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When I drive the temperature gauge star Rising towards h now there's smoke coming through the middle of the vents temperatures been hot but started doing before the temperatures got hot I'll change the thermostat put a condenser in there was first leaking of of coolant fluid got a new Reservoir now there's no leaks thermostat change but it's still when I drive going past the half mark on the temperature on the thermostat on the gauge and now mist of smoke coming through the middle vents
I’m having problems with my 2007 Dodge Durango , it hesitates when I accelerate and also stops while I’m driving. When I start the car it cuts off after a minute. What can be the problem?
I was working on the stereo in my 2002 Dodge Durango and I had it running cuz it's really hot out I accidentally knocked it in the gear without pushing the brake in could this have broke something because now all I have is reverse in first year
The wheel is very low, almost touching the chassis, would like to know what the problem is, when I hit a bump or pothole, a thud or bang is heard once i hit it
i drove to in-laws, parked Durango. Came out to go home and it will not turn over or start, interior lights are on, gauges are on, headlights will turn on. I checked fuses and relays with no luck. The truck doesn't click, it's just dead. I put my other truck battery in it and it still wont crank. I'm out of ideas.
What line is the discharge and what line is the feed to the transmission from the transmission cooler.. 1999 Durango 5.2 4x4
Need new wheel barring mechanic said I need front corner what is it what parts do I need
Back up sensors not working. Where are the controls to turn them on?
It gives the code quite often, I used OEM Thermostatso. What could be causing this problem? Thanks.JAK.
Access door through floor to replace fuel pump on a 2004 dodge durango
Strip bolt on bottom capable non brake system on 2000 dodge Durango
My 2011 Dodge Durango won’t start when I try to start it it clicks and all the lites flicker and the wind shield wipers go on and it has an egg smell by the battery. Got the battery tested and they said it’s good
It runs for a few and then shuts off
Door lights not working
The abs light and the brake warning light stayed on..I put new brakes on (all four wheels) and replaced the ABS pump..the ABS warning light went out but the brake warning light stays on???
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