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Dash warnings were going off and on for about three weeks. On for a day or day and a half then off for a week or so, then back on the off. Now on forthree straight days. Had the codes read as stated above. Just looking for some thoughts or ideas.
I'm warmer days it seems to be worse than cooler days you get in step on the brake and push the push start button it goes to his little series of checks or whatever and tries and tries to start the car all you hear is a click the click is not coming from the starter solenoid it makes it to the starter relay in the fuse box by the battery and stops that's where the signal stops that's a problem many of Lexus owners who have dealt with I think I'm dealing with well I know I'm dealing with that but I'm also dealing with another situation now AZ I got a nose completely no start issue after four or five tries the first issue it will usually start but now it won't start at all I just drains the battery down so I recharge the battery load tested it good and put it in there and I just got to click click will make it to the solenoid but not getting any power pass the solenoid so I'm to assume the solenoid is bad I'm not finding anybody selling them separately and how do you get that starter out of
How long have you had this problem? 6-8 mo.
Battery is ok , it will sit and try to turn over but takes 4 to 5 attempts to crank. No problem while running. Took to dealer last summer same problem they found nothing as it cooled last fall the problem went away. Restarted this month, in the morning starts easier by 12 it is difficult to start.
Please tell me in L and wheen i need to change
Tire has since been replaced and lights refuse to go off.
how long does it take to fix a wheel baring and how much does it cost to fix?
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