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My 2000 dodge neon is overheating I've replaced the water pump/timing belt/ radiator/thermostat/thermostat housing/every hose imaginable/ fans/ and still keeps getting hot, what else could it be? There is no smoke coming out of the tail pipe, nothing mixing with the oil.
It was raining really hard when this happened
All the lights and stuff works just don’t have any motor piwer
96 neon sohc check engine light stays on even when key is out.
I have change computer, compression repair so they told me ( ?) and check electrical system but car still stall but engine sound and feels good
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When engine has warm up
How long have you had this problem? 2 years
Hapoens all time. Ihave no idea what it is. Rebuilt the motor and it ran for a month before dieng dying.
How long have you had this problem? About a month
when I was driving the car cut off and the red light came on, still had power but will not let the engine start. I had change the fuse but it blew it out and the light is still on.
My dodge neon, 2000 es, 2.0L, would not start. I cleaned and refurbished the pos cable, it started right up, lasted a couple of days. Last night, drove it, turned it off, in five minutes time, came out and it wouldn't start or jump,I also tried another working battery, nothing. This morning, started right up, no jump...
Car sputtering with hardly any acceleration turn off key and restart and runs fine for a bit then loses power again until put it in nuetral kill motor and restart and run fine change the tps sensor and still getting code p0122
Where my plug wires meet the plug itself there is oil saturating my plug wires why and how to fix?
They try to put a car alarm in my car and had my 4door open and it say fuse so what that mean
How and where are the door fuses located on a 2001dodge neon se
How much is the price for code po700 for 2003 dodge neon 2.0 for transmission
Metal tubes below manifold look rusty inside, what is the name of those tubes.
have no back-up lights after transmission replacement
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