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Check engine light on all the time
just want to know how often i change the transmission fliud for a manual transmission toyota 1991 truck
did the diagnostic jumper just need to know the 2 codes
when you start the truck it idles just fine but when you rev it up or try to drive it it'll just lose power and basically fall on its face. I have replaced fuel pump, distributer, throttle position sensor, plug wires, fuel injection pressure regulator, just about everything there is to change and it still runs this way.
At about 1500 RPMs is stutters and I can't figure it out high RPMs it's fine but about middle of the bout 1500 just stutters and when I drive it down the road and get about 1500 RPMs it just Falls flat buu
1994 Toyota pickup 2wd 2.4L 4 cylinder and a automatic transmission.
i used rust mort to kill the rust inside my gas tank wasn't sure if a chemical reaction will occur if i use northen fuel tank liner (blue can) after it has had 30 hours to dry
Even after I add oil, when I withdraw the dip stick (to check the new oil level) there is no reading on the stick because the dip stick is wiped clean,
are there recalls for a 1990 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck ,such as rusted frames?
can i u a doner car or truck and if so which ones
I believe my truck takes a cable driven speedometer can I convert it to an electrical and how would I do that
What is the normal idle speed for a 1994 toyota 4x4 pickup 22-re engine.After it warms up
Trucks starts and runs fine after warms up,when I come to a stop,rpms go to almost 0.What could cause this?
could this possibly be caused by a damaged engine mount..or ??
I have bright lights,horn is loud - I do have power. I'd like to know if there's a relay or switch behind the clutch pedal that acts a neutral safety switch when the pedal is pushed down when starting. My starter isn't very old.(3 yrs. old) Any advice would be helpful so, I can correct the problem.
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