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I let it run for 30 minutes and it stops running and will not restart till engine cools. What is the problem now is it electrical? It is still saying bus

The truck did an update this morning now I have this problem?

vehicle wont start must be in gear.

Last year while driving the car the engine died, and was very difficult to start. The dash engine light and brake light illuminated. When checked by Dodge Dealerships, they said the analysis showed a number of problems, but felt the problem was not repairable. I took it to a local repair shop and they got things right for about two months and the problem started up again, and the brake and engine light remains on. There are times I can drive 40 miles before it dies, and other times a get a few miles.
Any ideas??

I have a 03 Durango it ran fine when I first baught it now it won't start just turns over when I spray starting fluid in the throttle body I will start and run fine until I shut it off I have changed the fuel pump ,crank sensor , cam sensor , ecm , map sensor and still just turns over I have fuel in the fuel rail but still nothing Any suggestions would help

I have a dashboard video camera and would like it to stay on 24/7 but whenever I turn off the engine and park the power to the cig lighter outlet shuts off thus turning off my dashboard video camera How can I fix this problem?

Does the engine control computer needs to be programmed?

I need a engine control computer the engine stalls while I am driving. It happens often. I need a price and if I can get one in VA or NC.

What cost of labor and price of the pcm

I just purchased this car a week ago and whenever I'm stuck in traffic the engine idle drops to zero. That is the RPM gauge drops to zero and the whole car slightly rocks a bit as if there was a spark plug misfire. Is this normal ? No engine light to indicate any problems. Also where is the battery located? It's not under the hood.

Does it need to be replaced

This happens all the time now what can it be?
The code I saw on the dash was bu 5

All the other speeds work

What does this code mean and any suggestions on how to fix

back and center console power outlet fuse location

I have a 2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 hemi and it's been shutting off while driving and idle. It doesn't happen all the time though. Also it hesitates sometimes on acceleration. Almost like it's running out of gas but I always have plenty of gas. Another issue is the check engine light goes on and off once and in awhile. We replaced camshaft sensor already but still have these problems. My mechanic can't seem to find any codes that would be causing this either.

if front/rear is timing different? cost?

Everything works but the break lights

what would make a 4.7 motor overheat in regular stop/go traffic within 15-20 min

Oil is milky color. Had been over heating prior to this. Let someone borrow it & they didnt put water

Happens after sitting overnight.

having problems with the driver side window, it won't go up but all other windows are working fine.

Can the filter be changed without any problems

Replaced Rear ABS Speed Sensor​. Still same thing. Also week before 50amp starter fuse keeps blowing so I hooked up a toggle switch temporary. Now the speedometer and ABS Light. Also no reverse lights and A/C blower not working either? Where do I start next? Ideas?

Can drive short trips the tank is fuel

Battery keeps dying. Need to get new one, thinking its electrical issue.

Oil pressure gauge did same thing next time I left it ideal

I just charged the a/c in my Durango an the air did not come out an colder then before when they system was absolutely empty. After I charged it, it started blowing the refrigerant out of the top of then compressor where the lines come in almost like it was purging itself. But I didn't over fill the system. An the compressor clutch engages then dis engaged an non stop does it every 3 seconds

Checked battery all good there just changed plugs ,wirers, cap and rotor . Timing might have been a hair off but was running great minutes before it stalled

It zometimes turnsover but will not start