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Ambient temperature stuck on minus 36 and AC will not blow cold air
When bought....Capital GMC in Regina Dealership said they would get extra keys for my 2014 GMC Terrain. Never rec'd them yet. They brushed me off and I pd cash for 2 of my vehicles there. Going to Ford next time!
My 2013 gmc terrains liftgate it closed and won’t open. I’ve tried using the dob but nothing. I’ve tried manually nothing. The only way I can get it to open is by going inside and popping that inch wide circle cutout out and pushing the lock open. I’ve tried checking all the fuses associated with the liftgate and they’re all good. I’ve also tried setting the automatic liftgate setting to off and manually trying to open it but nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely frustrated 2013 GMC terrain owner
My compressor doesn't go on
I recently purchased an 2013 Gmc Terrian Slt 2 Awd. I went ahead to replace my power steering pump cause by a recall by GMC. But I still have sqeeky noise when I turn the wheels and when I drive straight. Can you tell me what I need to get it fixed?
Anybody experienced a total failure of the AC resulting in the replacement of ALL the components like the condenser, compressor, thermal valve, "cooling grid, fins system" etc...all at once ? I rarely used the AC on my car. It only has 56K km. Do I have a lemon AC ?
Thanks for your help.
Slow to start after fillup, smell emission and has a little "jerkiness" . Already had a diagnostic test done.
The A/C blows cool / warm air out the vents not cold air then turn the heat on and it just blows warm air not hot air what my problem
once started and the key is inserted and the car is turned to the on position,the engine shut off.
92,000 miles six years old and 1,300.00 to replace?
No leaks. Abs is working. Pedal is hard when pumped then fades quickly.
Any idea of engine misfiring #2 cylinder 34,500 miles cost to repair?
It cools very well just makes a lot of noise the higher I turn it on
Just started after my tire pressure indicator appears It chimes for a few seconds and then stops
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