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This is my first time of changing the battery, when I tried starting d car it will only idle for a few seconds and then cuts off, av tried dis. Severally but keeps doing d same thing, even the radio don't come up anymore.
Unable to close the trunk with the power button due to the wires being severed when closing the trunk manually.
Just appeared last night
no codes came up on OBD scanner
My front and back is low I started car and let it run it never change 2007cls 550 the back was low an the past ,But when I started car it would rise.This is the first time front and back was low.
I check the 50 amp fuse on the passenger side I jump the relay pump come on but don't rise I also changed the fuse box under the hood still no power to the 40 amp fuse. Please help me
Second try to start got transmission malfunction third try it said remove button and use key did nothing fourth tour of key it was no power period.
So it has factory hid (xenon) lights they work perfectly fine when engine is not running, when i start the engine after a few seconds hids start flickering and dont stop. Every other lighy works fine high beams/taillights just hid having issues
I realized the front was slamming down.
Do I replace the airmatic compressor or air shook?
Dear Sir,

My parking space is inclined surface.
I have to park head up or head down?CAR model CLS 350.I stored my car in yard for the last 1 year.Use rarely.When i switched off engine and restart again,no jolting.This problem will face again or have a big issue?or to change the sensor?Please advise me
I had new batteries put in the key fab, but it is not working. It won't start the car, won't lock or unlock the car. It's as if the car does not recognize the key.
I would like an estimate on replacing the back bumper assembly for a CLS500.
Mechanic said it was some type of overflow caps in back of the engine how can they be replaced
When I drive the car, starting at about 35 to 80 mph, I get a harmonic cabin vibration for about 35 - 40 miles. It even happens on a newly paved 6 miles stretch of brand new highway. It begins to dissipate the further I drive. On my way home I get no vibration or its very faint no matter the route I take. Started about 4000 miles ago with no changes made to the car. Car has 31,000 miles new tires with 10000 miles on them and the rims have been check for being out of round by dealership and re-balanced the tire twice. It driving me nuts? Transmission Mount? Flex Disk? Any suggestions?
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