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Didn't hear anything...and this is the first time it's happened
its a 97 chrysler cirrus 2.5 v6 i was just driving and then it dies at 3500 rpm and when i go to crank it now the starter just spins over but the motor does nothing
It starts then after a second or two it cutts out.
cost at a Chrysler dealership
Car died once when I turned on cruise but restarted and drove fine (don't know if problem related) Car set up for about 6 months now it won't crank. Its getting fuel, it's turning over but will not fire . help please. Everyone says crankshaft sensor but its getting fuel???
I was driving and my car would die then kick back on. One day I tried to back out of a parking spot and it died then wouldn't start. It wants to start but won't get the motor going. I replaced the battery and it wants to start but won't still.
To get the car inspected the mileage must be known. Light is not working to be able to get an accurate reading. How do you fix it so it can pass inspection.
When I apply my brakes the mouse stops
Just purchased a seldom used 1997 Chrysler Cirrus. only 30K original miles. ride is really firm. Is this normal or is there an issue with the suspension from lack of use?
Getting fire but won't start
Drove car,stopped went to restart an won't start back
Drove 30 mi an stopped.30min later went to leave.started car and went to pull up an out of drive an it died an won't start bk.sound like it's trying to start but won't.
The black plastic line blows off might be a week or 2 months. Put new clips on can pull on the line and it's on good then out of the blue pop it's off
The automatic door locks keep trying to lock when the dome lights flicker off and on.
The car runs and sounds fine when first started. After a few minutes, it starts having a whistling type noise and a scrubbing king od noise that sounds like metal on metal. I had several people tell me it sounds like brakes but it makes the noise when brakes are not being applied. The repair shop says brakes are fine. Passenger side rear wheel is very hot after driving for a short distance and there is a burning smell.
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