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I changed my battery out now I only have a locked on my radio GMC terrain
The problem is hear or ac I want is only blowing throu the floor vents and will not change to either defrost or side vents.
Speed sensor code for right rear wheel. Replaced sensor, no help...
I can hear the motor on the fan running while in the car(seems loud) but nothing comes out of the vents. I have already replaced the resistor, when the problem first started. This worked for several months with no further issues but has now, once again, started acting up. Please advise of next move.
Car has been off for hours and it still will turn on
Took my Terrain into shop mechanic said it was broken rocker arms and it was going to be 2400 to fix it? Does that price sound right?
When I accelerate car then stalls and cuts off
my rear view camera stop working when put in reverse only white lines come a cross.
My digital speedometer will not show the speed. Everything else displays correctly on the screen
2014 gmc terrain...There is ticking in the engine after it tries to start. All electrical works but won't start. It only happens after it sits in rain all day. After drying out it will start but it has been in a garage for 24 hours and won't start.
Ambient temperature stuck on minus 36 and AC will not blow cold air
When bought....Capital GMC in Regina Dealership said they would get extra keys for my 2014 GMC Terrain. Never rec'd them yet. They brushed me off and I pd cash for 2 of my vehicles there. Going to Ford next time!
My 2013 gmc terrains liftgate it closed and won’t open. I’ve tried using the dob but nothing. I’ve tried manually nothing. The only way I can get it to open is by going inside and popping that inch wide circle cutout out and pushing the lock open. I’ve tried checking all the fuses associated with the liftgate and they’re all good. I’ve also tried setting the automatic liftgate setting to off and manually trying to open it but nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely frustrated 2013 GMC terrain owner
My compressor doesn't go on
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