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Will crank and run but dosent run for long check engine light goes on and off stalls up hill you can hear a popping noise around the air box when hitting the accelerator I replaced the cattalic converters the first sign of trouble was the car running slugish and the exhaust was glowing red

Will not stay cranked dies out when hitting accelerator acts like transmission is not shifting correctly sluggish going up hill when the problem started the exhaust was glowing red hot

Sounds like something is loose inside steering wheel and horn wont stop

Replaced fuel pump, filter and relay. Checked distributor but plugs are getting spark.

I turn key, all dash lights come on, I hear one click but starter motor doesn't activate.

it doesnt misfire often, but when it does it runs rough and the gas mileage is less even when it isnt riding rough or making the service engine light blink,

Idkes in park 900 rpm drops to 600 while in gear and brake depressed and a/c on

In idle battery light came on and after 20 min engine died and all dashboard lights went out

my clock doesn't have the right time on it and I can't figure out what I need to press to change it

I would like the horn to beep when I use the key fob for locking doors. The lights flash twice. The panic button works fine.

My engine is making a loud mettalic rattling noise but,there is no loss of power whatsoever from idle through hard acceleration. The engine runs very smooth with no shaking or hesitation at all. At one point upon very hard acceleration the noise actually stopped for several minutes but, then came back again. Does'nt make sense to me but, maybe it does to you. I would appreciate your input. Thank you: O.Smith

I have 2 come back 2 it in 45 min later & it starts up.

I would like to what could It possibly be?

I have a 2001 Infiniti QX4 and the Oil temperature light flashes when I turn on the truck what does that mean?

Stalls intermittent. Like running out of gas.. Smell ordor

Replaced alternator. Couldn't get it to boost off. When trying a different battery, it was installed wrong. Blew fuses/ replaced them. Still won't start. And trying to boost it off blows main fuse again.

clicking noise under the hood from fuse box. any information would help tremendously. thank you

Was driving my truck and a started to bog out. It died then it started again. Drove around just idle in drive for a bit. Pushed the gas petal and it died out. Now it won't start. Fuel filter is good. Fuel pump is working I guess. I can hear it come on. Please help

With acceleration my 99 infiniti QX4 will make a loud metal rattling sound from under the center front of the car. My best guess is the converter box? Any help pretty please?

looked over and tightened all drive train and rear struts shocks and exc. While doing so I see a level switch attached to the truck&rear-end but a can't figure out the how (no obvious air ride ) bags or on off switch.

i have compared with other 3.3L engines and mine uses more gas/petrol for equal distance covered.

Can't find it at all please help

Before it quite if I was at a red light it was hot if I was going fast it would work

I drive an infiniti qx4 2002 and of recent my car stops intermittently when am driving that I have to switch to neutral and restart while on motion. Sometimes it Jerks before stopping and after restarting, it still stops again while still in motion. This mostly occurs when changing from gear 2 to 3. Pls a candid advice.

I got my 2002 QX4 a month ago and did oil change immediately. But have noticed that it runs out of oil to quick. About a week or two after the oil change it showed the oil light, and I had to fill it up with a whole 5qts can. What could be the problem?


when accelerating from 50 mph to 70 mph the body rocks sideways, from right to left.

Why doesn't my heater/AC work?....Blower motors aren't switching on, and I checked most of my fuses and relays pertaining to the
Coinciding parts.....I can hear AC clutch click on and off but no air blowing into dash vents .any potential troubleshooting solutions anyone?

I have a salvaged 1999 or 2000 is registered,and legal, been a good truck, but the AC has never worked. I bought Freon to service myself, but then discover the blower motors not coming on at all....I checked all relays and fuses, what next?

Why does my 2002 qx4 have no take off. When I try and pass somebody or take off from a red light it Seems to spider and then eventually starts to take off what could it be does anyone know?