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New battery was put in just after I brought it now radio is locked and can’t find code to unlock it. It’s not in the owners manual it’s not in the car it’s not the last numbers of the vin or engine numbers it’s 3 numbers only
when i put my car in the on position the car starts up and runs rough. if i drive it in that condition the starter will burn out (flames) the starter will engage the flywheel and wont let go the relay will make a clicking noise some times. i replaces the relay twice and the starter 5 times. the ignition switch once (not a oem switch) what is going on. i was driving and this just started. some one help i have a youtube link
my speakers worked at first after the air bag was replaced then right speaker had no sound then both have no sound. they were fine until the air bag was no help or answers from dealership that did the work. they said that could not have made the speakers to stop working.
The Cv joint coupling still in transmission drivers side can't pry out no room
With the engine on, the car vibrates for a few seconds on neutral gear (with the engine sound abnormal) before the engine goes off by itself. The acceleration is also not smooth, when accelerating, the car slows down for a while before grabbing the acceleration. I have been told it could be the oxygen sensors but when diagnosed, oxygen sensors were found to be in good working conditions. Nobody seems to be able to figure out what is causing this problem, the car has been checked thoroughly and no errors have been found. Any suggestions please?
My car keys fell behind the steering wheel. I see them but cannot reach with my hand. What can I do.
How to repair this error, the electronic part is not responding to the ECU.

Please help
This happens even when the car has been off for hours. Is this normal? and does this drain the battery? We just recently noticed this happening. thank you
The sound accelerates as the car accelerates.
My daughter needs air. It's 85 already. The core leaked into the ac fan and broke it, I'm guessing. So I want to bypass get core to fix he ac
Heavy leaking from heater, I the it leaked into the fan Motor now that don't work. ItS 85 and I need air.
I have brought my car to a mechanic a few times because my car is slow to brake when I press down on my brakes. They tell me my brake pads have 75% left on them, is it just the pads? Or should I replace them anyway. Any help is appreciated!
I was in a roll in accident the vehicle that hit me at 2-3mph cracked my rear tail light. I need to know exactly what parts and labor would cost to fix/ repair the cracked tail light? Thank you.
If a little kid stuffed some snow into your exhaust pipe and then you let it run would the car eventually fil with carbon monoxide?
it started when the car stopped to turn on the ignition(I am suspecting that the wires contacted water) and underneath the killos its written TrapB, please assist
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