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Readiness OBD codes on Volvo s90 are reset by doing a driving sequence @ specific rpm & time with timed stops with car engaged in drive. 2 time w/start of car below 122 degrees. I want to lift rear axel and do this in a stationary position. Is this possible and will it reset codes. Driving sequence in urban area is almost impossible.

Happens few times a year

When the pip on the oil pump is lined up exactly with the notch on the crank pulley, the mark on the left pulley is about 3/4 of a tooth to the LEFT of the center of the V; the mark on the right pulley is about 1.2 tooth to the RIGHT of the V. Is this normal? If not, what can I do about it?

I`ve replaced coils, plugs,ign modules,injectors, and all emission control parts,all with factory parts. Now getting a continuous MIL code P0172.

more for the cruise control but i am not sure and also the ground wire for the speed sensor have a ck code of p0500 witch equakes to the speed sensor. thanks rboling

i have drove car 300 miles after repairing certain problems and computer still is showing incompletes

Do not have a second car key for our Volvo.Where can I get one in 53207 area

i thank i have all the bolts out but i can't get it to come out

We are concerned there may be scaring on the crank?
I would like to have a sleeve in shop before we pull the train

Problem started after AAA installed a new battery. The marking indicators work but the brake light will not come on when depressing pedal. Is it a fuse issue, relay issue or a battery light switch that needs to be reeplaced. I have been reading around on blogs and nothing definitive. Want to know wear to start?

My front end suspension has been re-done bearings checked.I still have a grating noise coming from the car that my mechanic cannot locate. It is intermittent,he hecked the rear of car still cannot locate the problem.

in with a stick. Then when I shut the car off it does not kick in til I do it again.

The radiator indicator light remained on for a very short time after I started the car. I opened the hood and the radiator cap is missing.

I can't get the plastic housing covering the bulb off. The dealership mechanics couldn't figure it out either. The nuisance is that when I hit the brake pedal, the idiot light indicating a bad bulb comes on the instrument display. Help!

How do I get it to turn back on again. It was working recently! It was broke down for a few weeks, and after the repair was done, it no longer worked? The antenna goes up when I turn it on.

The drivers side door will not open from the outside only! How much should I expect to pay for this repair?

Grandaughter pulled in to have her oil changed and mechanic told her leak was coming from around the camshaft area. Is this an expensive repair? I know difficult to estimate without seeing vehicle.

How do you replce it. A photo would help,please.

Dealer said remote is good but sensor on dash is not communicating. Should blink when successfully programmed but does not.

6" plug on end

98 S90 gear shift knob needs to be replaced. how can it be done

could it be the servro motor, what are the costs

The manual shows a PC fusebox but, at least to me, it's location is not obvious.

rough idle

Where can I find the timing mark on the above car? Also, any other help in setting the timing is appreciated.