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Engine Overheating after few miles or minutes idling. OH light comes on. Turning heater on full blast will cool engine for OH light to go out in a minute. AC not really blowing cool air. Radiator fan seems to be somewhat loose? Moves around some on its mount?? The radiator fan never turns on automatically, never spins.
I replaced the engine in my 2008 Toyota Yaris. everything works except there is no voltage to the fuel pump. I suspect the fuel pump relay and have a new one to replace it with but i cant locate it. where is it physically located on the vehicle?
Vehicle was driving and suddenly cut off, tried starting back but only cranking and not starting, sometimes it starts but cuts off immediately, checked for spark in each cylinder, checked fuel pressure, checked fuel injectors, tried another key, same issues, did a ecu reset and still no change in fault, I removed the vacuum hoses from the “pressure converter” above the throttle valve and connected them together and vehicle idled a little longer but still shut off, I even replaced the crankshaft sensor which the vehicle started and idle for less than a minute and then fault started all over again. Any suggestions as to what the fault might be?
Have check ignition, plug, and leak but not able to find the cause. Rpm drop when air cond on 700 to 500.

Check voltage is ~13.6 from alternator. Sometime but not many voltage drop to 9v intermittently. Not sure due to this cause idle shake. Headlight open rpm increase bit and less shake when on D mode, N mode rpm still will drop intermittently.

Check with obd2 no error code. Alternator heard Yiiii sound but very low sound like a pin spin around metal.

Idle rpm drop still unknown.
Please advice.

I put less than 0.478 gallon of diesel in my 2008 toyota camry hatchback by mistake. What do I do? Will my car stop? I filled it with regular after I realized the mistake.


Hope you can help
What will show on the screen that the car is overheating
speedometer not working on dashboard showing 0kms
speedometer not working on dashboard not displaying what can I check Toyota yaris 2009 model 1litre
Why is there excess condensation water dripping from the aircon onto the carpet at the passenger's feet? It happens only when the aircon is on, but it's quite a lot of water.
my car has 153K on it and has never been serviced for the transmission, the service people said it's sealed and doesn't need maintenance
It can't start easy .it have to be on gear 1 and hand brake up up before it start .sometime can't start at all .it have funny sound when I drive please help
New battery was put in just after I brought it now radio is locked and can’t find code to unlock it. It’s not in the owners manual it’s not in the car it’s not the last numbers of the vin or engine numbers it’s 3 numbers only
when i put my car in the on position the car starts up and runs rough. if i drive it in that condition the starter will burn out (flames) the starter will engage the flywheel and wont let go the relay will make a clicking noise some times. i replaces the relay twice and the starter 5 times. the ignition switch once (not a oem switch) what is going on. i was driving and this just started. some one help i have a youtube link
my speakers worked at first after the air bag was replaced then right speaker had no sound then both have no sound. they were fine until the air bag was no help or answers from dealership that did the work. they said that could not have made the speakers to stop working.
The Cv joint coupling still in transmission drivers side can't pry out no room
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