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I've taken off the belt and am down to the actual water pump replacement.
2003 Jaguar s type 3.0
After running for about 25 to 30 miles it starts to slow to a hault or more like completely shutting off not to much noise making other than a cluck when changing gears but after cooling off for about an hour or so it’s starts running back fine until hot again I suppose
revving the car in neutral only get to about 4500rpm before it seems to lose power.
Replacement of rearview mirror.
I changed the gearbox and replaced with another one but same issues it struggles on take off and it appears its driving on one gear.when i put it in drive or reverse it throws me backwards.i dont know what it is can the gearbox i replaced have the same fault with my previous box or they is something wrong with the transmission control module.pliz help i love this car
Had new air valves and inlet manifold gaskets but still hunting when cold and does it through all gears but ok once warmed up
Every time I restart the car, the clock, radio, blower controls loose settings and return to factory settings (or at least I assume they are factory settings because it is always the same). The clock resets to 1am, the radio turns vol down to zero and looses memory of last station, the CD looses track of last played track, temp resets to Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, auto control temp goes back to 72 (or equivalent celsius temp), etc. I have disconnected the battery for 20 mins with no change. I have disconnected the battery and touched jumped positive lead to ground to drain capacitors, with no change. Also, seat does not go back all the way, but this may be unrelated
what do you have to do to remove the mirror from the piece that is attached to the windwshield
Is about to purchase a 2003 Jaguar s-type. 110k miles for $2700. Owner said the vehicle takes a few seconds to go once put into drive. Said a mechanic said it was a bad seronoid. I think there are four total in the transmission, and I'm sure that the transmission will need to be taken apart and at that point might as well change the remaining ones as well. Trying to see if it is worth the purchase. Needing it to drive from phoenix to Las Vegas twice a month without getting stranded in the mountains.
Replaced window motor hit switch and it just clicks at the module. Tried a different module did same thing just clicks. All other windows go down even with the global key fib but the drivers window!
I have a 2001 jaguar with 51000 miles, my hood keeps popping open while I am driving. The safety latch works but this is nor good. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and can you give me a remedy for the problem.

have jaguar s type 2000 4.0 v8 which is overheating new heater valve put in new thermostat housing but still overheating after 10 mins of idling
My oil got low and the timeing chain jumped and damaged three valves the chain is still on but needs to be reset
At 2000 rpm my speed is 60 mph .no over drive ! Hard on gas
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