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My 2000 Mercedes S430 will raise up when started, but will lower as I'm driving and the red warning light comes on. What would be the cause of this? I had noticed that the car seem to be pulling to the right as I was driving. Now, it has started lowering and the warning light comes on and stays on until I stop. I do not want to drive it like that.
car turns over but wont start
2002 MERCEDES S430
The car is doesn't lift and the battery died every day
I have am '02 S430 and got the code P0715 for the input/turbine speed sensor. I am trying to find the part to purchase and where it is located. Everything I am seeing though is telling me to replace the conductor plate. I am stuck in a hard limp mode, can only go about 30-35 miles and hour. CAn someone please help direct me in the right direction with what needs to be done and maybe a diagram online of where the part(s) are located. Ask about the parts at a local auto store and the man said there is a speed sensor on each wheel....WTF!
Mercedes s430 2001 fog light relay. fuse location for lights
I have 2004 MERCEDES BENZ S430 4MATIC, MY CARIS SITTING REALLY LOW IN THE FRONT. I'm trying to replace the struts. I want to order them myself. But I dont know which ones are the right ones.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? I'm driving it right now
How long have you had this problem? 3 months, couldnt afford to fix dealer is charging $3000
Car not turning on at all
Sometimes it takes awhile then sometimes it's crank right up
I have replaced the blower motor, the regulator, and the multi function sensor and my a/c still won't blow it sounds like my compressor turns on but I still have error Kla a 1000
The hazard button, power lock button and all other dash buttons do not work when pressed im not sure why.
The air suspension compressor went out and I disconnected the battery before installing it. Afterwards everything works fine except the controls on the dash.
remote control intermittently works. key is not recognized when trying to use push start function
my car would not open no lights np nothing. I Have to get in manually.
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