHILD Lock on back passenger door . Only opens from the outside. Second question. Makes a buzzing loud sound drivers side back door when i open or lock the door with the FOB or key 2006 kia sorento. ESC turns on and wont turn off, sometimes it wont turn the emergency break off when release the break. Located in Arizona Surprise. Thanks.
When I test drove my car, I did not notice it floats until I got out on bumpy Oklahoma highways. It rocks like a boat over the bumps. It is almost like the rear lacks self leveling. What could this be? It makes no noises.
sensor was physically damaged. Needs to be replaced. What would be the shop cost. Mechanic said it could be repaired with a pig tail.
I had autozone run free diagnostic. Bought the purge valve from KIA dealership and had them replace it. They replaced it but my light is still on. They didnt diagnose it but told me because autozone did and not them the purge valve wasn't the problem. Can you tell me what it might be? Thanks. I tightened the gas cap and that didnt work either.
Automatic transmission just had the whole transmission rebuilt about 50000 miles ago. Started with the automatic doors acting crazy then the speedometer saying zero while moving then gas gauge saying empty when not. That I learned to live with but now suddenly it idles loud and shakes feels like it’s slipping in and out of gears especially in first gear hoping it’s not the tranny again now the break light and airbag symbol comes on especially after going into what would be first gear are these all related please help
Can't get the car out of 4 low
Just had my spark plugs changed and now it starts to rumble when I'm sitting at a red like. Seems it's idle is now a little off.
No cold aor only warm and hot air when i rin the air condition, if it is compressor how much it cost me to fix?
Whats the caost to replace a cross Member Bar on 2004 Kia Sorento
Needs E-break Shoes & cables Pivot. allso Rear Suspension Rotted- Not safe to drive. Can this Be fixed And how much
I started to hear a noice when I slow down. I took car to the Shop and was told i needed new Struts.After there where put in still make same Noiseso there told me I need a new Stirring Rack.How do I know I need this? It is expensive. Thanks for your help
4wheel drive indicator light comes on while driving and car loses power and then have to shut car off and then back on works fine
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