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engine tempaure light is red
I am afraid you didn't replace the axle or bearings I don't know what to do
While car is idling it makes a sound like a fan is hitting something
I noticed my EPC light would randomly flash on during a road trip and when I would corner hard the oil pressure warning would flash and then go away. I parked it thinking I would get it checked out. After a morning of normal driving, I got in to go home and the EPC light was on along with the check engine. Car started fine, then began to struggle and sputter. Drove a short distance and now it won't start at all. we thought maybe it was a cylinder coil and tried to change each of them out. That didn't fix it and it still won't start. Tried to run codes, but 16 came up because we'd been switching out all the cylinders, etc. codes are cleared and now nothing comes up. Any ideas? Could a fuel pump cause a car not to start? spark plugs and battery are fine. The engine tries to start but won't.
My transmission is out and they are denying our lifetime power train warranty due to maintenance upkeep. I need to know if I got the car at 58,000 mile on it and have put 38,000 on it when should I have the spark plugs changed and the transmission checked? I need reliable manufacture recommendations.
Wipers and head light washer works but no water to the windscreen
When I hit the gas to accelerate it begins to stutter and I let of the gas then it goes and it over shifts... It shift to higher gears unnecessary for the speed. I do it manually with the tiptronic shift and its fine. When it is in automatic mode its sucks.
I have an oil leak not sure where its coming from notice puddle under car. the car was in accident hit in the front and the other car landed on mine on the hood .after repairs the oil light came on had the oil changed month later the light came on again
Which one will be more reliable and less expensive to upkeep? I need to make a decision between the two, I have read consumer reviews on both of the vehicles but I wanted to get an honest opinion from a professional mechanic
After having a recall for a computer update I got my car back to find two warning lights illuminated. Question the dealership since there where no warning lights prior to the service. They advised I needed to have the intake fans replaced. There has been no lose of power or other problems noted.
After a check engine light came on the dealer is saying a $795 repair is required to replace the oil separator breather. This sounds excessive to me. Any advice?
Evidence of mouse in engine compartment. Battery ok.
the radio will not turn on
It's leaking above the oil pan can't really see where it's coming from.
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