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the radio will not turn on
It's leaking above the oil pan can't really see where it's coming from.
VW CC, 2014. . .extreme tire noise due to tire cupping and what is apparently a suspension problem with this car for several years now. Numerous class action law suits and I'd like to get involved in the class action suit.
Found that the upper timing chain cover was leaking oil that caused water pump to start leaking on a 09 VW CC how much would it cost to get that repaired?
Seems top be an engine vibration while coasting from 30 to 20 miles and hour
My belt broke. Battery light, EPC, and check engine light came on. Oil gushing under hood only on passenger side and only while driving. Help please!
Having misfire a check engine lite
I hear a loud whistle\chirping sound when accelerating my car. It only happens during acceleration. When the car is in park and I step on the gas, I don't hear that sound at all.

VW tech did a carbon clean on the intake manifold about 2 weeks ago. I started hearing that weird noise afterwards. Tech also replaced the diverter valve. No success. I know he removed the airbox and the air intake when he did the carbon clean. I already checked all the hoses and clamps and they look seated correctly.

No engine light, no loss of power. Engine runs smooth, except for that weird whistle noise during acceleration.
2.0 TSI engine.
Everything electrical is still operational
No fuses blown good battery
When im at a complete stop my car jumps and then when its time for me to go the act like it dont want to accelerate
low oil pressure light came oil.
the car has oil, I change the oil and oil pressure sensor but the car will not start.
At 63K miles my engine is ruined because the tensioner came extremely loose. I purchased this vehicle and have driven it 20K in 2 years. I find it unbelievable that I have to put another engine in this vehicle for a cost of $5K. What is the manufacture willing to do?
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