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can i u a doner car or truck and if so which ones
I believe my truck takes a cable driven speedometer can I convert it to an electrical and how would I do that
What is the normal idle speed for a 1994 toyota 4x4 pickup 22-re engine.After it warms up
Trucks starts and runs fine after warms up,when I come to a stop,rpms go to almost 0.What could cause this?
could this possibly be caused by a damaged engine mount..or ??
I have bright lights,horn is loud - I do have power. I'd like to know if there's a relay or switch behind the clutch pedal that acts a neutral safety switch when the pedal is pushed down when starting. My starter isn't very old.(3 yrs. old) Any advice would be helpful so, I can correct the problem.
I have a 1994 Toyota p/u 22re engine w/ a standard transmission. I had to replace the wiring harness and used a harness from a automatic. All of the connections were the same with the exception of the ones for the transmission. There is a bulk connector for the automatic transmission which is not used on the standard wiring harness. As well the neutral safety connection is different from the clutch switch. I have to jump the starter for it to crank but I am not getting spark and would like to know how to wire in the transmission bulk connector to eliminate that being the cause of the no spark issue. And any other info would be greatly appreciated regarding the differences/ complications from using the harness from a automatic.
My 1993 Toyota pick up turns over and starts right up, runs perfec for 3 seconds, then dies. However, just as it starts to die, if I turn the key to the start position, of course the starter grinds, but it seams to cause it to run again for another few seconds and dies again.
Dies runs for three seconds maybe my original engine runs carbureted could it be the ECM I got the wiring harness from the turbo chargers truck hopefully you can give me some pointers what to look at
Transmission was shifting fine before I've rebuild the motor. before installing it I've changed the filter and the old filter was clean .3 & 4 shifts at 3500 only after releasing the gas. I've already had it flushed. Motor just died once oil was low so Ive topped it off
I have a 92 Toyota 4 X4 pickup truck V6 3.0 EFI engine just replace the engine wire harness the check engine light came on and I have no power it starts up and runs fine but when in gear has no power check all vacuum hoses can't find anything wrong help please
does the wire from the FC terminal at the harness from the intake sensor curcuit , does the wire run to the passenger side in the harness or does in run under the plenum or manifold?
The engine will shut off on its own and won't continue to idle. If I continue give it some throttle to keep the engine on and idle while driving it doesn't shut off until I come to a stop and idle will continue to drop and shut off so I need turn it back on with my foot giving it some throttle before it cranks over the engine will not turn on if don't give it gas so I'm driving it normal just when I come to a stop I have to be giving it gas to stay on when I stop
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It worse when the engine is warn shuts off right away
How long have you had this problem? A week
I have a 1994 Toyota pick up truck 4x4 6 cylinder that i am working on and I'm just wondering if its normal that the 4x4 green light is always on?
My 91 4wd Toyota PU 6 cylinder has a low speed throttle hesitation. It has also gone from 18-19 mpg to 13 mpg in town. It has 200,000 on the vehicle but only 10,000 on a rebuilt engine. Engine diagnostic shows no problems.
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