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2002 Infiniti G20: heater, ac, clock, & stereo lights stopped working. Stereo light works when I turn the key only to acc 2, but when I turn the key to start car, stereo lights go out.
Once before I changed a fuse and all worked fine. Now I can't recall which fuse or how I figured it out. But all fuses under dash look ok.
Any thoughts?
The light goes out after the doors are shut. It light up when you put it in gear and step on the gas, the faster you go the brighter it gets.
I hear the click for the shifter trying to unlock I keep pressing break and pressing button to shift then it will finally release with several trys
Put new battery in and when you try to open car with remote alarm goes off and car won't start
I just need what sizes the bolts are so I change the driver door since it badly damaged .
It has had a kind of noisy and hard shifting transmission since I got it. It will go in the third and overdrive gear just fine once you hit highway speed but it won't go into the lowest gears when you start off or reverse and it acts like you're holding the brake.
I had a breathalyzer installed after my first service a couple hours later my brake and battery light came on. The next night the car completely died. Lost the alternator belt. Had car repaired and breathalyzer reset a few hours after reset I lost the whole dashboard and car started jerking on acceleration. Got a code to change the ignition meter fuse did that​ a few days later while driving I lose my dashboard again. Than I had the alternator and battery checked​ working just fine. In this process I have lost my alarm sounds changing the meter fuse several times during driving and the car jerks? Please help!!
Woke up to dead battery rear brake lights wont go out please help
after sitting in my car I opened the door and alarm went off and now the car won't start
2002 Infiniti G20 - 123000 miles
My car won`t start when the engine is warm.
I changed the oxygen Sensor, spark plugs and I`ve checked the car oil and it`s fine.
After I`ve been driving around for a while and stops the car (engine warm), and if I try to start the car after 1 min it won`t start. (In order to get it starts, I have to start the car with press a little gas paddle).
So therefore I ask you guys, what do you think causes the engine not to start when it`s warm? It`s very annoying.
When the engine is cold, it starts up right the way.

I did clean the throttle body and IAC, I still having the same problem as I described above.

Thanks ahead for answering my question.
It shut off while I was driving how can I tell if it's getting gas
low beam head &fog lights on at the same time
I have blow a fuse can not find one Infiniti g20 2000
I replaced fuel filter and pump. Checked compression and spark plugs. It is firing on all 4 cylinders. It starts normally. The exhaust does smell rich.
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