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I put antifreeze in the car. 5 times in a week I went to every one and asked them what makes my car overheat all they said it was the thermostat was sticking and could not get air through the motor but the fan runs when I switch
Is have a 2005 Dodge neon the starts and runs but has smoke and gas leaking out of my exhaust pipe and my oil and check engine light are on
lots of smoke when reving and gas coming out exhaust even when ideling
My neon only over heats during the Arizona 100 degree weather. When the temps is 90 and lower the car does perfect. When the temps reaches over the 100's i can drive for a little with my a/c on then that's when the over heating starts then i have to shut my a/c off, even sometimes turn on the heater to bring the car temp back down to normal to get to my destination. Things that have been replaced on it water pump, hoses, and radiator cap. I only run antifreeze in my radiator no water. Any ideas from what is have explained would be greatly appreciated.
Where is the leak detention pump located on a 2002 dodge neon
I am just asking how can I tell if my car is a high output motor in it. It a 2004 dodge neon 2.0L
When I turn the key it turns over but it is not firing, I changed the coil pack and the crank sensor and it still doesn't fire, help please
The car turns over but it's not firing, changed coil pack and crank shaft sensor and still nothing
where are the freeze plugs locaded at on the car
Oil light on car cutting off doesn't seems full of oil but I seen some leaking out under my car
my dash and rear night time running lights and licence plate light keeps blowing the fuse why is there a short quick fix

no power to anything!! Battery is fully charged, no obvious loose cables, etc.
The previous owner hit a fire hydrant and had to replace the whole front suspension but before this it drove fine but now it wont shift out of first i replaced the transmission control solenoid both the input and output speed sensors and still nothing i read somewhere that if i dont reset the check engine lite the computer will think its still faulty even though i replaced those parts could that possibly be the issue i just have to clear the codes or is it something more that i dont know about
my car overheated I replace thermostat, now when i pour antifreeze its leaking from bottom. i hope is not a cracked head please help!!
replaced fuel pressure regulator, oil pressure, crank, cam sensors as well as plugs and coil but still wont start its getting spark and fuel i just don't understand
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