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I am about 40 miles away from home. Is there any way I can get it started without going to mechanic. Don't know anything about fixing cars

Starts leaking fluids after it heard up

My car started after replacing alternator, Reyes to start again doesn't do anything no lights no click just a buss when I insert key

Replaced the TPS, MAFS, and the fuel pump truck will start but not run

I looked at both fuse and can't find it

no fluid leaks of any sort. I was on the freeway when it happened today and I can find nothing wrong with the belt, lines, or anything else, yet it has nothing but the feel of manual steering. Fluid is still at the proper level, but it looks like it is not moving inside the reservoir when the cap is off with the engine running.

Just replaced all fuel injectors

Or is there a flap under the air filter inside the air cleaner assembly?

Wondering where I should listen for the fuel pump to activate, I can't here it from inside the pickup? At the fuel tank or open the hood and listen at the engine?

In park or stopped when idling

Have tried all of these, new timing belt, water pump, coil, ignitor, plugs, plug wires, fuel pump & assembly bracket, fuel filter, distributor, used FRS, VMAF, O2 sensory. Have cleaned thottle body, cold start injection. Only thing left is the cold start timing switch, coolant sensory and EGR VSV & vacuum regulator.

hello all, I have 94 Toyota pickup 22re. I am having an issue with power loss. when the engine is in park or natural it will idle and rev up fine, but when I hold down the breaks and switch it either into reverse, drive, or low or high gear, the engine will almost die, or sometimes does die. it will usually stay running when I have it in gear but it idles bad and the engine shakes. but when I let off of the breaks when its in gear, shell start to idle a little better, but then when I apply the breaks again, it will start to idle poorly again. I am not sure what it is. I believe I have the timing right, and the houses are fine and are all in there places. not sure whats going on. thought maybe a break booster problem. I've had it for almost three years, it was my first vehicle and ive been working on it for a while. its just this problem is really puzzling me lol. id appreciate some help. thanks for reading.

I cheacked the gas pump relay working good mass air flow looks good to i dont know what it could be.

Gauge shows below half full when tank is full.

I replaced masair flow sensor distributor Time change coil and igniter spark plugs I can hear the pump running

Replaced thermostat ,flushed control valve and core still blows cool heats a little on low blower when cold weather no heat

My cigarette lighter don't work

Ive replaced the booster 3 times

can disconect cables resets for a couple of days

Keith a jumper on e1. And ttenmy Co eng let flashes codes 14 and 24. What problem does that indicate is wrong.

1993 Toyota pickup truck 2 wd automatic transmission. Where is the identification tags located.

1993 pickup 2wd 22r engine where are all 3 of the solenoids located

Eng. Starts runs 3 sec dies. Wn restart. Wait 5 or 10 min it starts runs fine . happens when Eng is hot. Unplugged mas
It started but idled low and rough. Plugged mas back in Wn start

How do I adjust the kick down cable? It seems to be stuck all the way out with a lot of slack it's doing nothing

turned my truck on it's side, blew oil out spark plug holes, now when I try and crank truck it won't idle, cranks and idles for about 2 seconds and dies, pumping gas pedal does not help, like it's not getting gas. thanks

the turn signals are not working in front
the lights work in back the right is flashing rapidly the left front wont come on is the front single element and the back duel element

The engine harness needed is from the airbox cleaner to the fuse box. My truck is a '91 toyota tacoma 2 wheel drive. The engine harness is from a '91 4x4 toyota tacoma .

sorry forgot to include when the missing starts sometimes it starts running right again then check engine light comes on for a few seconds then goes off it is a intermittent problem i've had it run fine 150 miles no prob. stop kill it go into someplace for a hour or so get in it start it runs great go about 5 r 10 miles and the missing starts engine light comes on then off and it runs fine

starts and runs fine after it gets to normal temp it will start missing on one cylinder had a diagnostic ran on it showed a distributer sensor bad replaced distr. now it starts and runs fine until it gets to operating temp. then number 2 spark plug quits firing took distr. back got another one still doin the same thing mechanic ran another diagnostic and now it showed rpm sensor bad he hooked a rpm meter up to it and the rpms are showing but no fire on number 2 plug

breaks light just turned on ,I added fluid and it was off but 10 min later it went on again and the fluid I had added was gone.