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It has been happening about a week. No noises or warning signs. When driving acts like I turned the key off. If going fast it just stalls a second and keeps going. Last Sun I left the car running for a couple of minutes and it died. This am pulled in to parking lot and car died. Went in store and it wouldn't start for about 5 minutes and then runs fine. Has new battery, fuel filter, and tune up plugs, wires, dist cap.
I need a plan of the Toyota Previa dimentions
Engine simetimes shut off
I have a van 1994 Toyota I did the smog check and fail they toll me that the "Meas" need to be fix can you tell me what that means
cant locate starter
I started to remove the old couplings for the front drive shaft, there was no rubber conecting them ani more there where just flopping around, so i instolled new ones same size as the old ones, but now one side of the shaft will not reach the other end of the vehicle i hade no reference from the old ones i have rottated the new couplings and still missig a bout a 1/4" on one side or the other can you help please..
Changed fuel pump everything worked well drove van from new Mexico to orange county California .Cant figure out what the problem is could anyone please let me know what the problem is THANX
I took the car to a mechanic running and left it for two weaks because they were going to weld a body part. Now it still but not crank .there is not fire going to the spark plug. I changed the coil. I tested the igniter it get me 11 volts
So I took the water out so I could drive, it overheated and it would not start, so I changed the spark plugs now it cranks but won't start
looking to buy and seller says timing belt broken, but I thought it was a chain.
can a timing chain break. is it a zero clearance engine?
My toyota previa is not engagging gears if you turn the key on the engine will start but if you try to put it on gear Drive evn Reverse the gears are not engagging so l just want to know what could be the problem.thank you
Tried to tern heating on but dose not work and how would I fix this problem
Gage show fast high temperature, but not over head motor
Plastic covers ruined by desert sun. Bought new lights, need advicce on how to replace the whole headlight unit
Will a supercharged intercooled Toyota Previa maintain 6 PSI @ 12,000 feet? How much will it loose on my next trip to Aspen, Colorado @ 12,000 feet? Are their any cheap tweeks to maintain 6 PSI ? Respectfully Submitted, Rex McGuire
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