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When starting up it won't catch but can hear it. The truck cuts off while driving it. What I hear I believe is coming from the passenger side of the car and a loud back firing nosie from the tail pipe
Battery is under passenger seat...due for replacement...5yrs old AGM....Christian Brothers close to me
All 4 are lost, Is there any way to reset the receiver? Dealer can’t get the receiver to recognize a fifth remote
the check engine light is on. I did check oil and it is low
dodge durango 2007
had battery, starter, and alternator tested. The battery dies no more than two days after charged.
I have had the AC checked and there are no leaks. In addition the refrigerant level is at the correct level.
Changed plugs
Symptoms of low transfer case fluid in a 2003 dodge Durango please
Can I get the transfer case code for a 2003 dodge Durango please
the back up sencers go off when I am in reverse with a trailer hooked up
Changed fuel pump a month ago ran good for a few weeks but now when I drive it and it sets a few minutes it takes alot of tries to get it started once started runs fine. Changed plugs still same problem. Please help
2005 dodge durango 5.7 engine will turn over then just dies. It's not all the time just every once in awhile
Pictures where located
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