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Readiness OBD codes on Volvo s90 are reset by doing a driving sequence @ specific rpm & time with timed stops with car engaged in drive. 2 time w/start of car below 122 degrees. I want to lift rear axel and do this in a stationary position. Is this possible and will it reset codes. Driving sequence in urban area is almost impossible.
Happens few times a year
When the pip on the oil pump is lined up exactly with the notch on the crank pulley, the mark on the left pulley is about 3/4 of a tooth to the LEFT of the center of the V; the mark on the right pulley is about 1.2 tooth to the RIGHT of the V. Is this normal? If not, what can I do about it?
I`ve replaced coils, plugs,ign modules,injectors, and all emission control parts,all with factory parts. Now getting a continuous MIL code P0172.
more for the cruise control but i am not sure and also the ground wire for the speed sensor have a ck code of p0500 witch equakes to the speed sensor. thanks rboling
i have drove car 300 miles after repairing certain problems and computer still is showing incompletes
Do not have a second car key for our Volvo.Where can I get one in 53207 area
i thank i have all the bolts out but i can't get it to come out
We are concerned there may be scaring on the crank?
I would like to have a sleeve in shop before we pull the train
Problem started after AAA installed a new battery. The marking indicators work but the brake light will not come on when depressing pedal. Is it a fuse issue, relay issue or a battery light switch that needs to be reeplaced. I have been reading around on blogs and nothing definitive. Want to know wear to start?
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