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I can still see icons for airbag etc. but no speedo., gas gauge etc

The 4-wheel mechanism is not engaged but when you reverse the vehicle it seems as if the wheels are locked up.

Got a boost earlier because car was making clicking sound when i tried to crank it and the lights were dim. Now it's doing it again but now it want start with a new battery

It was within the 'Green' zone with some margin.

Clerk at auto parts store helped charge; we both saw that Max when we charged was "45"

90-degree, sunny day. After 2 1/2 hr drive

It make noise when you put in gear and drive slowly.

New alternator and front brakes. The dashboard continues to light up and stall out when I come to a stop but it isn't happening when the mechanic and service manager drive it. They just mention fuel injection maintenance.

what did you find out?

does the year of 2008 kia sorento have trouble with the clip on the intake manifold for the engine?

coolant leaks out after car is shut off, also the vehicle has no sign of coolant in the oil what so ever

the whole plastic assembly on the door side of drivers seat is hanging by wires. nobody seems to know what happened. before this the seat would not move back all of the way with no obstructions visible. what do i do

Parts shop gave me a battery that had positive and negative on the opposite side of my original battery. Killed my electrical system... horn sounded.

I have been told by one mechanic the car needs both gaskets replaced. Another mechanic says it only has one gasket. Who is right?

kia stalls oil guage goes off when echo light omes on then ihve to shut of motor and it stops stalling evrey month

Does the entire gauge cluster have to be replaced at high cost or can just that one bulb be fixed at low cost? Thanks!

This happens every so often. Car turns over, some times a little rough, but won't catch. Let it sit for a couple of days and it starts again. When this happens the check engine light stays on for about three days then goes out. Could this be caused by a faulty Wireless Control Module (WCM)?

Turning the fan speed higher the noiser the sound.

Misfire cylinder no. 5, I have tried everything I can think of, spark plugs, coil packs, plug wires, timing belt kit with new tensioner, no vacuum leaks.

I have kia sorento 2006 LX. My engine check engine light is on. Autozone error machine said no communication between Throttle position sensor and accelarator pedal sensor. I changes throttle position sensor, but issue not resolved. I don't see accelarator pedal sensor. What could be the problem? Please help me

It has done this 2 times only if its a sharp beeps once and the interior light flashed and once there was a warning light that flashed so quickly I couldn't see what it engine light is also on

When I crank it up I smell gas. What causes this?

As stated above, my parking light on the instrument panel stays illuminated regardless of what gear I'm in. Checked fuses which all were good.

There is also a noise coming from the fuse box when I turn the car on, is that normal?

Crank shafts bolt snapped, shop fixed and replaced pulley and belts. I started and went to town and got back in to come home and the battery is fully charged, but the ignition just clicks when trying to start. So many issues since I purchased this Kia in dec.2016. Please help!

jumped time

p0340 code...where is the cam sensor located?

First I thought I had a flat but every time I turn or pit my feet on the pedal it gets louder

new timing belt but it keeps jumping

I have an 2004 kia sorento and when I started it will run for about 10-15 minutes and then the car just cuts off or if I'm on the highway and I'm going about 65 60 sometimes it acts like it wants to cut off but then while hitting the gas it will start itself back up I just replace the alternator and battery in a few weeks ago car runs fine it starts right back up after cutting off this will happen maybe once or twice while driving but if the car is just sitting it will cut off a few times if it's just sitting and idling no idea what it is does anybody know