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When I'm stopped and put my foot on the gas it jerks before the transmission catch what is that?it only does that n the morning when engine is cold
have a new radiator, done 1000 miles. radiator has been checked/tested, oil cooler ok, have also checked/tested oil cooler at transmission. could you advises, it's a Jaguar S-Type 2.5 V6 SE 2003. vehicle runs & no overheating.

2005 s type jaguar was running great when parked battery was drained after sitting 3 months of not starting ,tried to start battery dead so I bought new battery put key in ignition switch dash light up not a sound trying to start jag tried to take out of park to roll car out of garage no luck lights horn radio all work please help tried moving relays around no luck
2005 s type jaguar battery died replaced it now now crank and stuck in park only thing it does is light up dashboard
Put in battery the right way but only the
engine light goes on. But won't start.
went ahead and changed both left and right rear and that didn't make them work or the dashboard message go away. now I'm thinking its something to do with wiring because two times now driving at night all my exterior lights will turn off then back on,any advice on fuses, wiring, or the switches? also making me believe its electrical, my 6-disc CD player in the trunk has an error message on the front radio but it wont eject manually and you can hear it attempting. I appreciate any knowledge and advice anyone has! Speaking of electrical/wiring, I just had to have all window regulators replaced and they found the driver door harness/connector to be damaged causing open circuits, so my Jag keeps dishing out the problems!
The trunk lid only opens with power no keyhole apparent. How do I get it open to charge battery.
The interior courtesy lights stopped working after a visit to the repair shop for new seals around some engine parts. In addition the garage door opener on the visor stopped working and the battery went dead after 5 days without use.
AC works. Car starts. New battery put in. Park break fault and no ctews control is luminated. Cant drive car.
PIN screen is froze. Cant enter PIN.

Trying to take the rear right door handle off and I can not get it off
I have an S-Type 2000 Jaguar that will not hold air conditioner refrigerant for more than a day. I am sure there is a leak somewhere, but could anyone tell me exactly where the most common areas are to look?
few days ago, diagnostic say sensor bad but not available in u.s.
Windshield question
Engine wont start,lost the electrics to the central locking ,only drivers door working.No power to open boot.on the dash warning says Fault with handbrake.
Ive checked all fuses connected with this in the engine bay,passenger compartment and the boot.All appear good. Ive also did the test from the drivers seat but I don't know what the codes mean.
Problem just happened two days ago came out and it won't idle up like it supposed to be
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