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So i went to turn my truck on and the battery was dead i charged it and reinstalled but instantly went to 9V didnt even crank. So i installed a new battery now the truck starts but the A/C control panel doesnt turn on so i have no air in the front. Checked fuses for the hvac system the ones under the hood and under the driver side panel. Is it just a coincidence that it would stop working after the battery died and was replaced?
I have a 2002 Cadillac Escalade with 90,000 miles. When driving off I hear a humming sound under the chassis and feels like the rear brakes are dragging on and off. When the car warms up the problem goes away. It occurs again when I take off and drive off
and the problem is getting worse. The humming sound last for a few seconds and makes the car slow down a bit and then stops.
when i turn on my a/c or heater the air fluctuates from vents then to floor then to defrost and continues on like that i turn my knob to try and control were it comes from and it wont change it then at times it will just blow out of vents but i still can change it from there to any other place to blow out i bought new climate control installed and still same thing
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Vehicle was broken in to and cut off wires from the steering wheel and the ignition it self is lose . What is the coast to fix it out of pocket .
Felt a jerk in driving like Car ran over something, which it did not. Only doing 20s mph, just pulled out of drive way.. maybe 50 ft from home
On my 2007 cadillac escalade my back tailgate window won't open when you press the button on the key pad, only thing that happens is the back tail lights blinks?
No noise just poor gas mileage
I have a 2008 Cadillac Escalade. I tried moving the driver's seat forward or back and it won't adjust and I cannot move it up or down either?
I have a 2005 cadillac escalade and I tried to start it and it wouldn't start I had a mechanic to put a ignition switch on and it start sometime and sometime it don't all the lights and horn blow panel lights up like it suppose to and it want start.
My front brakes lock up until my stability light comes on it stop
Need to replace my fuel filter
Everytime I make a left or right turn my truck stalls the error it shows is truck losing power then it stalls. Also if I go up or a down a hill it does the same. When I try to start the truck the truck is not getting any gas because the engine wont rev. I have to wiggle the battery cable then it will work maybe. When I do get it doing it I drive the truck straight I have no issues.
It has been raining a lot last few days. Had a headlight go out in similar weather, could this have an effect? Checked under carriage and nothing seems out of place.

I own a 2002 Escalade V8 6.0.

I just read the article “C0040 - OBD II Trouble Code: Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit” and am curious how I go about getting my OBD II (Actron CP9135) to diagnose/check the wheel speed sensors? I do not have the code, however, my “Service Stability System “ warning has been displayed since shop did CV/Axel work over a year ago. I was told it would clear after driving 500 miles...which obviously didn’t happen. Thank you in advance.
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