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Changed timing belt crankshaft sprocket in 04 Kia Sorento and now won't start and crankshaft won't fully rotate
How do i get to it?
I have a 08 Kia sorento 3.8 4×4 and as I was driving suddenly the rear end started growling really loud. As I approached an off ramp I noticed that when I gave it gas it growled and when I let off it sounded worse. Even in neutral the grinding and growling persist. Upon further inspection the hubs weren't hot nor the rear end and no wet spots were there would be indicators of a leak. This hasn't been ongoing as I said before it was sudden. It also sounds worse when I am in reverse like a gear might be catching or something.
After I place the car in drive and press the pedal it takes the car a few seconds to accelerate
This is the first time this has happened but when I try to start it turns over but won't start also seems like low battery when it's turning over
Leaking fluid
My wife was about a 100 away from Home said the car is running hot. They got where they were going put water in radiator after it cooled down crank car and temp started up. A mechanic help them the radiator was fulll and he unplug a sensor that let the radiator fan run all the time. Temp went down and they made it home. The mechanic said it was problem the thermostat. Next day I change thermostat,new antifreeze and let it warm up and it got hot again unplug the sensor and temp went back down to normal. So what could it be?
I try to turn my car on and nothing happens. all the lights and windows work fine and normal. i try to turn the key in the ignition and no sounds at all. what is wrong??
Do not have any power on either side of switch,it's a red and yellow wire,and I can't get power to fuel pump,can if I bypass fuel relay
dome lights and reading lights come on when headlamps are turned on. Will not turn off by switch, will only go off when headlamps are turned off
Bypassed relay pump runs,and not getting power on either side of cut off switch
It has been like 2 month with this problem don't know what's causing it. Took it to Firestone they didn't know either.
My 2017 sorento does start periodically. What could be the problem?
The car lights were left on so jump started the vehicle an the only thing not working is the heater panel no lights no noise , nothing. But radio an clock are working.
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